Are cyclists to blame for bike accidents?

Are cyclists to blame for bike accidents? - ABC Perth - Australian Bro...
28 January, 2015 10:34AM AWST
Are cyclists to blame for bike accidents?
By Claire Nichols
The Road Safety Minister Liza Harvey has told the media that the majority of fatal bike accidents are
due to cyclist error.
The Minister was speaking at a press conference when she said cyclists were often
to blame for crashes.
"The vast majority of cycling accidents where there's been a very serious injury
appear to be the cyclist's error in contravening signals and contravening stop signs
and those sorts of things," she said.
Her office later clarified that the Minister was referring to fatal bike accidents in
John McGlue spoke to the CEO of Bicycling WA Jeremy Murray, to find out his
response to the Minister's comments.
"That's obviously a concern. We would want to be doing more to improve road
safety and organisations like Bicycling Western Australia really do need to be doing
more to encourage better behaviour amongst bike riders," Mr Murray said.
"Hopefully the government can support us in that and at the same time we also
need to be doing more education for drivers so that they actually understand what
the rights of bike riders are when they're on the road."
Cycling groups and the Greens want new laws to force motorists to maintain a
one-metre gap when passing cyclists.
The West Australian government will consider changing road rules to improve the
safety of cyclists but is refusing to support the mandatory one-metre rule.
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