Lock it or lose it

Lock it
or lose it
• If possible store off road; in a garage, front garden or
side alleyway
• Alternatively park your bike in a busy well lit area
• Use disc locks to deter the opportunist thief
• Secure your scooter to an immovable object – ideally
with a good quality chain, padlock and ground
anchor. Use Thatcham or Sold Secure approved
products (approx. £90 for the set)
• Have your bike professionally fitted with an electronic
immobiliser and alarm. Thatcham or Sold Secure
approved products are recommended
• Use one, or some, of the marking and identification
systems available. Datatag is a popular security
tagging system
• Register your bike at immobilise.com
• Keep photos of your bike with the vehicle details
• Cover your machine with a canvas or plastic cover
when not in use
For further crime prevention advice, contact the
Community Safety Unit on 020 8753 2816 or email
[email protected]
To contact your local police call 101 for non
emergencies, but if you need immediate police
assistance or a crime is in progress, always dial 999
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