Day Care charity delighted at news of generous legacy

Day Care charity delighted at news of generous legacy
Press Release
28th January 2015
Staff, volunteers and Trustees at Winchcombe Day Centre are absolutely delighted that the
Centre has received a surprise legacy of approximately £200,000.
Chairman of the Trustees John Gerrard, said: “This came as a complete, but lovely surprise.”
The money was left to the 30-year-old Centre, a registered charity, by a local benefactor.
John said: “We are not able to divulge the name of the local benefactor, but we are
extremely grateful for such generosity. This legacy couldn’t have come at a better time as this
year the Centre loses all of its public sector funding and will have to find the entire £82,000 annual
running cost itself.”
Until March 2013 the Centre received £35,000 per annum from the NHS and Social Services
to help cover its operating costs. Since then the funding has been greatly reduced and will
finally cease this April.
John said: “We are very lucky indeed to have a loyal band of supporters and fundraisers in
Winchcombe who have helped the Centre cover this serious financial shortfall over the last
two years. In 2013 we increased our fees for new and existing members to generate more
revenue to offset this funding deficit and as a result our future is now looking more secure.”
Trustees and the Day Centre Management Committee will be meeting again shortly to
discuss the most effective and prudent ways to both invest and use the donation in support
of the local community and the overall aims of the charity.
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Mr Geoff Onions, Chairman of the Management Committee and Deputy Chairman of the
Board of Trustees said: “We will be considering using some of the legacy for new initiatives
to support our current members and potentially extend our services to cater for and attract
more members of the community.
“We also intend to ask our members, their families and the wider community for their
suggestions and ideas on ways we can use some of the funds to enhance and extend our
services. Whatever we do, will be in the best interests of supporting elderly people in the
town and surrounding area.”
The Trustees were keen to stress that although the legacy offers some interim funding
security for the Day Centre, it was still vital to continue fundraising for its long-term future
and to provide a wider range of services to the community.
The Day Centre charity was established in 1984 and now provides day care three days a
week in purpose-built accommodation. Its aim is to provide a supported, safe and friendly
environment where members can share the company of friends, enjoy lunch, refreshments
and if they wish take part in a range of recreational activities.
The charity’s services are aimed at those who may be socially isolated, lonely, moderately
disabled, have memory loss or are simply frail, elderly and less able to get around.
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Issued by Ruth McDonagh, inspire creative communications, on behalf of Winchcombe Day
Centre. m: 0780 909 6036.