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Our Services
We support all civil servants, past and present, throughout their
lives, with whatever problems they may have.
You’d be surprised what we deal with everyday,
so just get in touch.
Freephone 0800 056 2424
We offer a wide range of services in addition to providing
financial support when that’s what you need.
When David contacted the
Charity he was in the position
of having to choose between
essential surgery on unpaid
leave or staying at work to
provide for his family.
“What you did for me went
above and beyond my
expectations – you were like
guardian angels.”
UK Statistics Authority
Money Advice
Mounting debt is one of the biggest problems in the UK. In
addition to financial assistance we provide you with help to
reduce debt or budget for the future. By offering this advice
with our partners we aim to prevent the continuing cycle of
Stress & Anxiety
Stress and anxiety can affect anyone. We’re not talking about
the times you feel a bit over-stretched; these are the times
when you feel you can no longer cope and anxiety or stress
start to take over your daily life. We work with Anxiety UK to
bring you help in these situations.
If you provide unpaid but essential support to an ill or
disabled relative, friend or neighbour we might be able to
help with a range of services, including covering some of the
costs associated with your caring. We also have the Carer’s
Passport, a document which can help you better communicate
your caring responsibilities to your manager.
There are times when we all feel low. This can be linked to a
life event and can last for several days or weeks but it usually
gets better. In depression, it may not get better and people
often need support. We’ve partnered with Depression Alliance
to bring you Friends in Need: an online network, aiming to
address the loneliness that often comes with depression.
There can be times when you aren’t able to resolve your
relationship and family problems on your own. Our
partnership with Relate allows you to discuss these problems
with a qualified Relate counsellor via a Live Chat service. We
also have practical and financial advice on our website to help
you through any difficulties.
Mental Health
To support your emotional wellbeing we offer information,
help and advice by drawing on the best material from
reputable organisations throughout the UK. Our website
includes links to useful information and our partners.
Questions? Email us at [email protected]
“You’ve made a huge
difference to Megan’s
life as well as ours,
which I can’t thank
you for enough.”
“I will always be
grateful to you. The
Charity helped keep me
warm and kept me from
getting ill – I will never
cease to be thankful.”
Northern Ireland
Civil Service
Photo posed by model & name changed to protect identity
We can also help with:
• Bereavement
• Residential care
• Financial problems
• Dementia
• Long-term illness
• Emergencies
How to contact us
Tel: 020 8240 2400
By post: The Charity for Civil Servants, 5 Anne
Boleyn’s Walk, Cheam, Sutton, SM3 8DY
0800 056 2424
visit www.foryoubyyou.org.uk
The Civil Service Benevolent Fund. Company limited by guarantee 7286399.
A charity registered in England and Wales no. 1136870, and in Scotland SC041956.