Parent Newsletter - Craven County Schools

Bendi Newsletter
Dear Ben D. Quinn Families:
We are proud of the open communication between school, home and the overall
involvement of our families with school activities. Consistent communication is important
for the success of your child. Please encourage your child to work hard and be kind to
others. Also, remember the following expectations and new procedures:
Upcoming Events:
February 10
PTO Family Skate Night
6:00 PM
Free Admission at Rollerland
February 13th
Early Release Day – 12:00 Noon
February 16th
Teacher Workday – No school
for students
February 24th
Black History Celebration
March 12th
Report Card Day
March 13th
Early Release Day
March 24th
PTO Family Reading Night
5:30 -6:00 PM – Dinner
6:00 PM – Meeting Begins
March 31th
Parent Bendi Dash Meeting
1:00 – 3:00 PM – Planning
Stuffing Envelopes
You may now access PEACHJAR, the new Craven County Schools eFlier site through our
school’s website. Just click on the Peachjar button to view school flyers. In the past, our
school sent home loads of flyers in students’ backpacks. As part of our efforts to be more
environmentally friendly and to embrace innovative technology, we are moving from paper
to a digital flyer delivery program called Peachjar. With our Peachjar e-flyer program, the
e-flyers are sent directly to parents’ email inboxes as well as posted on the BDQ website for
easy access. All flyers may be accessed by clicking on the Peachjar icon. Each year, our
school will save tons of paper and reduce copy costs by thousands of dollars. In addition,
paperless delivery of school flyers removes a significant administrative burden from
teachers, office staff, and volunteers. School and district-approved e-flyers keep you
informed about upcoming activities, programs, and events. Get Ready! More information
to come from!
Communication is a vital factor between parents and Ben Quinn Elementary. It is
important to us that you are informed of events that are taking place at school. Anytime
you receive a call from the school but are unable to answer the telephone, you should
receive a message, either voice or automated. By listening to your message prior to
calling the school, we can direct your call to the proper staff member. This will prevent
unnecessary interruptions to classroom instructional time. Your child’s education is of
utmost importance, therefore, less interruptions means more time for your child to learn.
To prevent a breakdown in communication, it is important to make us aware anytime
there is a change to the contact numbers that we have on file.
Ben D. Quinn is an amazing community and we continue to need you and your
involvement. Thank you for all you do!
Curtis Gatlin
Support Relay for Life!
Students and staff are encouraged to wear
hats on Friday, February 6 and Friday, March
6 to support Relay for Life. The cost is $1
per day to wear their hats. Next week,
please have the students write this on their
agenda for parents to see. It will also be on
MMN, Facebook, and an instant alert. They
should turn in the money to their teacher
that morning when they arrive. I will come
around that day to collect it.
Thank you again for your support!
Safety First
Please use caution when arriving and
departing from BDQ. We have recently
received word that some parents are
driving too fast around the outer driveway
for carpool.
Also, when a student has been absent for
an illness and they have visited the doctor,
please have the doctor write a note so that
the absences may be excused. A doctor’s
note is required for 3 or more consecutive
absences due to illness/injury.
School Wide Announcements
Yearbooks for Sale
Our yearbook team is creating
a fantastic book for you that we
are confident you will enjoy!
We are excited to offer you an
Craven County Schools has
optional feature to personalize
decided to align the grading
your child’s book. You can
periods in Kindergarten
create your own back cover
through Fifth Grade.
and up to 4 personalization
Therefore, there will only
pages for FREE.
be three report cards issued
in these grade levels starting Order your book now, and if
you’d like, visit the website at
this coming school year.
The dates of these report cards
and add a personalization to
will be December 2nd, March
your book any time before
17th and June 10th. If you
May 1, 2015.
should have any questions,
please feel free to contact your Prices:
child's teacher.
Hardcover - $26.00
Softcover -$17
Valentine Goodies
For the safety of all and to
keep your child’s gift out
of harm’s way, please
save your valentine
goodies for your child at
home. Balloons or
oversized items will NOT
be allowed on the bus or
vans. Thank you!
Mark your Calendars!
Emergency Card Contact
Keep correct and updated
contact information on file.
In order to ensure that you
can be contacted if
necessary, you should
update your child’s
emergency card, i.e.
address, working
phone/cell numbers for all
Family Reading Night
Tuesday, March 24th
5:30 – 6:00 – Dinner
6:00 – 8:00 –
Reading Fair
Sarah Ingram
Yearbook Advisor
Have you linked your
Harris Teeter VIC Card
to Ben D. Quinn?
Together in Education code,
Harris Teeter contributes a
percentage of all Harris Teeter
brand purchases to Ben D.
Quinn account when your VIC
card is linked to our school.
Here are two easy ways to link
your VIC card:
− visit your Harris Teeter store
and ask your cashier to link
your card to #2056
Community, Together in
Education and link your card
Once you are signed up, we
start raising funds. This year
our goal is $1,500 and the
Together in Education funds
can help us get there.
Please register today!
Help our school raise funds by
linking your store cards to our
school code- It’s so EASY!
*Target Red Card School Code:
*Harris Teeter VIC Code: 2056
*Lion Shop & Share
Code: 212427
Classroom Visits – Uninterrupted Learning
We encourage parents to be
involved in their children's
education. With this in mind,
we ask that if you would like to
visit a classroom to observe or
help out that you contact the
teacher in advance to set up the
day and time for that visit. This
will help both the parents and
the teachers plan a smooth
transition and uninterrupted
learning environment. You
may set up the visit by
contacting teachers by email:
(firstname.lastname or by
PTO Family Fun
Come join us at
Rollerland of
New Bern!
Tuesday, February
6:00 PM
Free Admission!
calling the school office
When entering the building,
we ask that any visitor to the
building sign in at the office
and wear a “Visitor” badge
while in the building. If you
do not have on a Visitor
badge, a staff member will
ask you to please check in at
the office. We thank you in
advance for your
understanding and
cooperation. This is for the
safety of our children.
-----Tardies-----We appreciate that families
are working hard to get
their children to school on
time. However, some of
you will be receiving a
letter of notification for
extensive tardies and/or
unexcused absences.
can to leave a few
minutes earlier to ensure
a timely arrival.
Please know, it is very
disruptive to our classes
when tardy students arrive.
We average 9 tardies a day.
Please do everything you
Thank you for working
with us to be sure class
begins at 8:00 AM with
very few interruptions.
Carpool students that
would like to eat
breakfast must be in the
cafeteria before 7:50 AM.