BA (G) Orienteering Javelin Barracks Elmpt Station

BA (G) Orienteering
Javelin Barracks
Elmpt Station
Hosted by 16 Sig Regt, Elmpt – 28 January 2015
Travel Directions:
Javelin Barracks, Elmpt Station, signed off the Route 52, Junction 2 (last junction before
crossing border into Holland). Follow signs for RTW to Registration on Javelin Barracks.
Parking will be at the Registration area.
Tarmac area, aircraft hanger, mixed open forest with a good path network and some open
land. Many ditches, ruins, root stocks and brambles. Most light green areas are runable.
Scale 1:10,000, 5 colour, overprinted & bagged. Control descriptions will be on the map and
loose descriptions provided at registration.
Course Closes:
1045 – 1345 hrs
1100 – 1400 hrs
1630 hrs
All runners must download by course closure time
– even if you do not finish the course
This will be a 1hr Score course
In order that the appropriate amount of maps and emit cards may be made available, units
wishing to bring in excess of 8 personnel are required to contact the Organiser in advance.
Military - €3.00 entry plus €1.00 Emit hire if required. No cost to Regimental personnel.
Civilian - £3.00 entry plus €1.00 Emit hire if required.
SSgt Craven
SSgt Chris Craven: email (military): 16SR-ELJ-TRG-RTWO, email (civilian): [email protected]
Civilian Tel: 02163 973756 – Elmpt Mil: 94868 3756
Toilets are available at Registration area (RTW). Shower facilities are available at the Gym.
All civilians wishing to take part are to contact the Organiser in the first instance in order to
book access onto Elmpt Station.
Tea / Coffee / Juice / water available.
Note: Transit Accommodation is available for those wishing to travel down the day
before. Contact Elmpt Station QM Dept – Mr Les Gray. Mil: 94868 4344.
Orienteering in the Army is classed as Military Training
All others take part at their own risk and must have personal insurance.