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School News
30 January 2015
May we remind all parents that it is school policy to set
regular homework. We would welcome your support in
making sure that, if set, the work is completed. Please
use your child’s planner as a means of communicating
any issues regarding homework and sign to say that you
have checked the work.
Wet Play
On those occasions when the weather is inclement and
the children cannot go outside at play time they remain
in their classrooms. Occasionally they watch a DVD to
keep them occupied. We have this week checked all
the films in our limited stock and removed any which do
not have an appropriate classification. Some of the
films we have are PG and we would ask that any parent
who does not wish their child to watch a PG film
contact Reception by email or phone to inform them.
If your child is not going to attend school please can you
make contact with the school, by phone or email, to
indicate their absence and the reason. We can then
pass this information on to the class teachers and
update our attendance records. Where we do not have
any information regarding an absence the Reception
staff will endeavour to contact parents/carers to check
on the child’s whereabouts.
If your child has gone home ill during the previous
school day, please can you contact the school if they are
not going to be back the following day.
If you child has suffered either sickness or diarrhoea
they will need to remain at home until 48 hours have
passed since the last bout.
It is imperative that we know who is in class and which
children are absent and for what reason. This enables
us to immediately respond should a child be “missing”
and also to ensure the children’s safety in the event of a
Sports News
A team of CKJS athletes this week competed in the
Sportshall Athletics competition at All Saints Academy
in Cheltenham. We are delighted to announce that the
team were triumphant and have progressed through to
the finals which will take place at Wycliffe College in
February. Congratulations to all those who took part
and represented the school with exemplary
Ben Powell has also been selected to represent
Gloucestershire in the U11 Regional (Inter-County)
Sportshall Championships on Saturday 28th February in
Balcarras Lunches
Please can you check that your child is ordering a lunch
which they will eat! The dinner supervisors who go
across to Balcarras with the children report that a large
amount of food is wasted each day with some children
saying they don’t like what they have ordered. Please
could you also encourage them to eat the salad or
vegetables on offer as part of our healthy eating policy.
Chess Club
On Tuesday, 27 January the CKJS chess team competed
in a double chess match for both the league and the cup
tournaments. Both teams came to an amazing finish,
with a final score with a 4:2 win for the A team and a
3:3 tie for the B team.
Thanks to team members Danny Howlett, William
Davies, Robbie McElroy, Kieran Connolly, Matthew
Graham, Ben Hammond , Leo Woodward, Myles
Partridge, Torin Majid, Jacob Corris, Harry Saladino,
Callum Bates and Jack Parrot.
L Pajak
Head Teacher
PTA News
Please note that the
next meeting is on
Monday 2 February
starting at 8.00pm at the
school. Everyone is
most welcome to join us.
Charlton Kings Junior School:
Tel: 01242 526171
Email: [email protected]
CKJS Choir
On Sunday 25th January, CCKJS choir were invited to
perform with the Cheltenham Philharmonic orchestra at
a sell-out concert at Pittville Pump Room.
The choir performed superbly singing a selection of
songs from children's musicals and were accompanied
by the full orchestra. This was followed by them
performing two songs on their own. They made their
parents and the choirmasters very proud, especially as
for some this was their first ever public performance!
Harry Potter Day
The school is taking part in the first national Harry
Potter Book Night on Thursday, 5 February at the school
from 4.30 – 5.00. If your child wishes to attend please
remember to send in the reply slip by Tuesday, 3
February at the latest.
The children were joined by a group of 'graduates' from
the CKJS choir - a group currently in Year 7. Many
thanks to these pupils for joining us and performing so
well, it was lovely to have them back.
The usual fun Multi Sports Holiday Course will be
running at the School over the February half term. The
course is suitable for children aged 4-11, and takes
place from 8.45-3.30 daily. For more information and
to book please get in touch with SuperStars on
08452413682 or at
The orchestra were very complimentary about the choir
and very much enjoyed this ‘joint venture’.
Cello News
We are delighted to announce that in the recent
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music exams,
Sasha Kelly passed Grade 2 with distinction and Edward
Banbury passed Grade 1 with distinction.
Reminder: children should not be arriving at school
before 8.30 am. The gates are open at this time and
there will be staff on duty to supervise them.
In addition, Laura Josey, Rachel Kimber and Daisy Gillet
all received an excellent report for their Cello Prep Test
Charity News
Sian Griffiths, mother of Marshall Beckingham in Year 6,
is raising money for World Cancer Awareness Day by
having her hair cut off. Her hair will be sent to the Little
Princess Trust, a charity which creates real hair wigs for
children suffering from hair loss as a result of cancer
treatment. If you would like to contribute to her
fundraising please visit and search for
Sian Griffiths.
If you want to watch the event it will take place on
Wednesday, 4 February outside the Co-Op in Church
Piece at 4 pm.
Charlton Kings Junior School:
Tel: 01242 526171
Email: [email protected]
arlton Kings Junior School:
: 01242 526171
Email: [email protected]