Candidate Profile Statements

New Zealand Teachers Council
Te Pouherenga Kaiako o Aotearoa
for the 2014 New Zealand
Teachers Council Election of
one representative for the
Secondary Sector
Disclaimer Statement by the
Teachers Council
This Candidate Profile Booklet contains profile
statements of up to 150 words provided by each
of the 13 candidates nominated for the 2014 New
Zealand Teachers Council Secondary Sector election.
The candidates have been listed in pseudo random
Any emphasis (capitalisation, italics, bolding,
underscoring, bullets) has been added by the
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Warwick Lampp
Returning Officer
New Zealand Teachers Council
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For assistance phone the ELECTION HELPLINE:
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2014 Secondary Sector Election
Voting closes at 12 noon Friday 3 October 2014.
The election is for ONE (1) Secondary Sector
The election is being carried out by internet and
postal voting using the First Past the Post (FPP)
voting method. Candidates names are in pseudo
random order on the voting documents.
Purpose of the Council
The purpose of the NZ Teachers Council is to provide
professional leadership in teaching, enhance the
professional status of teachers in schools, kura and
early childhood education settings and contribute
to a safe and high quality teaching and learning
environment for children and other learners.
About the Teachers Council
The Teachers Council comprises 11 members, as
(a) 4 members appointed by the Minister
(b) 4 elected members (each of whom must be a
registered teacher holding a current practising
certificate), being:
(i) 1 teacher representing the early childhood
sector, elected by teachers from that sector;
(ii) 1 teacher representing the primary sector,
elected by teachers from that sector; and
(iii) 1 teacher representing the secondary sector,
elected by teachers from that sector; and
(iv) 1 principal, elected by principals:
(c) 1 person appointed by the Minister on the
nomination of the New Zealand Educational
(d) 1 person appointed by the Minister on the
nomination of the New Zealand Post Primary
Teachers’ Association:
(e) 1 person appointed by the Minister on the
nomination of the New Zealand School Trustees
The Minister appoints the Chairperson.
AMOS Claire
Academic Qualifications:
Bachelor of Arts (Auckland) (1996).
Diploma of Teaching (1997).
Current Secondary Position:
Deputy Principal (Enabling Learning),
Hobsonville Point Secondary School.
Responsibilities include: Professional
Learning, Appraisal, ICT and E-Learning,
Digital Citizenship and Library.
Active Teaching Experience:
2013-present Deputy Principal, Hobsonville Point Secondary School
2010-2012 Director of E-learning, Epsom Girls Grammar School
2010-2010 Secondary English Facilitator, Team Solutions
2010-2011 ICTs in English Forum Facilitator, English Online,
2008-2009 HOD English, Auckland Girls’ Grammar School
2004-2007 Assistant HOD English, Takapuna Grammar School
2002-2004 Assistant HOD English, HOD Drama (2MU) Rangitoto
1999-2001 HOD Drama (1MU), English Teacher, Rangitoto
1998-1999 English Teacher, Rangitoto College
Governance Experience:
2014-present NetSafe Board - Co-opted Board Observer
2012-present PPTA ICT Advisory Committee Member (Auckland
2009-2011 IFTE / NZATE Conference Committee Member
2008-2009 AATEL (Auckland Association of English Teachers)
Committee Member
Personal Interests:
Family, travel, learning, social media, blogging, reading, tattoos and
Candidate Statement:
As an experienced educator who has worked with a range of
agencies such as NZQA, PPTA, NetSafe and the 21st Century
Learning Reference Group I believe I could bring an articulate and
positive secondary voice to the NZTC.
I am passionate and well informed about educational issues and
constantly seek ways to support and challenge NZ educators to be
future-focused, open and reflective, as well as being recognised as
the hardworking professionals we are.
During the submissions process for the Education Amendment Bill
no. 2, I was very vocal about the need for a democratic process for
establishing EDUCANZ and other key issues.
As the secondary representative on NZTC I would also see my role
as being to raise awareness of issues such as:
• The new EDUCANZ being formed through undemocratic means
• EDUCANZ replacing the aspirational ‘Code of Ethics’ with what I
believe to be a patronising ‘Code of Conduct’
Academic Qualifications:
B.A. Diploma in Teaching.
Current Secondary Position:
Associate Principal, Middleton Grange
Active Teaching Experience:
2005-2012 Assistant Principal [Pastoral
Care] Villa Maria College
Assistant H.O.F English, Counsellor for girls, Teacher
with Library Responsibilities, R.A.F.A. Co-ordinator.
Tutor Year 8, Liaison teacher C.C.E, Kaiapoi High School
Lecturer Christchurch College of Education
1995-2003 Assistant Teacher of English, Liaison Teacher C.C.E, T.I.C.
Drama, Year 9 Tutor, Year 13 Tutor, Kaiapoi High School
1992-1994 Maternity leave
Assistant Teacher of English, St Andrew’s College
1989-1992 Acting Associate HOD English, Assistant Teacher of
English, Wellington Girl’s College
Assistant Teacher, Scots College, Wellington
1985-88 Assistant Teacher, St Andrew’s College
Governance Experience:
2009-current Elected Secondary Representative NZTC.
2009-current member NZTC Professional Leadership Committee.
2005- current Member NZTC Disciplinary Tribunal.
Chairperson Woodend School Board of Trustees for 2 years.
Member of Woodend School Board of Trustees for 6 years.
Personal Interests:
Reading interesting books, watching memorable movies, family
time, and I would like to say personal fitness but that is currently
more aspirational that operational.
Candidate Statement:
Teaching is a complex and high-stakes occupation. Our professional
body must and should have elected representation of skilled and
experienced practitioners who understand these complexities and
the importance of supporting the profession, continually reflecting
on and raising standards, and regulating teaching practice based
on what is in the best interests of our students. Until the Teachers
Council is disestablished, maintaining as many experienced council
members as possible around the table is critical for ensuring the
efficient and rigorous processes that we have developed and
currently have in place are maintained and transitioned into the
new ministerially appointed EDUCANZ. It has been a privilege
representing my secondary colleagues and all educational
sectors over the past six years on the Council and nine within the
Disciplinary Tribunal. It would be a greater privilege to be given the
opportunity to continue serving the interests of the young people
in our classrooms.
Academic Qualifications:
MSc, Dip Tchg.
Current Secondary Position:
Currently Teacher of Science, Maori and
Careers at Mackenzie College since 2012.
Active Teaching Experience:
Previously Principal of Opihi College,
Temuka (Feb 2005 to Dec 2011); Assistant Deputy Principal
Mackenzie College (mid-2002 to 2005), Head of Science Mackenzie
College (1994 to mid 2002), Science Teacher King Edward VII
High School, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK on exchange (2000), Head of
Biology Nayland College (1993), Science Teacher Nayland College
Governance Experience:
Board of Trustees Mackenzie College (Staff Rep) 2013 to present,
Board of Trustees Opihi College (ex officio, Principal) 2005 to 2011.
Chair Aoraki Region PPTA 1999, Secretary Aoraki Region PPTA 1998.
Chair Virtual Learning Community Council of New Zealand 2010 to
Chair Aoraki Volleyball Association 2010 to 2013.
Personal Interests:
Personal interests include fly fishing and gardening.
Candidate Statement:
My fundamental reason for standing is the Education Amendment
Bill No. 2. This bill seeks to remove control of our profession away
from practitioners to politically appointed councillors. This is a
move I deplore and oppose.
I have spent the majority of my career teaching in two small rural
high schools in the South Island. I hope to see that their voice will
be better heard in national debates.
As a principal I had worked to see the establishment of a VLN in
Timaru. I believe that these VLN communities will provide a rich
learning environment for our pupils and their teachers; but there
are a number of professional issues for us to address.
I have a wide range of experience in teaching in a wide range of
positions. Returning to the classroom has been a joy but also a
humbling experience. I remain a learner myself.
Academic Qualifications:
Bachelor of Arts (Japanese)
Bachelor of Teaching (Professional
Post Graduate Diploma Education (Māori
Masters of Education with honours (Thesis:
E Toru Ngā Reo: ‘A Case Study of a Spanish
Language Programme in a Kura Kaupapa Māori’)
University of Waikato
Current Secondary Position:
Head of Māori Studies, Rutherford College.
Governance Experience:
Elected Member to the Auckland Council Henderson – Massey
Local Board 2013 –
New Zealand Education Sub-Commission for UNESCO 2011 – 2014
Asia New Zealand Leadership Network 2012 –
Personal Interests:
I enjoy all sports, in particular tennis, interval and resistance
training at the gym. I have a passion for learning languages and
currently learning Samoan. I also enjoy writing and am working on
my first novel.
Candidate Statement:
Kia ora,
I am a diligent and innovative professional educator who has
excellent attention to detail with strong skills in teaching,
curriculum development and leadership. I have taught Japanese,
te reo Māori and Social Studies since 2007. I am currently the Head
of Māori Studies at Rutherford College and I love working with
our community’s young people, helping them find their way in the
world. Their enthusiasm and passion excites me and that’s why I
am proud to stand as a representative for our students and fellow
teaching colleagues. I have sound ideas for pre-service teacher
training, best practice for teaching and learning and future key
policy developments that enhances professional standards. I am
a current member of the PPTA and have experience as an elected
member on the Auckland Council Henderson – Massey Local Board
and previously appointed to the Education Sub-Commission for
Contact me: [email protected]
Academic Qualifications:
MA (Hons) Dip Corp Mgment. Dip Tchng Dip
SPELD. Dip MOVE (Florida).
Current Secondary Position:
Senior Teacher Classics Latin Te Kura the
Correspondence School.
Active Teaching Experience:
I have spent the bulk of my teaching career as an assistant teacher
because student contact and working with the students has been
the primary goal of being a teacher. Working with the full range
of students from special needs and ESOL students to gifted and
talented students from both the primary and secondary service has
been worthwhile, fulfilling and immensely challenging.
Governance Experience:
Trustee of the ADD Trust (home of Compassion Island Bay) 8 years.
Personal Interests:
Reading, gardening, travel, photography, cooking.
Candidate Statement:
When the Teacher’s Council, was restructured in a way that
excluded teachers from being on it, this meant there was no voice
from teachers in support of teachers. It’s at this point that I decided
to become part of what I hoped would be a deluge of teachers who
affirmed its role and put themselves forward as candidates in order
to ensure that teachers should be valued and that our profession
must be respected in the same way as other professional bodies.
As a member of the teaching community that works extremely hard
for our students who are listed as being in both “first and second
chance education” we find the environment for learners of every
age is actually getting harder. This is a huge challenge for all of us in
the profession and these structural barriers need to be under the
spotlight for all to see.
Candidate Statement:
I have been a secondary teacher for almost
30 years and an office holder in the PPTA on
many occasions. I am a teacher of English
and Deputy Principal at Wellington Girls’
I haven’t always been the Teachers Councils
greatest fan. I felt that the PPTA was our
professional body and another wasn’t needed. When it was obvious
that the Teachers’ Council was here to stay, I began to appreciate
some of the initiatives that were implemented, RTC and PD
initiatives especially.
This is potentially the last chance to have a say about who will
speak for teachers on the Council. It has a crucial role to set and
maintain standards. We need to be able to rely on the people who
are charged with doing this. We need to send a message to the
politicians that to have a “Teachers Council” without a genuine
teacher’s voice is unacceptable.
KING Stuart
Academic Qualifications:
Bachelor of Business Studies (Economics)
Bachelor of Arts (Geography)
Both from Massey University in Palmerston
Dip. Teaching
Auckland College of Education
Current Secondary Position:
• Head of Learning for Commerce and Information Technology at
James Cook High School, which includes Accounting, Business
Studies, Computing, Economics, Information Technology, and
Legal Studies.
• This is a new role in 2014, for the previous fifteen years I was
Faculty Manager for Social Sciences at James Cook High School.
Active Teaching Experience:
• I taught at Nga Tapuwae College from 1980 to 1987 rising to
Head of Commerce and Computing.
• Then I was appointed HOD Commerce at James Cook High from
1987. During my time at James Cook I have also been a Dean;
Basketball, Hockey and Rugby coach; and on the timetabling
Governance Experience:
• I am currently in my 4th term as a parent trustee on the
Manurewa High School Board of Trustees (our children’s
school), and I am in my 7th term as staff trustee on the BOT at
James Cook High School. I am a NZSTA Accredited Trustee.
• I have been a PPTA member all my career and for the past
fourteen years I have been the Counties-Manukau PPTA
regional treasurer. Previously, I was on the PPTA National
Executive. For the past six years I have been a Surplus Staffing
Specialist assisting Teachers and BOTs with CAPNAs. I was
awarded a Service Award by the NZPPTA in 2012.
• For the past four years I have been a member of the Teachers
Council Disciplinary Tribunal.
Personal Interests:
My interests are most sports (as a spectator now), DIY around
home, reading, and my pets (a greyhound cross dog named Tenaya,
and our moggy Henry).
Candidate Statement:
I am married to Janis (also a teacher) with two adult children. I have
taught for thirty three years working in nearly every role in schools
and have a proven track record of service to teachers.
With my experience I want to:
• Raise the profile and status of teaching in the community and
develop the profession to be a career of first choice.
• Make teacher registration as cheap, simple and efficient as
possible, especially for new and overseas teachers.
• Ensure there is proper consultation with teachers on key
policy developments, by being a voice for practicing grass-root
teachers. I promote change for improvement when things are
broken, not change for change’s sake.
• Ensure teacher accountability is matched to reasonable
expectations of teachers.
• This election is vital to ensure quality teacher representation in
the transition from the Teachers Council to EDUCANZ.
• Put teachers first and encourage collegiality.
Questions to: [email protected]
McGRATH Fiona Gaylene
Academic Qualifications:
Doctorate of Philosophy – Indigenous
Studies, Masters of Educational
Management, Graduate Diploma of
Teaching (Secondary), National Diploma of
Business Education.
Current Secondary Position:
University of Auckland, Te Puna Wananga
Professional Learning and Development.
Active Teaching Experience:
1990 – Kohanga reo ki Wharekauri
1995 – Auckland Academy (PTE)
1999 – Auckland Girls’ Grammar
2003 – University of Auckland – School of Education
2004 – Unitec NZ – School of Education
2005 – Mangakahia Area School
2007 – He Mataariki Teen Parent Unit
2008 – University of Auckland - Team Solutions
2012 – University of Auckland – Te Puna Wananga
Governance Experience:
2008 – Current – Principal Appraisals
2012 – Current - Board Training – MoE – Strategic planning,
leadership, managing Māori success
2012 – Board support for Principal appointments, conflicts and
disciplinary processes
2012 – Webinars – Ka Hikitia – MoE
Personal Interests:
Advancing Maori educational leadership, reading, whanau, marae
Candidate Statement:
Dr Fiona McGrath is passionate about teaching and learning and
is currently working in Māori medium in Te Taitokerau. Although
Fiona’s background has been in Secondary, she has been providing
teaching and learning development for the last eight years across
all sectors in education. Fiona brings a wealth of knowledge in
the areas of Principal Appraisals, Performance Management,
Pedagogical Leadership, and Educative Induction and Mentoring
Programmes to support Provisionally Registered Teachers to full
registration – particularly through the use of Te Hapai O in Māori
To be nominated onto the Teachers’ Council is a step into ensuring
we get the best teachers in front of our kids. We have some
awesome teachers in our schools, but yet we still have some that
need pedagogical guidance to be effective in the classroom.
Academic Qualifications:
MEd Admin 2006, MSc 1981, Diploma of
Teaching 1981
Current Secondary Position:
Associate Principal Carmel College,
Responsible for Learning & Teaching - with
an interest in Provisionally Registered
Teachers, Professional Learning, Coaching and Appraisal processes.
Deputy Principal, 2005-2013.
Assistant Principal and HOD Science, 1998-2005.
HOD Science, 1993-1998.
Active Teaching Experience:
Senior Leadership Team Carmel College, 1998-2014.
HOD Science Carmel College, 1993-1998.
Assistant Teacher Science Birkenhead College, 1981-1992.
A number of facilitation, reference group and moderation roles with
NZQA, MoE and NZTC, 1993 - present.
Governance Experience:
Executive member of Auckland Deputy and Assistant Principals
Association, 2004 - present.
President of Zonta North Shore, 2012-2013.
Board member of Zonta North Shore, 2007-present.
Chairperson of the Forrest Hill School Board of Trustees, 1997-1999.
Member of the Forrest Hill School Board of Trustees, 1994-1996.
Personal Interests:
I am married with one daughter and currently enjoying the
preparations for her upcoming wedding. In what is left of my
spare time I like to meet with friends, read, work out at the Gym,
advocate on social justice issues and explore Auckland and the
other places we visit.
Candidate Statement:
I am standing for election because I believe in and can contribute
to developing the overarching purpose of the Teachers Council to
provide professional leadership to the profession.
A profession where;
• One set of standards the RTCs - is recognised by teachers at all
stages of their career
• There is a commitment to resourcing ongoing professional
• Bureaucracy is minimised so the focus is on building
capabilities not “death by paper”
• Reflective practice, self-determination and integrity enable
teachers to be empowered, practitioners
• Teacher voice is recognised as a valuable asset
• Appropriate mechanisms are in place to maintain a safe
learning and teaching environment
OTTO Pennie Vaione
Academic Qualifications:
BA, Grad.Dip Tchg (Sec), MProfSt (2014),
Doctoral Candidate- The University of
Auckland, Te Puna Wananga, School of
Maori Education.
Current Secondary Position:
Lecturer, Manukau Institute of Technology,
School of Secondary – Tertiary Studies, teaching NCEA English Levels
One and Two and Niuean Studies Level One to students with dual
enrolment in Years 11 and 12. I have been here since February, 2014.
Active Teaching Experience:
• McAuley High School, Otahuhu, Auckland 1997-2001 – Form
Teacher, English Teacher, Niuean Group Tutor and Teacher in
• Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate, Otara, Auckland (formerly Hillary
College) 2001-2002 – Assistant Head of English, Form Teacher,
English Teacher
• Papatoetoe High School, Papatoetoe, Auckland – 2002-2002 –
Form Teacher, English Teacher
• Kaikorai Valley College, Kaikorai Valley, Dunedin – 2002 - 2003 –
English/Social Studies Teacher (.4)
• Otago Boys’ High School, Dunedin – 2003 - 2004 – Form
Teacher, English Teacher
• Tangaroa College, Otara, Auckland – 2004 - 2006 – Form
Teacher, English/Social Studies Teacher
• Papatoetoe High School, Papatoetoe, Auckland, 2006 - 2014 –
Year 10 Dean, Rimu House Dean, English Teacher, Vagahau Niue
Governance Experience:
PPTA Tangaroa College Branch, Women’s Representative – 20042005; PPTA Papatoetoe College Branch, Pasifika Representative
– 2006-2014; Takanini PIC Church Treasurer, 2006-present; Tautiolo
Maiehi Trust Chairperson, 2010-2012; Fuata Matala Committee
Convenor, 2014.
Personal Interests:
My personal interests include coordinating mini-DIY projects for
my parents’ home. As well as that, I also enjoy making scrapbooks
with my children and creating stories with them. In terms of church
and community aspects, I really enjoy attending Niuean activities
so that my children can learn as much as they can about their
Candidate Statement:
Fakaalofa atu, I am a New Zealand-born first-generation Niuean
from Avatele and Makefu, married to a Samoan from Vailuutai
and Vaiala and we have four children. One of my main reasons for
standing is to represent minority groups. I aim to be a voice for our
Indigenous teachers and provide a genuine perspective on Pasifika
issues and concerns. I believe that my experience in the field across
a range of schools has helped develop my teaching philosophy over
the past 18 years. It is time for me to give back to the industry and
it would be an honour and a privilege to be elected on this Council.
I will maintain a clear focus to uphold the integrity of the teaching
profession that I have been part of for much of my life. My current
research feeds into my practise and I value other peoples’ ideas and
PIERCE Gregory
Hawkes Bay
Academic Qualifications:
Bachelor of Arts -University of Otago (1988)
Diploma of Teaching- Christchurch
Teachers’ College (1989)
Post Graduate Diploma of Educational
Administration- Massey University (1999)
Completing a ‘Masters of Educational
Leadership’- Waikato University (2013,
Current Secondary Position:
Deputy Principal Hastings Boys’ High School (2010 – Present)
Key Responsibilities: Managed Learning Environments, Student
Achievement, Whole School Pastoral Oversight.
Active Teaching Experience:
Associate Headmaster- Shirley Boys’ High School- Christchurch
Deputy Director Senior School- Southern Cross Campus- Auckland
Assistant Headmaster Lilian Baylis School- Lambeth, London (2003,
Prior to this a variety of positions, ie, Dean, Head of Key Stage,
Head of Department in state single sex and co-educational schools
from 1990, in both New Zealand and England including Kelston
Boys’ High School- Auckland (1997-99), Chatham House Grammar
School- Kent, England (1993-95) and Southland Boys’ High SchoolInvercargill (1990-92).
Governance Experience:
Board of Trustees experience Hastings Boys’ High School (2010-14),
Shirley Boys’ High School (2006-08), Finance Committee- Shirley
Boys High School (2006-08), Hawkes Bay- East Coast AP/ DP
Committee (2013,14), Waikato University Educational Leadership
Network (2012-14), International Learning Network of U.K. National
College for School Leadership (2009-14), Southern Cross Campus
Disciplinary Committee (2003-05).
Personal Interests:
Family and supporting children’s educational, co-curricular interests
and travelling wherever and whenever possible. Whenever
returning to the South Island, tramping is always a popular option
and various sporting pursuits and interests throughout the school
year. I also enjoy watching a variety of films, documentaries and
reading (particularly historical and human focused non-fiction).
New and challenging educational and professional challenges are
always of interest to me.
Candidate Statement:
I have always sought professional challenges throughout my very
diverse teaching career. It is essential that there is a national,
politically independent educational organisation which is
predominantly elected by teachers and representative of the early
childhood, primary, intermediate and secondary sectors which exist
in New Zealand.
There needs to be a consistent and stringent set of professional
policies and guidelines which address the key areas which are
of paramount importance. This is essential if teaching and
educational outcomes for our students are to be of the highest
possible standard. These areas need to include, the rigorous quality
assurance of all teacher training institutions and providers, the
clarity of function and purpose pertaining to teacher registration
requirements and compliance, together with teacher competency
and disciplinary issues which may arise.
The N.Z. Teachers’ Council needs to be professionally ethical,
empathetic and responsive to the ongoing rapidly changing
educational and social climate.
Lower Hutt
Academic Qualifications:
MSc (hons) (VUW)
PhD (Otago)
Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching
(Secondary) (VUW)
Current Secondary Position:
Teacher of Science, Chemistry and Earth and Space Science, Onslow
I am in my eighth year in this position.
Active Teaching Experience:
Full-time Teacher, Mathematics, St Mary’s College, Wellington in
Governance Experience:
Executive Committee, Public Service Association, for one year in the
early 1980s.
Board of Trustees, Onslow College, as Staff Representative 2013 to
Certificate of Company Direction, NZ Institute of Directors, 1999.
Personal Interests:
Home handyman, gardening, cricket, golf, motor-homing.
Candidate Statement:
The EDUCANZ legislation process has brought home to me the
importance of the need for a strong Teachers’ Council for its likely
short future. It is important that Secondary Teachers have a strong
representative to ensure that their interests are protected and
advanced as much as is possible. I have “been there, done that” in
terms of representing staff through destructive restructurings, in a
previous career. I have the skills and fortitude to represent you with
strength and determination backed up by my ability to carefully
analyse the needs, possibilities and the politics of a situation. I will
bring these strengths to the Council if I am elected.
I consider that my extensive previous and current experiences in
providing leadership and in representing professionals, in their
workplaces and their organisations, make me a strong candidate for
this position. If this is what you want, vote for me.
TARRY Michael
Academic Qualifications:
BA(Hons) in Political Studies (Otago, 2004);
MA(Hons) in Political Studies (Auckland,
GDipSecTchng (AUT, 2008);
Master of Indigenous Studies (Otago, 2015).
Current Secondary Position:
Reliever, Mt Roskill Grammar School, Mt Roskill, Auckland (since
February 2014).
Reliever, Glendowie College, Glendowie, Auckland (since May
Reliever, Southern Cross Campus, Mangere, Auckland (since July
Active Teaching Experience:
2008 – 2013: Teacher-in-Charge of History at Whangarei Boys’
High School, Whangarei, New Zealand. Classes taught included
all History students from Year 11 to Year 13, including Year 10
accelerant students and Year 13 Scholarship candidates. Additional
classes included Year 9 and 10 Social Studies, including Year 9
accelerant students and Year 9 low-ability students. Additional
responsibilities included the preparation and presentation of all
assessments and administration of the History curriculum area at
the school.
In 2011 and 2012, I was also Coordinator of Gifted and Talented
Education at Whangarei Boys’ High School. Responsible for
developing and presenting special education programmes for gifted
and talented students.
Governance Experience:
In 2012 and 2013, I was staff representative to the Whangarei Boys’
High School Board of Trustees, and a member of the Health and
Safety, Finance, and Discipline Committees.
In 2011, I was a member of the NZQA NCEA Workload Advisory
Taskforce which was tasked by the Minister of Education with
determining and limiting as appropriate teacher workload in
assessment and administration of NCEA. During my time on
that taskforce, I presented a recommendation to the Minister of
Education that all secondary school teachers be given professional
development in standards alignment. The Minister agreed, and
provided all secondary and area schools with two teacher-release
days annually for 2011-2013. I consider this one of my proudest
moments as a teacher.
From February 2009 until February 2014, I was a member of the
PPTA’s National Establishing Teachers’ Committee, which is tasked
with providing advice and guidance to the New Zealand PostPrimary Teachers’ Association on issues and concerns surrounding
young and new teachers, with specific responsibility for young and
new teachers in Northland and north Auckland.
From February 2009 until December 2013, I was a member of
PPTA’s Northland Central Regional Management Committee.
Since December 2013, I have been Deputy Regional Chair of PPTA’s
Auckland Region.
Personal Interests:
I am an avid reader, and enjoy especially historical novels and texts.
I like spending time with friends and family, pottering about in the
kitchen, and going to the mall on a Friday night for a food-court
curry and a movie. I am a Grade 8 pianist, a published poet, and
former film critic. Lately, much of my free time is taken up with
readings and thesis-writing towards a Master of Indigenous Studies,
being done extramurally through the University of Otago.
Candidate Statement:
The Teachers’ Council is our council and our professional voice.
Even though there is every likelihood that it will be replaced next
year, it remains our council. It remains our mouthpiece, our waha
kōrero. I have been a secondary teacher since July 2008, and
before that I worked at the Universities of Auckland and Otago. My
cross-sector experience will help me as your representative. I have
worked in Northland and Auckland, as a full-time teacher, as a day
reliever, across the deciles, in integrated schools, and in both co-ed
and single-sex schools. This broad experience gives me an excellent
understanding of what it’s like to work in many different types of
schools, and means that I know how hard our different jobs can be,
and what needs to be done to make them just that much easier. I
have the time, energy, and skills to be the representative you need.
For assistance phone the ELECTION HELPLINE:
0508 666 001