Optimization of an Oscillating Wave Surge Converter

 IST – LNEC Joint doctoral Initiative Dissertation Proposal TITLE: Optimization of an Oscillating Wave Surge Converter
Short Description (up to 500 characters) ‐ Literature review of coastal hydrodynamics. ‐ Literature review on the behavior of a wave energy converter (WEC) ‐ Plan and prepare an 2D experimental study to optimize the WEC geometry and to quantify forces on the structure ‐ Adapt an SPH model for modelling wave interacting with the WEC selected ‐ Optimize the WEC geometry based on the numerical and physical results ‐ Validate solution in the specific conditions of the Uruguayan coast Keywords: Wave energy converter, physical modelling, SPH, wave‐structure interaction Supervisors IST: Rui Ferreira LNEC: Maria da Graça Neves IMFIA: Luis Teixeira Planned start date: January 2015 Doctoral Program: Civil Engineering, IST