Newsletter 8 - 5th June - 2014

No. 8
Term 2
5th June 2014
Well we are half-way through the term and the
students are working well across the whole school.
Winter has arrived and we would like to point out a
number of health safeguards for all of us. Please
encourage children to rug up, eat healthy foods,
use tissues if sneezing, cover the mouth when
coughing and look after themselves to keep colds
and flu away.
Professional Learning
Our school Vision is for a ‘cohesive community of
lifelong learners.’ All staff are continuously
improving their knowledge and skills to better meet
the learning and care needs of your children. This
year staff have been doing learning in, for example;
working with students with disabilities, Autism,
Australian curriculum – geography and especially
maths, learning technologies (ICT) and Basic
Emergency Life Support BELS. These sessions
and courses have been on-line and face to face
practicals. Staff have learned from each other and
through a number of presenters that have included
DECD staff and International conference
Governing Council
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Governing
Council is on Tuesday June 17 (Week 8) from 6pm
in the Performing Arts Studio.
All parents are welcome to attend the AGM, hear
about school successes, progress and challenges
for the future. You may also like to nominate to be
on the Council.
Elections will be held for new council members (half
of the existing councillor positions are open for
election at this meeting). Council is an important
decision making body made up of parents and staff.
It contributes to school planning, monitoring and
review. Meetings are every 4 weeks.
Years B – 7
Ridley Grove
Woodville Gardens
South Australia 5012
Phone : 8414 8600
Website :
Email : [email protected]
Student Reports Week 10
This is an early notice about student reports that
will be sent home in Week 10 this term. Student
achievement will be reported on against the
Australian Curriculum achievement standards in
Maths, Science, English and History. The other
learning areas are reported on against the
outcomes in the South Australian Curriculum. Over
the next few years all schools will gradually report
against all the learning areas in the Australian
The mid-year reports contain achievement, social
skills aspects, effort and general comments by
Please take time to read the report with your child
and discuss their learning successes and areas for
improvement. If you have any questions please see
your child’s teacher.
Reconciliation week
Last week we celebrated Reconciliation Week.
Students learnt about Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander (ATSI) cultures and celebrated the
harmony between ATSI and non-ATSI
communities. A number of classes, our Aboriginal
Education Team and Aboriginal students went on
an excursion to Tauondi and a cultural speaker
worked with other students at school during the
Public Holiday on Monday
Please remember that this
coming Monday is a Public
Holiday. There will be no
school, preschool or child care.
All programs resume on
Tuesday 10 June.
Cheers, Leadership
9 August 2012
6th June 2013
9 August 2012
Students studying Vietnamese this year,
throughout the year levels, have incorporated
singing, role plays, arts and craft and food.
Last term’s theme of story books has been
included in Teal Learning Area Vietnamese
lessons through its own children story books.
The students from the Orange Learning Area
looked at the theme of family and the students
created their own family finger puppets and sang
songs about family.
The students from the Red Learning Area looked
at regions of Vietnam and made horses for the
year of the horse and also had the opportunity to
try out Xoi (sticky rice) - a daily stable food of
people in Sapa.
Mr Duc Le & Mr Diep Le
Vietnamese Culture Club
Week 6 launched the beginning of the Vietnamese Culture
Club where students in the Blue Learning Area were
invited to watch and participate in a cooking
demonstration on Vietnamese food and the cultural
significance behind the dish cooked.
Duc Le & Diep Le
During PE the Junior Primary classes have been playing a variety of games to improve movement skills
and catching. The Primary students have been playing different invasion games and have been
developing personal fitness. The Primary classes have focused on developing catching skills, played
netball and have participated in fitness testing.
With the Woodville Gardens Sports day approaching, students will soon begin practising skills and
events in preparation for this.
After coming along to try outs at lunch time, some students have also been chosen to be involved in
knock out Soccer and/or netball. Although our teams didn’t win they had fun, did their best and enjoyed
the opportunity.
The Woodville Gardens basketball teams continue to show great improvement and have won more
games than they have lost. Well done to all involved!
This term we had a large number of students try out for the SAPSASA soccer team. Congratulations to
Mohamed B, Benson N and Bianca L who were selected to represent the Pt Adelaide district in the
SAPSASSA soccer competition. Jacob C was selected for the SAPSASA Football.
Jayne Battersby & Shane Chatto
9 August 2012
6th June 2013
9 August 2012
The Green Learning Area students have been exploring drawing using watercolour pencils, chalk pastels and
colour pencils. They have been completing an assignment called, “three pears.”
Margie Sekulic
Students from the Blue Learning Area have been experimenting with tie dye. They read instructions on how
to make several designs, tied and then dyed their fabric. Before unwrapping they had to predict and then we
took a photograph to show how it actually looked.
Meanwhile Orange 6 have been making papier Mâché islands and students from the Red Learning Area
have been working with textiles, including learning some basic stitches.
Ali Peacock
9 August 2012
6th June 2013
9 August 2012
Geography Inquiry - Resource Centre
In 609 and 709 we are investigating places and our personal connection to them. Below is The Australian
Curriculum Geography concept wheel. The text boxes around the wheel show where our inquiry fits into the
Year2 Geography curriculum.
Moonta Bay
I connect to this place
because I caught 3
squid in 1 minute!
Sydney Opera House
I connect to this place because I went
there on family holiday.
The concept of place is about the
significance of places and what
they are like.
What are the different
features of places?
I connect to this place because I go to
this place every Sunday with my
Describe the direction and
location of places.
How are people connected to their
place and others?
What factors affect my
connection to places?
How places can be defined at a
variety of scales. Local - Global
Place as part of the
Earth’s surface.
I connect to this place because
I go there with my family and
not all people can.
We are using many resources to help us in
our inquiry including books, images,
Google maps,YouTube clips, maps,
atlases and globes.
Charlies Diner
I connect to this place
because I go there when it
is my birthday.
Tamsin Dickeson
9 August 2012
6th June 2013
9 August 2012
Early Years - English as an Additional Language (EALD)
As the EALD teacher I have been supporting students from R-2 in developing their literacy skills in oral
language and reading. We have been practising our letter sounds and our sight words to help us with our
reading. In reading, we have been focussing on print concepts such a using 1-1 finger correspondence when
pointing to words, reading in a left to right direction, pointing to the author and illustrator and understanding
that the illustrations relate to the text. We are also learning and using reading strategies to help us to improve
our reading skills. We have also been practising how to respond to questions in full sentences in order to
further our oral language skills.
I also work alongside the classroom teacher to support EALD students with their learning and I have been
exploring the theme of “Living Things” during Discovery Time learning with the receptions in the teal building.
Mary Kalogerinis
Children from 1103 at the
zoo as part of the “Living
Things” topic in Discovery
Primary Years - English as an Additional Language (EALD)
This term has been a very busy time for the EALD students in years 3 to 7.
We have been working on narrative and persuasive writing tasks in the lead up to the Naplan testing.
Time has swiftly moved as we have unpacked a variety of literacy tasks. We have been involved in Procedure
writing for example the instructions needed on how to make a kite and how to put a recipe together. Currently
we have been working on limerick raps with yr 6 & 7s that children will perform in small groups with colourful
posters displaying their work.
The drama of the `Silly Little Hare’ with yr 3 & 4s using script is well underway as we are exploring the moral to
this story, emotions and actions.
Poetry is being explored through poetic narratives such as ‘Isabella’s Garden’ and ‘My Grandma comes from
Gooligulch’ and ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’, by yr 3s who are attempting to write their own poems.
Other groups of students are working on English comprehension tasks with booklets that I have collated. In
some classes students are exploring the skills of information report writing, identifying key ideas and the overall
structure of information reports.
Fortula Nikitopoulos
9 August 2012
6th June 2013
9 August 2012
On Wednesday 21st May Woodville Gardens School Concert Band treated families and visitors to an after-school
performance in the plaza as part of the Taste of High School event run by Woodville High staff and students. The band had
several special guest players from the high school, who had spent the afternoon mentoring our young musicians.
We have a large collection of eager young guitar players taking their first steps to rock stardom every Thursday
morning in the Performing Arts. They are making great progress learning a difficult instrument.
The School Choir is in full voice learning their repertoire for the Festival of Music taking place next term. Look out for
their debut performance at the end of term assembly.
Brian Monger
Nationally Consistent Collation of Data
Dear Parent/Caregiver,
Our school is taking part in the nationally consistent collection of data on school students with disability project (‘the Project’).
What is the Project?
The Project is aimed at providing all Australian schools, education authorities and the community with a clear picture of the number
of students with disability in schools and the adjustments they require to enable them to participate in education on the same basis
as other students. You can choose if you want your child’s information to be included in the data collection or not. No names or
identifying information are collected as part of the collection process.
What will the 2014 data collection involve?
The following information will be collected at the school level:
the number of students receiving adjustments to enable them to participate in education on the same basis as other students;
the level of adjustment provided
where known, the student’s type of disability.
What will the data be used for?
The data will be used by our school to inform and improve practice for students with disability and by the Department for Education
and Child Development to inform state-wide reform initiatives.
The aggregated data may also be used to inform national policy development.
Involvement in the Project is optional. If you do not want our school to provide data about your child to the Australian Government
Department of Education, you can ‘opt-out’ by contacting your child’s teacher.
If you do not advise you wish to opt-out, de-identified information about your child will be included in the 2014 data collection.
Further information can be obtained from your child’s teacher or the front office.
9 August 2012
6th June 2013
9 August 2012
Here are some activities that we did over Reconciliation Week
Kayleen Wilson & Sandy Allen-Wingfield