Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce Election 2014

Rio Rancho Regional
Chamber of Commerce
Election 2014 Candidate Questionnaire
The Rio Rancho Regional Chamber (RRRCC) recognizes that Election 2014 is important to the
three major communities we serve, including the City of Rio Rancho, Town of Bernalillo and
Village of Corrales. It is important to note that the RRRCC does not endorse candidates.
However, to assist our membership in making an informed and educated choice, we are posting
all responses to the questionnaires returned on our website ( along with voting
information for each community. We will convert your document into a PDF file for posting
NAME: Jeffrey A. Goen
CITY: Rio Rancho ST: New Mexico ZIPCODE: 87124 CELL: 974-7135
EMAIL: [email protected] WEBSITE:
POSITION OF CANDIDATE: Municipal Court Judge
Along with this completed questionnaire, please submit a one-page biographical summary.
City of Rio Rancho
Municipal Judge Candidates
As applicable, please complete the following in 75 words or less. Where applicable, please
circle yes or no.
1. If elected, how will work with the other elected officials & staff to address problems
facing your Rio Rancho as it relates to the Municipal Judge position?
I will work with the City Council and Mayors office to assure transparency regarding the
reporting requirements and financial reporting to the City. The city controls the budget
for the court system. We will build a good working relationship. I will work with law
enforcement to provide great communication. CYFD, Probation and Parole, and
Detention facilities and the Public.
2. Have you served on any official City of Rio Rancho Boards or Commissions?
3. Why are you running and what time commitment can you make to the position?
I am running for the Peoples Court because I believe I have the experience and
background to perform exceptionally. Rio Rancho is a great City and her growth
deserves to have dedicated Public Servants. I will serve for the Safety and betterment of
the citizens of Rio Rancho. We all want to live in a community where it is safe to work,
play and raise our families. I will work Fulltime, and then some more. I will make myself
available to assist in any way possible for the betterment of everyone.
4. Do you have a law degree?
5. What agencies will you utilize for juvenile offenders?
CYFD,YDI, The District Attorney’s Juvenile section, Possibly PB and J, The Rio Rancho
Police Department, Sandoval County Sheriffs Office, and any other agency that can
assist with programs to intervene in bettering the lives of Juveniles. Community service
should be a big part in creating better choices of youthful offenders. Possibly creating
The Rio Rancho Action Team, along the lines of the Albuquerque, Downtown Action
6. What is your background that you believe qualifies you for the position you are a
declared candidate?
As a Commissioned Deputy Sheriff, I worked in many different sections of law
enforcement. I have also worked in Business for over 25 years, and worked with people
from many different backgrounds. Judges are to be independent from the other
branches of Government. I will be fair, honest and always require that everyone receives
the dignity that we all deserve as Americans. I will not be influenced or give special
treatment to either side of an argument. Reasonable doubt in the mind of a reasonable