From Our Executive Director – Bev Call

May 2014
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Administration Staff:
Executive Director – Bev Call
OOS Director – Ella Nichols
Accountant – Christine Houghton
ECS Director – Adele Burke
Executive Assistant – Debra Milne
Board of Directors:
President – Trevor Addison
Treasurer – Sheri Sutherland
Secretary – Su Kerslake
Director at Large – Rose Yu
Director at Large - Sarah Inglis
Fundraising – Micaela Brown
Policy – Isabelle Hainault
Director at Large – Erica Samis
Director at large – Danielle Nikiforuk
Pre Kinder Room
From Our Executive Director – Bev Call
We are pleased to welcome three new members Rose
Yu, Sarah Inglis, and Danielle Nikiforuk to the board as of
the AGM March 13, 2014, as well we want to say thank
you to Treena Khare, and Twana Rose for their
commitment to the board and their support to the day
to day operations of the Society.
Plans are underway for the summer programs and
pending renovations, we recognize that there has been a
lot of information flowing from this office over the past
few weeks and we will strive to keep you up to date and
at the same time avoid overwhelming you with too much
information. If you have questions please contact one of
us here in the office:
Adele – Director of Early Childhood Services - Questions
regarding Daycare and Preschool
Beverly – Executive Director- General questions around
overall operations of the centre and pending renovations
Christine – Accountant – Accounts, payments, and fees
Debra – All registrations and waiting lists
Ella – Questions regarding Out of School Care
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BOYS: (On an upside down table and chairs) “We made
a Power Ranger Space Rider”
GIRLS: (Wearing Paper Dresses) “I am Elsa, she is Anna”
Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Transformer.., these are
some of the “Superhero Play” the Pre Kinder has been
about for the past weeks now. “Let it go” is the song
that has been playing in our ears from the movie
St. Albert Day Care Society
Rainbow Room
Puddles are our favorite thing to splash in. Our hands
are used to splash at the water table and our feet
splashed paint. Yes we did some foot painting which
resulted in splashing of a different sort. .
3 year preschool
We plan to learn all about caterpillars this month as we
welcome our new pets to preschool! The class will be
focusing on Eric Carle's "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"
story for the month and incorporating it into all our
learning through play!
4 year preschool
May has brought many insects to explore and so
preschool will be learning all about "Brilliant Butterflies"
to see how they grow! We will prepare our butterfly
pavilion to host some exciting new pets to the class and
even have a few field trips for further exploration.
Please see our calendar for full details!
We are very excited that spring has arrived and the
warmer days. Please remember to start sending a sun
hat for your child. The hat will help protect your child’s
face from the sun.
Blue Room
What a fun and messy month.
We finally have a chance to enjoy the weather outside.
We go for walks and play in the puddles and mud.
On May the 13th we will get our Butterfly kit. We will
watch the larva turn to butterflies. We will be going to
the St. Albert children’s Festival at the end of May.
Important April Dates
May 7 – Public Schools, Early dismissal
No school for ECS
May 16 – Catholic schools PD day
May 19 – Society is closed for Victoria Day
May 27 to 31 – International Children’s
Sunshine Room
On our spring walks and puddle walks we observed
signs of spring and had fun splashing in the water and
walking over the mountain. We look forward to the
children’s festival, and all the fun that May will bring.
The main Day Care has a suggestions box
set up in the front foyer. We would love to
hear from you and welcome your comments.
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St. Albert Day Care Society
Some news from our
Out of School Care Programs
Living in the Light
In April to the museum to see what was there, pizza
and movie day, making spaghetti, introduction to
music, and rock climbing to mention only some of
the things we enjoyed. The children did a science
experiment of how many marbles it would take to
sink the boat. It has been nice to have Beverly Call
working with us. She has been a great asset to our
program. This month we will look forward to looking
at things that happen in spring and growing flowers
and vegetables along with the petting zoo much,
much more.
week and then mailed our art to Middlesex UK. Seeds of
peace will be sent out all over the world.
During the month of May we will be celebrating Cinco
de Mayo with quesadillas for snack. Please join us for
our Mother's Day Tea on May 8th.
We are very sad to have Miss Zippy leave us. We will
treasure our fond memories of our time together.
In May we are eager to learn about and celebrate
Mexico, celebrate our mothers, and get some tips on
safety during spring and summer. We are sure looking
forward to fun outdoors too after the long winter.
Contact Information
Main Office: 780 459-5380,
6 Cunningham Road,
St. Albert, Alberta, T8N 2E9
 Reception Ext. 0
 Blue room Ext. 1
 Rainbow room Ext. 2
 Sunshine room Ext. 3
 Pre-K room Ext. 5
 ECS Director Ext. 6
 OS Director Ext. 7
 Executive Director Ext. 8
 Accounting Ext. 9
Ronald Harvey
May will hopefully give us much better weather as we
hope to be outside a lot using the skipping ropes and
skip-its, also playing soccer.
We are trying to decide whether we should get a
TARANTULA OR A SCORPION to observe in our program,
check at the program to see what we decide and when
it will be here. Monday May 12, 4:30- 5:30 we will be
hosting a MOTHER'S DAY TEA. We hope all our MOM'S
will be able to join us for a little refreshment and a
game with your child. Thank you as always for your
continued support.
Out of School Care Programs
Fountain Park OOS: 6 Cunningham Road, 780 459-7718
Keenooshayo: 40 Woodlands Drive, 780 458-0098
Living in the Light: 51 Woodlands Road, 587 938-3501
Muriel Martin: 110 Deer Ridge Drive, 780 459-1958
Neil M Ross: 60 Woodlands Drive, 780 459-6643
Ronald Harvey: 15 Langley Ave., 780 459-6642
Wild Rose: 58 Grenfell Ave., 780 458-2666
Wild Rose
This month the children created a Global Art Poster.
Our program has been matched with a group from
Middlesex U.K. We displayed our art in our school for a
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St. Albert Day Care Society