Cobb Tales May 30, 2014

May 30, 2014
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Miss Sheryl’s & Miss
Pemba’s Class Picnic
Mrs. Ebersol’s
Gratitude Lunch
Mrs. Gallagher’s
Salad Party
Mrs. Huot’s
International Lunch
All parents are invited to these class picnics. Class ambassadors and teachers will provide details, including potluck assignments.
Dear Parents,
A Window into our World
I am writing to inform you that next year our beloved Miss Lhamo Pemba
will be pursuing the year-long, intensive study requirement of her AMI
Trainer of Teachers program. We are very proud of Miss Pemba, and we
know she will do amazing work beside Molly O’Shaugnessy at the
Montessori Center of Minnesota and beyond as she eventually takes her
Montessori gifts home to India, Bhutan, and Tibet.
Children are capable of so much.
At The Cobb School we believe
in children, and we believe in
It is rare for a school to benefit from a Montessori trainer-in-training. As
our returning parents know, we were equally fortunate to have Gerry
Leonard, also a trainer-in-training, teaching at our school, and we proudly
wished him well as he headed to Mexico City for this school year. (By the
way, he is having a remarkable experience!)
freedom with limits. This
combination of trust and
guidance is a magic formula.
We will miss Lhamo dearly, but we are grateful for all she’s given us and
know we’ve been blessed to have had Lhamo in our community as both a
Primary and YCC teacher.
Click HERE to enjoy this week’s
video when we illustrate how
In her stead will step Ms. Judy Maloney, an experienced YCC teacher from
Litchfield Montessori. Judy is currently the Co-Head Directress for the
Young People’s Community at Litchfield. Before pursuing her training at
the North American Montessori Center and joining our friends at Litchfield
Montessori, she taught at child care centers in Newtown and Morris. She
has been working with young children since 1995, and we are delighted to
have her join our community.
young children can do so much.
Thank you for your love and support of Lhamo Pemba and thank you in
advance for helping Judy Maloney make The Cobb School her new home.
Mary Lou
The Cobb School, Montessori
112 Sand Hill Road
Simsbury, CT •
May 30, 2014
Cobb School Acorn Charms...
The Cobb School thanks...
Cobb School Charms are
available for purchase at Sarah
Byrnes Goldsmith at 924
Hopmeadow Street in
Simsbury. This is a wonderful
keepsake gift and perfect for
Recognition. There are many
options: sterling silver, gold,
and an array of finishes and
uses. Call (860) 658-4438 to
learn more.
...the Outreach Committee and all the volunteers who made
blankets for the Connecticut Children's Hospital NICU.
Recognition Ceremony Information...
This year’s Recognition Ceremony will be held on
Thursday, June 12 at 10am (note change from Friday
as the typically designated day). The entire Cobb
School community is invited to celebrate our
students who have completed a cycle. Every
graduating Extended Day and every single
Elementary student, graduating or not, participates
in the Recognition Ceremony.
All participating students are expected to wear
Recognition Ceremony dress: white dresses and
white dress shoes OR khaki pants, white shirts, blue
blazers, ties, and dress shoes.
If you have dress code clothes to donate or if you are
in search of items, please see Miss Margaret or
Maureen Scudder.
112 Sand Hill Road
Click HERE for brochure and HERE for registration.
Spaces limited so please register soon!
Believe, Guide, Step Aside, Let Fly!
Next Week at The Cobb School
M. 6.2
Woodworking make-up 3:15-4:45
T. 6.3 YCC Picnic 11am
W 6.4 Miss Carol’s Gratitude Lunch 11am
TH. 6.5
Mrs. Gallagher’s Salad Party 11am
F. 6.6
If your child has completed a cycle and is being
recognized, you will receive an email with such
news. We look forward to celebrating with you!
The Cobb School, Montessori
Summertime at Cobb 2014
TH. 6.12
Simsbury, CT •
8:30-10 & 3:15-5
Mrs. Huot’s International Lunch 11am
Recognition Ceremony