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23, February 2014
2013 Annual Report of
Jamyang Choling Institute
General Information:
In 2013 we had 132 students, including 125 nuns and 7 lay students. Our
studies went smoothly throughout the year. We had five Philosophy
teachers, and three Grammar teachers, as one of the Grammar
teachers is still seriously ill and has required full- time care in bed. He is
partially paralyzed, is unable to teach and is attending physical therapy.
Therefore we have one new Grammar teacher to replace of him.
Two senior classes who have completed the over- 17- year study
program of Jamyang Choling Institute are committed to work in
administration. Among these nuns, seven are Geshe ma candidates
who passed their first exam in 2013 and who continue to prepare for
their second exam which will held at Dolmaling Institute May 15th to
June 1st 2014.
The third class finished their last year of studying vinaya and the fourth
class finished their sixth year of studying "The Perfection of Wisdom."
The fifth class completed the fourth year of "The Perfection of Wisdom
studies. The sixth class (or newly admitted group) Preliminary Buddhist
Philosophy and Debate (Collective completed the second year of
Topics/Duetra' and ' Awareness and Knowledge/ Lorig)
Ven. Tenzin Norzin teaches Hindi. We were also able to attract few
volunteer English teachers whom have come from America and
Australia to teach English with volunteers Ven.DolmaTsering and Ms.
Tenzin Khadro. Ven Lobsang Dolkar, Ven. Thubten Lhamo and Ven.
Tenzin Tinley are volunteering to tailor our nuns dress robes in their
spare time.
In June 10th 2012 we elected our new Board of Directors (Third Team)
Geshe Tsultrim Gyatso was reelected as Director Ven. Tenzin Chodon
as Secretary, Ven.Tenzin Norzin as Joint Secretary, Ven. Tenzin
Chozom as Main Senior accountant, Ven.Tsering Lhamo as Assistant
accountant, Ven. Lobsang Palmo as Main Senior Cashier,Ven.
Lobsang Lhamo as Assistant Cashie,r and Ven. Tenzin Donsal and
Ven.Tsering Tsomo are members. The nine-member Board comprises
of a director (our principal philosophy teacher) and eight nuns take full
responsibility for the management of Jamyang Choling Institute.
The Board held a meeting every three months to discuss the
administration, education, and health,as well as to problem solve,make
decision and plan for the Institute's future. Jamyang Choling Institute is
unique and among the first Tibetan Buddhist women’s' educational
projects to be fully managed and administered by its own community of
nuns. And most of our students now have language skills, to
communicate directly with officials both local people and the
international community.
Jang Gumchoe/nuns annual debate:
From Jamyang Choling Institute 29 nuns 2 girls, and two Geshe
Philosophy teachers attended Jang Gun-Choe nun's annual debate at
Dolmaling Institute from Octuber 3rd to November 3rd 2013.
Ven. Tenzin Lhadron and Ven. Lobsang Chodon attended the EmoryTibetan Science Initiative and completed year 5 at Sarah College. Ven.
Tenzin Lhadron, Ven. Rinchen Pal, and Ven. Tenzin Norzin attended
the Mind and Life Conference in Depung Loseling Monastery, South
India, from January 17th to 23rd 2013. Ven. Tenzin Chozom attended a
conference on the development of education in the four major Tibetan
Buddhist Schools and Bon Tradition from 14 to 17 May 2013 at Gyuto
Monastery which was Organized by the Department of Religion &
Culture,CTA. Tenzin Mentok, Ven .Tenzin Dolkar and Ven. Choying
Lhamo attended a nun's leadership workshop in Dharadun from April
16th to 23rd 2013 which was organized by Tibetan women's
Association Dharamsala. Ven. Tenzin Choezin attanded a health care
course from September 18th 2013 to the end of October which was
organized by Delek Hospital. In the month of December our students
and teachers went to sara Monastery to attend His Holiness the Dalai
Lama's Lim Rim teaching. After which, they all returned to the Institute
and gave the annual exam papers.
How we have used your financial contribution"
The financial contributions we have received have been very beneficial
to us. Due to our extensive expenses and the rising cost of living in
India it was a difficult year for Jamyang Choling financially. We did our
best to provide educational facilities, food, accommodation, and
healthcare to cover the basic needs of all of our 125 nuns, seven lay
students and our teachers.
We have done our best in a difficult financial year for Jamyang Choling.
We were only able to carry on due to your support and we offer our
sincere thanks and appreciation for your kindness. We truly appreciate
your great generosity and kind support which has made for great
positive change in terms of our education, well- being and the smooth
functioning of the Institute.
In 2009 we put in a request to the Tibetan Nun's Project that they help
us with teacher's salaries and Health Care. They agreed to give us two
teachers' salaries for one year and they have extended their support.
This support has been a great help to us. Because of the tremendous
medical expenses we have had we have started a Health Care Fund for
the nunnery to help the nuns and teachers with emergency medical and
dental treatment as well as ongoing care.
Future Plans: We will offer an online puja (prayer service)
sponsorship started in 2014. This allows our friends and supporters to
request special prayers and pujas to be done at the nunnery online with
a secure credit card transaction via PayPal. We hope this will be a
helpful service to our friends in the West. Constructions projects that we
hope to accomplish are: a 10 room Retreat Building and a security
fence-wall renovation. The fence is quite old and in poor repair. We
have had security problems with thieves coming to the nunnery and
breaking in to rooms and we are concerned for the nuns' safety.
Therefore we would like to repair the old security fence and also make
it higher and more secure.
It is our sincere and genuine hope that you will be able to continue to
provide us with financial assistance and we would appreciate your
assistance in telling your interested friends about our mission and our
needs. Your contributions make it possible for more sincere nuns and
lay people to benefit from authentic Dharma study and practice.
We thank all our friends and supporters for your generous and caring
support for our educational program, which we value so much. We are
also grateful to those who have donated their time and energy to our
nunnery, and to those who have encouraged and appreciated our work.
Your support is indispensable for our ongoing success, and we give
thanks and prayers for the well being of all our supporters and friends
each day.We wholeheartedly thank you for your continuing support of
Jamyang Choling Institute.
Tashi Delek to all,
Tenzin Chodon
Jamyang Choling Institute (Head- Office)
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