Community Forum 11 March 2014

P O Box 308
Minutes of the Forum Meeting held at the The Ginger Factory
Tuesday, 11 March 2014 at 6 pm
David Tidey (YCOC), Pat Cordwell(YCOC/Historical Society), Liz Gaskin
(YCOC), Norma and Gordon Simpson (YCOC), Laurel Sommerfeld
(YADCA), Gayle and Wayne Torrens (YSS 125 Committee), Wendy
Mason (YSS 125 Committee), Carolyn Exelby (YCOC), Peter Wellington
(MLA), Bette and Norman Carr, Nev Kane (YCOC), Terry Johnson
(YADCA), Marie Reeve (YADCA), John and Veronica Carley (YADCA),
Phillip Richards (School of Arts), Stephen Cane (YADCA), Merill
Ormston (SC Riding for the Disabled), Deborah Howes (Rural Fire
Brigade), Stephen Robinson (Councilor), Greg Rogerson (Councilor),
Peter Baulch (YADCA),Dennis and Heather Sutton (YCOC), Heather
Abercrombie (Police), Jill Pawson (YCOC) and Sheila Butcher (Scribe)
Meeting’s Opening: at 6pm by President David opened the meeting and everyone.
Narelle Lemon, Rob Jennings, Snr Sgt Gary Brayley, Corinne Mickklesen,
Esma Armstrong and Audienne Blyth.
Having been circulated were taken as read and confirmed on the motion of
David Tidey, seconded Liz Gaskin, with the removal of the words “A
memorial is to be erected in the park” under the Christian Low Park report.
President David also congratulated Pat Cordwell on being awarded an OAM
on Australia day, 26 January. He thanked her for all the work she had done
over the years.
Hospitals: Peter Wellington said that he was greatly concerned with the
plight of doctors in the Health Department in Queensland. Many doctors are
leaving the public system to go into the private sector because of poor
consultation procedures between the doctors and the Department.
Specialists must sign contracts which give them no consultative power
regarding their placement or conditions. He has raised questions in
Parliament and questioned the Minister on this.
vlad Laws: Although Mr Wellington voted for this law, after disseminating it
further, he now realizes that it has taken away many “rights” of the individual
and some are not being deemed “innocent until proven guilty”.
Mr Simpson suggested that the law targets only known criminals and
suggested that such laws may be necessary to remove such people from the
One-lane Bridge over Caboolture Creek: Peter Baulch asked what progress
had been made on upgrading this road to dual highway. He was advised
that there was no money left in the budget. Signs had been upgraded.
Railway Parking: Mr Wellington said he had suggested to Council that use
be made of the site at Price St behind railway, southern end of existing car
park for extra parking but had been advised that there was an asbestos
problem with the site. He had requested a copy of the report but it had not
been forthcoming.
Laurel expressed concern about hospital parking and Mr Wellington advised
that a private organization had been given the job of solving this problem.
New Car Park at Recreational Park & Reserve: Greg Rogerson advised that
this has now been completed. When he recently visited the BMX Park, he
was appalled at the condition of the toilets there. It disappointed him that the
BMX group could have applied for funds at a recent Park Trust Funding
Roundabout Farrell/Lowe Streets: The Erin Lynch land has been purchased.
The project will cost $1m; end of year budget is June 2014.
Solar Farm: Steve Robinson advised that the expressions of interest have
been short-listed to four applicants. The project will now go out for tender to
these four.
De-Amalgamation: Steve reported that this process had been finished.
Some 130 positions had been cut from the Sunshine Coast Council in order
to streamline local government processes.
Town Plan: Steve also reported that the Town Plan had gone to State
Government with the quarry and affected roads removed from the plan. It is
anticipated that there will be only minor changes come back from the State.
By April/May, the plan should be up and running. All people who made
submissions will be notified.
Fleming Street Footpath: Private land had been bought to upgrade this path
and the work is now complete.
Mr Simpson advised that grass was at a dangerous level for road safety
visibility at Ben Williams Road and had been advised by Council that this
was Main Roads responsibility. Peter Wellington advised that this work was
undertaken now by private contractors.
Caboolture Creek: Four additional signs to be put up.
Footpaths Old Coach Road: Part of the scheme but no money available.
Bridge near new IGA: Pedestrians walking over the bridge are increasingly
putting their lives at risk.
Snr Constable Heather Abercrombie said that Yandina area was doing well
in the crime statistics. Graffiti was a major issue at the moment – a juvenile
had been caught relating to this. She urged members to report any
From the floor, it was noted that graffiti on the new toilet block had been
reported to Council and removed soon after.
There are many transients in the area en route to Gympie and beyond.
There have been 2 burglaries – both in industrial areas, 1 assault in the CBA
between known associates. Drugs continue to be a problem. Members
were urged to keep their eyes open and report cars, number plates, etc.
There has also been an incident of road rage. The dirt road behind the
Bowls Club has been used for wheelies and been a targeted patrol area.
The police continue to use their target patrol task force in a number of areas
not just Bikie gangs. Information from Neighbourhood Watch is useful and
also “mypolice” blog site and police can be contact on 13 14 44. It will be
Road Safety Week from 17-23 March and Officer Abercrombie will be visiting
schools. Nambour RSL will be hosting a Drink Rite night.
Mr Simpson said he had trouble bales of sugar cane mulch being burnt
Surveillance cameras may be the answer.
Phillip Richards reported that the School of Arts now had some long term
rental income which contributed to the hall playing its way. Some graffiti and
vandalism had been experienced but extra lighting may prevent this.
Marie Reeve presented a written report (Appendix A). She reminded those
present that membership of YADCA was $5/month with meetings held on the
fourth Monday each month in the Supper Room of the School of Arts.
Marie spoke in support of Yandina becoming a “RV Friendly Town” and
stated that the only criteria Yandina did not meet was that of parking within
the township.
There are about 300,000 RVs in Australia. We must be aware that any
provision for parking does not impact on the business of the caravan park.
It was suggested that any parking facility on railway land be mindful of the
children around at school bus times as a safety issue.
In Audienne Blyth’s absence, Peter Baulch advised that the group was
involved in the riparian corridor between Lowe and Railway Bridges.
Working bees take place every third Tuesday of the month performing
weeding, planting and mulching. The third Tuesday in May, the Council will
be running their “Weed Swap” program at their working bee 9 -11am and
anyone could bring a bag of weeds to be exchanged for 2 plants.
No Report.
Pat Cordwell advised that the group had attended a heritage weekend of the
Sunshine Coast Genealogy Society which had proved very interesting with
all historic groups coming together with their displays.
Visitors at the Historic House had been slow. Volunteers always required.
Membership costs $10
PR DAVID TIDEY: David Tidey advised that the Church had set up an Incorporated Charity
Organisation in order to be able to run many of the programs planned. The
church is now involved in upgrading the mid-section of the building for a
Drop-In Centre and offices as Phase 1 of the upgrade. The Video Shop will
continue in operation until mid-year when its upgrade will commence as
Phase 2. The development of the Men’s Shed at the rear of the building will
be Phase 3.
The Church continues to be involved in fortnightly Sausage Sizzles at the
Caravan Park.
Merrill Ormston reported that the association was going well with 6 programs
running on Tuedays and Wednesdays. The group needs volunteers.
The AGM was held in January at the Yandina Hotel. Their Saddlery Shop on
Farrell Street had been broken into and several thousands of dollars-worth of
on-commission goods stolen. Plans have been made for an indoor arena at
Monak Road costing $800,000 – they are looking for a wealthy donor to help
with this. A club house at this property is also required. The Nambour Men’s
Shed has donated a Cubbie House for a raffle – to be drawn in June.
Carols in the Park: In partnership with the Historical Society had been well
supported with the weather being favourable for the event.
Town Centre Group: Has been set up but continue to be concerned by the
lack of foot traffic. Several options have been considered, such as making
that area a side arm of the Saturday Markets and hosting different events,
e.g., car events, and promote the “Buy Local” theme.
CCIQ: The president has attended meetings of the Sunshine Coast branch
where he learned that the association was involved in penalty rates
negotiations as they affect retail trades, faster internet access, more
businesses, road and traffic access, consulting with State and Local
government, and waste management.
New Directory: All but completed. Liz Gaskin is setting this up. Thanks
were expressed to Pat and her helpers for the work involved in getting this
Yandina State School 125th Anniversary Celebration: Gayle Curran updated
those present concerning plans for the celebration on 5 and 6 September.
On 5th, it will be “Meet and Greet” and on 6th, a big family-orientated
celebration day. Gayle asked that anyone having old photos, etc., which
they are prepared to have photocopied, bring them to the school on the next
photocopying day on Sunday 23 March from 9.30-1.30 (Wendy).
Street Fair: Sunday 17 August 2014 This year it is planned to broaden the
scope of the Fair by incorporating and Art Aspect (centred on Yandina
aspects a 5km radius around the area) and a food-based Gourmet section.
Volunteers needed. No profit is made from the event.
There being no further business, the meeting concluded at 8.30 pm.
Tuesday, 10 June 2014 at The Ginger Factory at 6.00 pm.
Signed: ______________________ Dated: _____________________
Yandina and District Community Association (YADCA) notes
Community Forum: March 2014
Firstly. You are all welcome to attend YADCA meetings. Our new meeting time is the 4th
Monday of each month at 7.30 pm in the supper room of the Yandina School of Arts.
The State Government has signed off on the Council's Planning document. YADCA
is very interested in the final outcome as we made a number of submissions. One in
particular that the whole community would like confirmation on is the removal of the
extractive resource site on Browns Creek Road.
The developers of the new shopping centre have committed to honouring part of
their 2007 infrastructure agreement which committed $150,000 to urban
improvements in town. There was also a requirement to provide 3 entry signs to Yandina
but they were not forth coming so the Chamber and YADCA chose to erect our own signs.
Many of the issues raised at YADCA recently concern safety. YADCA approached the
Minister for Transport and Main Roads through Peter Wellington about the previous
commitment to replace the single lane bridge over Caboolture Creek on the Yandina Bli Bli Road within 5 years, only to discover that there is still no funding available. Main
Roads has agreed to upgrade and relocate the warning signs on the approaches to the
bridge by June this year.
YADCA has been keen to have Yandina recognised by the Campervan and Motorhome Club
of Australia as a RV friendly town. This would promote Yandina on their website and in
their magazine and should increase visitation to the town. Local businesses and even the
caravan park should benefit from increased trade. Yandina meets all the criteria bar one;
"Provision of appropriate parking within the town centre with access to a general shopping
area with groceries and fresh produce". The "Town Centre Master Plan" identified the
vacant land in the railway yards as an appropriate place however to date Councillor Greg
Rogerson has had no success in communicating with QR about the lease of that land.
Marie Reeve
YADCA President