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Battle of the Books
Board of Education
COW Mtg 7 pm
Late Start
9:15 am
End of 3rd Qtr
3rd Grade Musical
Battle of the Books
Finals @ WHS
9:30 am
Board of Education
COW Mtg 7 pm
First Class Focus: Perseverance
Report Cards Go Home
* Never Giving Up
* Striving To Reach A Goal
*Continuing To Work Even When Things Get Hard
*Trying Again When You Make A Mistake
*Keeping Your Temper Even When You Are Frustrated Or Angry
Illinois 5Essentials Survey
Beginning January 12 through March 13, 2015, schools in Illinois will implement the
Illinois 5Essentials Survey. The survey provides an opportunity for students and
parents to weigh in on important elements of a school’s climate and learning
conditions. The survey was designed to assist in school improvement planning
efforts and to provide a more robust picture of a school’s performance beyond test
The survey will be administered to all students in Grades 6-12 during the school day.
Students’ identities and survey responses will be completely confidential. Survey
questions can be found on the Illinois 5Essentials website:
Parents who prefer to have their child opt-out from taking the survey must notify
their building principal in writing by January 9, 2015.
Parents are also invited to participate in the Illinois 5Essentails Survey. To complete
the survey visit: and select the appropriate
survey to begin.
A partir del 12 de enero al 13 de marzo del 2015, las escuelas de Illinois
implementarán la Encuesta de Illinois 5Essentials. La encuesta proporciona una
oportunidad para que los estudiantes y padres de familia puedan opinar sobre
elementos importantes del clima y de las condiciones de aprendizaje de la escuela.
La encuesta fue diseñada para ayudar en los esfuerzos de planificación para
mejorar la escuela y para proporcionar una imagen más robusta de rendimiento de
la escuela más allá de resultados de exámenes.
La encuesta será administrada a todos los estudiantes en los grados 6-12 durante el
día escolar. Identidad de los estudiantes y las respuestas de la encuesta serán
completamente confidenciales. Preguntas de la encuesta se puede encontrar en el
sitio Web de Illinois 5Essentials:
Los padres que prefieren que su hijo no participe en la encuesta deben notificar a
su director de la escuela por escrito no mas tarde del 09 de enero del 2015.
Los padres también están invitados a participar en la Encuesta 5Essentails Illinois.
Para completar la encuesta visite: y
seleccione la encuesta apropiada para comenzar.
2014-2015 Yearbook Order Form
Orders are now being taken for the 2014-2015 Yearbook. The cost is
$17.00 for each yearbook. Orders are due NO LATER than March 20,
(There will be a limited number of Yearbooks on sale at the end of the
year and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.)
Yearbooks are printed in full-color and all classes are pictured. Please fill
out the order form below and return with payment to the office. If
paying by check, please make it payable to Cotton Creek School.
Yearbook Order
Student Name: ______________________________
Teacher: ______________
Qty: _______________
Amount enclosed: _____________
Return to the Cotton Creek Office
March 2014
Dear Parents/ Guardians,
In celebration of Youth Art Month, the Art Teachers of Wauconda School District 118 are collecting outstanding
student work for the district art show. The show will be at the newly renovated Wauconda Area Library from April 726. The gala opening will be held on April 9th from 6:30-8:30 pm. I have sent most permission slips home with the
students that have art in the show. Please have your child return those to me. All art will be returned at the end of
April at school.
Our Artist of the Month for March is Autumn DeForest.
She is a 12 year old prodigy. Some of her work
sells for $25,000!
Projects planned for March:
1st grade Weaving & watercolor
We looked at the “close up” flowers of
Georgia O’Keefe to create simple watercolor
flowers outlined in black for the *Art to Remember
fundraiser. This group will also finish up their weavings in March.
2nd grade Watercolor
The second graders started to experiment with watercolor techniques: wet-on-wet, salt, and masking. Look for a
birch tree scene using all three techniques for the Art to Remember fundraiser.
3rd grade Color Theory
The third graders are creating a color wheel by mixing their own colors. They are experimenting with primary,
secondary, and the big one TERTIARY colors. The 3rd graders used these custom colors to create a collage of an
animal or rainbow object for the Art to Remember fundraiser.
4th grade Architecture & Pop Art
We are continuing with symmetrical design with the architecture style of Frank Lloyd Wright. The students will
continue working on their stained glass window a la Frank Lloyd Wright. We also did a Pop Art piece for the Art to
Remember fundraiser using their faces in a comic strip.
5th grade Egyptian Art
We’ll be finishing up Egyptian tomb faces and figure painting this month. We squeezed in a folk art piece with simple
lines and patterns in acrylic paint for the Art to Remember fundraiser.
*Art to Remember Fundraiser info and order forms will go home at the end of March.
Library and Computer Lab News
Challenge of the Month
For March, let’s explore the newly revised WorldBook Online Kids. The new format includes
image-driven navigation; a new layout with easy to use tabs; hundreds of additional images;
kid friendly video/map/image browsing; tablet-optimized for easy tablet use; and new games,
maps, biographies, comparisons, and science projects. Check it out! Go to our Cotton Creek
Library/Resources webpage and click Just for Fun ~ Challenge of the Month. Follow the link
to WorldBook Kids.
Login with the ID: cottoncreek and the password: read
Now explore. Do an activity/science project/play a game/or make a comparison. Print it or
draw/write about it. Tell your librarian what you did and what you learned. A small prize
awaits and your picture will be taken during the first week of April.
We are in the middle of voting for our favorite Monarch, Bluestem, and Caudill books. Our
kindergarten, first, and second grade students are placing a penny in the cup which features
their favorite Monarch book. Our third, fourth, and fifth grade students use our official
voting booth to record their favorite books. We can’t wait to learn the results!
Cotton Creek All-Star’s
The following students have been nominated and recognized by their classroom
teacher as an “All-Star” for displaying first class behavior. At CCS, we…
treat each other with dignity and respect
use appropriate language
solve problems creatively
keep our school neat and clean
1st Grade: Jack L., Samantha R., Caiden M., Devyn L., Kristina S., Alondra B., Logan T., Audrina G.,
Cody S., Paola C., Maya S.,
2nd Grade: Daniella H., Parker L., Hannah B., Johnathan F., Lazo F., Katie K., Amanda T., Cohen S.,
Olivia W.
3rd Grade: Haley H., Christian N., Erica D., Dylan S., Dakota D., Anajah M., Drake J., Emilio O.,
Aiden R.
4th Grade: Roxanne S., Violet L., Anthony S., Sahar K., Hailey M., Chase K., Andrew F., Meisha A.,
Ava T., Nicholas H., Enrique R., Addie K., Kyla B., Ryan O., Oscar Z., Cheyenne J., Dain D.,
Delaney R., Briggitte V., Gabriela G., Mitchell F., Harley S., Isabella J., Maya M., Anthony S., Ethan C.
Haiden S., Anthony O., Hannah R., Kate M.
January and February:
Amelia J., Justin J., Jack V., Isabella A., Ekaterina F., Connor H., CeCe E., Monica S., Justin F., Kaylee V., Yanira M., Connor S.,
Rachel P., Kellen P., Trey P., Cameron T., Haylie G., Jordan F., Natalie A., Owen S., Esthela A., Sarah L.
3rd Grade Music Program
Tuesday, March 17, 2015
“Look What We Can Do”
Since the musical falls on St. Patrick’s Day, I am inviting my 3rd graders to wear something with
green, even if it’s a cut out shamrock. Parents are also invited to do the same.
Students in Mrs. Landvik’s and Mirs. Lochen’s classes are asked to bring certain props or dress up
as certain characters to act out the songs or stories.
Students are asked to be seated in their classrooms no later than 6:30 pm so we can begin on time.
We looking forward to seeing family and friends.
PLEASE, when notifying your child’s teacher of any absences (sick/vacation) and/or change in your child’s
pick-up, drop-off, please make sure to also notify the office. There are many times throughout the school year,
that your child’s teacher may be absent. The substitute teacher DOES NOT have access to the teacher emails.
You can do this by copying the office on the teacher email, sending a note or making a phone call prior to 3pm.
Main Office Number: (847) 526-4700
Secretarial Staff: Mrs. Sroka: [email protected]
Mrs. White: [email protected]
Mrs. Wolfe: [email protected]
Homework Requests…..Just a friendly reminder that requests for homework will be granted following 2 or
more days of absence.
absence Homework requests should be made prior to 9:30 am when calling your child in absent from
school. Due to the high volume of homework requests that are not picked up, please only request homework that you
know you are able to pick up prior to our office closing at 4:30 pm.
NUISANCE ITEMS page 27 of the “Parent/Student Handbook”
Items that should remain at home include toys, trading cards, trading collectables, make-up items, balloons, and rubber
bands as these divert the purpose of the learning environment. Electronic devices including, but not limited to the
following: CD player, electronic Juice Boxes, MP3 Player (i.e. IPODs), cassette players, cameras, radios, pagers are
strictly forbidden at school unless the Principal or his/her designee has made special provisions.
Please be aware that students are also bringing cell phones (working or not) and other electronic devices that
are being use to take pictures. This is strictly forbidden at school or on the bus.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call Cotton Creek School.
Absences and Tardies
We would like to reinforce the importance of your student being present at school and for you to be aware of the policies regarding
student absences and tardies. For detailed information on school policies please refer to page 20 of the Parent-Student Handbook. Please
note that even if your student is a few minutes late for school they will be marked tardy. Depending on the time you pick your student up
early from school, it could result in a half or even a full day absence. Please be aware that the state does require us to monitor student’s
absences and does require us to report any students with excessive absences to the State of Illinois.
School Report Cards on Website
The 2014 Illinois At-A-Glance Report Cards for all schools in Wauconda School District 118 are now available on our district
website, Additionally, the Illinois At-A-Glance Report Cards may be found at At
this Illinois State Board of Education supported website, more information may be found by browsing each individual school or
district report card.
Any parent interested in receiving a printed copy of the Illinois At-A-Glance Report Card for a specific school should contact
that school to make arrangements for a copy to be sent home with their child or to arrange a time to pick up a copy.
Student Photographs
It is the policy of Wauconda District 118 and Cotton Creek School that no student is to be photographed for website or media
publication. Therefore, when attending any school related function (ie: field trips, musicals, track-a-thon), please DO NOT post
pictures of any other students or a class picture on ANY social media website.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Baker, Principal at Cotton Creek School.
Wauconda District 118
Parent – Teacher Advisory Committee
There will be a meeting for anyone interested in serving on the
District 118 Parent-Teacher Advisory Committee. The
committee is seeking input concerning the student/parent
handbook for each school in the district. Also, a review of the
State Board of Education guidelines on the use of behavioral
interventions for students eligible for special education will be
included at the meeting. This is a collaborative effort of parents,
teachers, and administrators. The meeting will take place on
Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 6:00 pm in the Matthews Middle
School Library. If you have any questions, please contact your
building Principal.
Voters Registration
You can register to vote at any of the following places: Village
Hall, Library, Township Offices, or any District 118 School. To
register you must:
Appear in person before the registrar
1. Be a United States citizen
2. Be 18 years of age by the date of the next election (17
years-old whose birthday is on or before the next election
may register to vote)
3. On the date of the next election, have resided in the
voting precinct for 30 days
4. Provide two(2) forms of identification
Two forms of identification, one showing your current address are
required. A photo ID is preferred but not required. Acceptable
forms of identification include a driver’s license, a State of Illinois
ID card, personalized checks, a valid passport, or a utility or
contract services bill postmarked no more than 30 days previous.
All School Food and Treat Policy
Please limit your birthday and room party treats to prepackaged store bought items. Allow one treat per child in the classroom. Students will not be
allowed to leave the classroom to deliver treats to others throughout the school. Please also be aware of any food allergies that may exist in your child’s
Safe snacks…
If your child’s classroom has a food allergy, please refer to the snack safety website, , for appropriate pre-packaged snacks. You
may also want to consider alternative items such as……pencils, coloring books, crayons, hats, “Gel” bracelets or stickers.
If you have any questions, please refer to page 13 in the Parent-Student Handbook or call the Cotton Creek Office.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Dental Exams Now a Requirement
Effective July 2006, schools are to comply with a new law (Public Act 093-0946) that requires children in
Kindergarten, Second and Sixth grade to have a dental examination. Deadline for examination is April 1st, 2014. If
you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Kim Stankiewicz, RN, @ Cotton Creek School (847) 526-4700.
Measles can be a serious in all age groups, but children younger than 5 and older than 20 are more
likely to suffer from measles complications.
Severe complications can include pneumonia and encephalitis.
Early symptoms include fever, red and sore eyes, runny nose and a cough. A characteristic rash
appears three to five days later on the face and hairline, and then spreads to neck, trunk, arms and
The Centers of Disease Control recommends all children get two doses of the MMR (measles,
mumps and rubella) vaccine, starting with the first does at 12-15 months of age and the second does
at 4-6 yeas of age. Adults who do not have evidence of immunity against measles should get at least
one dose of MMR vaccine.
Centers for Disease Control; Cook County Department of Public Health
Thanks to parents, teachers and other supporters in our community, our school is benefiting from Take Charge of
Education. Every time one of them shops with their REDcard, Target donates 1% of purchases at Target and to our school.
This February our school received a check for $335.66 from Target. This money is used for student incentives.
Again, thank you for your continued support.
555 North Main Street, Wauconda, Illinois 60084-1299, (847) 526-7690, Fax (847) 526-1019,
First Class Schools! • Wauconda Grade • Robert Crown • Cotton Creek • Wauconda Middle • Matthews Middle • Wauconda High
Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Daniel J. Coles
Associate Superintendent
Business Services
William Harkin
Assistant Superintendent
Human Resources
James LePage
Special Education
Valerie Donnan
Dear Parents:
In the event of severe winter weather occurring during the school day, it may be necessary to dismiss the
students housed at Wauconda Middle School, Matthews Middle School and Wauconda High School
earlier than usual.
The reason this action would be taken is to allow the buses an opportunity to drop off these older students
in order to return in time to take the younger elementary students at Wauconda Grade School, Robert
Crown School and Cotton Creek School home according to their regular dismissal schedule.
If this early dismissal was not done, we would run the risk of buses being unable to return the Wauconda
Grade School, Robert Crown and Cotton Creek students to their homes, or very late drop off for these
same students. In addition, we hope to avoid buses driving in a snowstorm when it is dark.
Parents of students in grades six through twelve need to be aware of the possibility that this situation
could occur due to inclement winter weather. If it does, we would enact the SchoolMessenger Service in
an attempt to notify you that your sixth through twelfth grade student was coming home early. As a
result, we ask that you make appropriate arrangements with your sixth through twelfth grade student in
order for them to gain access to shelter after being dismissed early due to weather conditions. This type
of situation does not occur often, but if it does we wanted you to be informed of our actions so that you
and your students can be prepared.
Dr. Daniel J. Coles
Superintendent of Schools
Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Daniel J. Coles
Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. David Wilm
Emergency Early Dismissal Procedures
Due to Severe Winter Weather
Thank you for your cooperation.
555 North Main Street, Wauconda, Illinois 60084-1299, (847) 526-7690, Fax (847) 526-1019,
First Class Schools! • Wauconda Grade • Robert Crown • Cotton Creek • Wauconda Middle • Matthews Middle • Wauconda High
Associate Superintendent
Business Services
William Harkin
Assistant Superintendent
Human Resources
James LePage
Special Education
Valerie Donnan
Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. David Wilm
Procedimientos de Emergencia de Despido Temprano
Debido a Severo Clima de Invierno
Estimados Padres:
En la eventualidad de un clima severo de invierno durante el día escolar, puede ser necesario despedir a
los estudiantes alojados en la escuelas Wauconda Middle School, Matthews Middle School y Wauconda
High School más temprano de lo usual.
La razón para que esta acción sea tomada es el permitir a los autobuses la oportunidad de llevar a estos
estudiantes mayores a tiempo para volver y llevar a la casa a los estudiantes elementales más jóvenes en
las escuelas Wauconda Grade School, Cotton Creek y Robert Crown según su horario de despido regular.
Si este despido temprano no se hace, estaríamos tomándonos el riesgo de que los autobuses no puedan
llevar a sus casas a los estudiantes de Wauconda Grade School, Cotton Creek y Robert Crown, o que
estos estudiantes lleguen sumamente tarde. En adición, queremos evitar que hayan autobuses corriendo
en una tormenta de nieve cuando ya ha oscurecido.
Los padres de los estudiantes de sexto grado al grado 12 tienen que estar al tanto de la posibilidad de que
esta situación pueda ocurrir debido a las condiciones del clima de invierno. Si ocurre, nosotros no
podremos notificarles personalmente que su estudiante de sexto grado al grado 12 va a llegar temprano a
la casa. Como resultado, les solicito que hagan los arreglos apropiados con su estudiante de sexto grado
al grado 12 de manera que estos tengan acceso a un lugar donde estar después que hayan sido despedidos
temprano debido a las condiciones del clima. Este tipo de situación no ocurre muy seguido, pero si
ocurre, nosotros queremos que ustedes estén informados de nuestras acciones de modo que ustedes y sus
estudiantes estén preparados.
Gracias por su cooperación.
Dr. Daniel J. Coles
Superintendente de Escuelas