MBA Alumni Reunion 2014

MBA Alumni Reunion 2014
Rotterdam, 3-4 October 2014
Full-time MBA Class of 1989
List of alumni with possibly outdated (default) email address in RSM alumni database:
Stevering, Coen
Dingemanse, Robert
Hamerlijnck, Dominique
Berkhout, Guus
Dijkman, Jos
Carnes, Steve
Spriet, Valerie
Kemna, Anne-Marie
Gunawan, Andre
Kleipool, Stijn
Claus, Berend
Spurgeon, Barclay
Johnson, Cheryl
Jerez Ramsay, Enrique
Cleyndert, Gijs
Good, Garry
Verhage, Jan Kees
Nelson, Kathryn
Ruttenberg, Leontien
Rossignol, Lucien
Watanabe, Lisa
Buchinskas, Marianne
Moores, Michael
Nashman, Mark
Johnson, Nathan
Rajagopal, Raju
Hewitt, Richard
Kuramoto, Roy
Leersum, Rob
Roelofsen, Ruud
Schrader, Roberto
Tjon Kon Joe, Sandra
Maessen, Susanne
Pappas, Spyros
Alarrayed, Tawfiq
Witter, Thomas
If you are in contact with any of your classmates on this list, we would highly appreciate if you can
forward them the message about the MBA Alumni Reunion 2014 or inform the Alumni Office on
[email protected] with updated contact details.