May 3 - The Basilica Parish of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus of Mary

Fifth Sunday of Easter
May 3, 2015
I am the Vine
You are the Branches
The Basilica Parish of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary
Southampton, NY
Welcome to the Basilica Parish of the
Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary
Daily Mass
Mon. Wed. Thurs. Fri. at 12 Noon
Tue. at 8:00 AM
First Saturday 8:00 AM
Weekend Masses
Saturday: 5 PM
Sunday: 8 AM, 9:30 AM,
11 AM, 12:30 PM (in Spanish)
and 5 PM
Saturday: 4 PM - 4:45 PM
Ministry to the Sick
For communion at home or Anointing
please contact the Parish Office.
Please contact the Parish Office
to schedule an appointment with our
Deacon. Baptisms are generally
performed on Saturdays.
Pastoral Team:
Rev. Michael A. Vetrano, Pastor
In Residence: Rev. Msgr. William J. Gill
Carl Sanfilippo, Deacon
Jennifer Ferrantino, Director, Religious Education
Suzanne Marchisella, Parish & Cemetery Secretary
Jo Ann Morse, Director of Music
Bill Kunzer, Plant and Facilities Manager
Parish Leadership:
Contact Us
Finance Committee
Fred Weinfurt (trustee)
Pat Jordan (trustee)
Jay Diesing
Charlene Kagel
John Neknez
Parish Office
168 Hill Street Southampton, NY
Pastoral Council
In formation
P: 631-283-0097, option 0
F: 631-283-3836
E: [email protected]
M-F 9 AM - 4:00 PM
Weekend by appointment
Jack Hanlon
Fr. Mike Vetrano
E: [email protected]
Sr. Barbara McKenna, RSM
Religious Education Office
Adult Faith Formation
Mary Adamczyk
Arranged at least six months in
advance, please call the Parish Office.
Becoming A Catholic
We welcome those who would like to
become Catholic and adult Catholics
who have never received formal
religious education and/or sacraments.
Human Resources of the Hamptons — Help for those in Need
The Human Resources Program volunteers reach out to meet the temporal needs of the
elderly, the housebound, and the poor of our parish and community. Our parish Care for
the Caregiver Program delivers hot meals to families in need of this kind of help on
Wednesday evenings. Call the Human Resources Office for information and assistance.
P: 631-283-0508
E: [email protected]
Our Lady of Hamptons School
Sister Kathy Schlueter, CSJ
160 North Main Street
Southampton, New York 11968
P: 631-283-9140
E: [email protected]
Human Resources of the
Kerry Lewendoski, Director
P: 631-283-6415
Apostolado Hispano
Rev. Steve Grozio
631-283-4379 Cell: 631-375-1001
Vincentian Fathers
Fifth Sunday of Easter :: May 3, 2015
Readings: Acts 9:26-31; 1 John 3:18-24; John 15:1-8
Mission Statement: We are a Eucharistic centered people, who by following Christ’s teaching,
join together to love and serve those in spiritual and physical need in our community.
Liturgical Ministers Schedule
Saturday, May 9
5 PM Father Bill Gill
SERVERS M. Donovan, R. McDonnell
A. Fiore, T. Cavallaro, T. Grimaldi
LECTORS J. Clarke, G. Reisig
Sunday, May 10
8 AM Father Ed Kiernan
P. Mackey, L. McClain, J. Taranto,
M. King, M. Muller
LECTORS K. King-Bush, S. Wilson
9:30 AM Father Michael Vetrano
J. Kearns, J. Hanes, Malone Bros.
G. Arresta, Sr. M. Assunta,
J. Ferrantino, N. McCulley,
Sr. B. McKenna
LECTORS M. O’Connor, O. Valle
GREETERS J. McCulley, M. Robinson,
C. Szafranski
11 AM Father Mike Vetrano
Lenahan Family
T. Alegria, P. Jordan, S. McCulley,
M. McDonald, L. Robins
LECTORS G. Bauer, J. Kepczynska
GREETERS C. Brown, C. Butler, R. Essay
5 PM Father Bill Gill
Anyone available
L. DeRobertis, K. Maple
N. Conroy
HAND LINENS - May 3-16—L. DeRobertis
May 3—C & J Mottern
May 10—M. Lynch
May 3—S. Raynor
May 10—J. McCarthy
Rosary - May 7—B. Medler
Mass Intentions for the Week of May 4-10
8 AM
5 PM
5 PM
Mary Beatty
Kate Duggan
Catherine Kelly
Louise McGuinn
Kathryn Duggan
Andrew Reister
Mary Sartori
People of the Parish
Ruth Lynch (L), Mary
Denise Beatty, Kathryn
Duggan, John Borucke,
Mildred Finnegan
Mass in Spanish
Malinowski sisters
Financial Realities and Stewardship
The April 26th Collection was $7,922.00.
Thank you for your generosity!
Memorial donations
To donate the flowers on the altar or bread and wine and/
or candles offered at Mass each week, please contact the
parish office.
Pastor’s Letter
May 2/3
An Astronaut
and the Vine and Branches
Dear Parish Family,
The gospel this week recounts these words of Jesus: “I am the vine and you are the branches.” It is a
matter of history that these were the first words of scripture ever read on the moon. In 1969, almost 46
years ago, astronaut Buzz Aldrin had considered for weeks how he might mark that special moment of
moon landing. It seemed to him that the moon landing must be more than about computers and
rockets, orbital mechanics and ingenuity. This human achievement was part of a greater mystery. And
so, to the moon he brought a host, a chalice, and a small vial of wine. In a quiet moment while
awaiting his turn to step onto the moon, he celebrated a moment of thanksgiving. Aldrin wrote:
In a little while after our scheduled meal period, Neil would give the signal to step down the ladder
onto the powdery surface of the moon. Now was the moment for communion. So I un-stowed the
communion elements in their flight packets. I put them and the scripture reading on the little table in
front of the abort guidance system computer. Then I called back to Houston.
“Houston, this is Eagle. This is the LM Pilot speaking. I would, like to request a few moments of
silence. I would like to invite each person listening in, wherever and whomever he may be, to
contemplate for a moment the events of the past few hours and to give thanks in his own individual
way. ”
In the radio blackout I opened the little plastic packages which contained bread and wine. I poured
the wine into the chalice our church had given me. In the one-sixth gravity of the moon the wine
curled slowly and gracefully up the side of the cup. It was interesting to think that the very first liquid
ever poured on the moon, and the first food eaten there, were communion elements.
Buzz Aldrin then prayed these words from a handwritten card.
On this day we, like this great explorer, are grateful for our life in Christ.
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Rev. Michael A. Vetrano, Pastor
A Note from Religious Education Director :
Jennifer Ferrantino
First Holy Communion will be Saturdays, May 2nd
and May 9th at 11 AM. Rehearsal will take place the
Friday before at 4 PM in church. Families please
remember to bring your child’s banner to the rehearsal.
Please contact me with any questions [email protected] or 2830508
Tours of the Basilica
As part of the Town of Southampton’s 375th
Anniversary celebration, we will be offering
tours of our beautiful Basilica this Sunday
afternoon, May 3rd, from 2 PM—4:30 PM.
All are welcome.
Religious Education
Bishop Brennan will be here to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation
Thursday, May 14th at 4:30 PM. Confirmation families please remember
Mandatory Rehearsal will be Monday, May 11th at 7PM, please bring your
sponsor or parent as stand in.
Life Corner :: SHJM Respect Life Ministry
The Faith that Does Justice
Rockville Centre Diocese, 516-678-5800, ext.626,
Priests for Life, 888-735-3448,
Birthright, 631-728-8900, 800-550-4900
Healing post-abortion: Rachel's Vineyard, 877-467-3463,
Did you know ... for every one child adoption in America, there are approximately
thirty (30) couples waiting to adopt. Although exact estimates are difficult to determine,
there are probably over one million couples waiting to adopt in the USA.
The ratio of abortions-to-adoptions is about 12-to-1.
There are many sources providing adoption services; for more
information visit, or almost any pro-life website.
Reflections On the Gospel from Pax Christi
May 3, 2015
Let’s imagine that someone who was known as a member of ISIS and a killer of Christians appeared at
your parish claiming to have been called by God as a disciple of Jesus. How would you feel? Now
let’s imagine being a disciple in Sunday’s first reading when Paul arrived at their door. Is it any
wonder the disciples were afraid and in disbelief? But we know now that it was true. Paul had been
chosen and indeed became one of the strongest followers of Christ and leaders of the people. God
never ceases to surprise. Can we trust enough to believe in the transformation of enemies into allies?
Are we willing to risk (something like an agreement with Iran or the opening of relations with Cuba)
for the sake of peace? What is scripture telling us?
Medical Mission Support
This summer the Raphael Mission Project will be traveling to Zambia to bring much needed medical and
surgical assistance. Among those travelling will be parishioners Danuta Bennett, RN, and Dr. Jim Brady, a
plastic surgeon.
They are holding a golf outing on May 18th, at the Vineyards in Riverhead to help support the mission project.
To find out more, make a contribution, or attend the outing visit their website.
MAY 2, 2015
Daniel Palumbo
Riley Panza
Cassidy Phillips
Thomas Pogue-Guerin
Chase Rodriguez
Jackson Romanow
Lola Rothschild
Julianna Ruggieri
Samuel Salazar
Cooper Sanders
Harper Souhrada
Eden Spellman
Wolfgang Van Tricht
Madalyn Wik
First Holy Communion
Charlotte Arnzen
Bridgette Bernal
William Burrell
Jack Cantwell
Gianna D’Italia
Robert Felix
Anabella Fischette
Hudson Fox-Bathon
Omar Gonzalez
Amanda Koszalka
Isabella Lesta
Seraphia May
Shaye Meaney
Sophia Olivieri
Daniel Ospina Ramirez
In Memory
Patricia H. Gray
Our parish mourns the passing of Patricia Gray on March 30, 2015. Patricia was a long time member of our
parish choir. A graveside service was held at Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary Cemetery on April 2, 2015 with
Rev. Edward Kiernan. Our sympathies go out to her family and friends.
Edward Callaghan
Faith & Ministries
Our Parish mourns the passing of Ed Callaghan. Ed was an usher each week at the 11 AM mass. He also
donated countless hours helping SHJM with publicity. He kept the many activities of our parish in the
forefront of the news each week. His funeral mass was celebrated in New Your City at Our Savior Church
this past Thursday. Friends and family are planning a future memorial mass at Sacred Hearts.
Altar Servers Needed!
We are looking for more young people to become Altar Servers. If your child is in
grades 3-8 and would like to become an altar server please contact Mary Adamczyk at
Adult Faith Opportunities for Prayer & Study
Bible Study :: meets every Tuesday at 1 PM in the upper meeting room of the Parish Center. New members
are always welcome!
Spiritual Book Group :: meeting every Tuesday at 1 PM in the dining room of the Parish Center. New
members are always welcome!
Secular Franciscans :: on the second Sunday of the month after the 11 AM Mass in the dining room of the
Parish Center. Would you like to know more about us? Please come to our meeting. Bring a bag lunch and we
will supply the coffee. There will be no meeting in May. The next meeting will be June
Resurrection Prayer Group meets on Thursdays at 7 PM in the Parish Center. Come share your healing gifts with us.
All are welcome.
We pray for the sick of our Parish and Community
Winnie Chin
John Bishop
Robert O’Shea
Suzanne Parillo
Gwendolyn Porter
Eileen Finlay
Roger Williams
Daniel Sheerin
Stan Witkowski
Anne O’Brien
J T Welker
Marcelle Enne
Peg Jordan
Paul Beatty, Sr.
Philip Masi
Patricia Kahl
Dorothy Higgins
Michael Kelley
Christina Haag
Susan Katz
Drew Bodin
Eileen Birnholz
Perry DeLalio
Macario Yat de Leon
Dottie Brown
Bobby & Caroline Parillo
Mary Ann Tupper
Patricia Jordan
Robert Melter
Anna Norsic
Think Warm Thoughts : The Tent Party is Coming!
Be Part of the Plan
Yes, we all need some warm thoughts. So start to think about the
summer. The new date for our Tent Party is Saturday, August
29th. We need committee members on every level to make this a
success. Some opportunities are:
Our Sponsorship Committee
Food and Beverage Committees
Tent and Property Committee
Service and Decoration Committee
Prize and Entertainment Committee
Publicity Committee
Ticket Sales and Reservation Committee
On Memorial Day Weekend ticket sales will begin for Sacred Hearts Super Raffle. We
will be selling up to 500 tickets so we won’t run out and you won’t be disappointed!
Better yet, each participant will have a 1 in 50 chance of winning one of our 10 prizes!
Tickets will be $100 and you can purchase them on you own or take a chance or chances
with a group of friends to increase your chances of winning.
Anyone wishing to join the committee in selling chances before and after Mass to
please contact: Charlie Mottern—631-283-3785. We especially need some volunteers for
the 5 PM Masses on Saturday and Sunday.
Ashley Bell to sing at Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor
Parish member, soprano Ashley Bell, will be performing at Bay
Street Theatre on Saturday, May 9th at 8:00 pm, the first time
they have presented opera.
The production will be a reduced version of Verdi's
most famous opera, La Traviata, highlighting the
important musical pieces and linking everything
with a narrative. It is about an hour and a half and
consists of three singers, a narrator, piano & strings.
The tragic love story is based on Alexandre Dumas’
La Dame Aux Camélia.
Upcoming Events
If you are ready to help make this event a success please contact
Fr. Mike by phone (283-0097) or
e-mail ([email protected]) . Summer is on its Way!
Our Lady of the Hamptons
The parish and local community is invited to a special concert, “A Grand Night
for Singing” at OLH on Tuesday evening, May 12th at seven o’clock in the
evening. The event will be a gift to the audience from the eighteen member
Hamptonix, the boys; show chorus, and the thirty-eight young ladies of the Hamptones. The program will
feature liturgical, show and popular music.
Reservations for the 23rd Annual Ladies Luncheon and Chinese Auction to benefit Our Lady of the
Hamptons Regional Catholic School are being accepted now. The gala event will be held at the Muses in
Regional School
Southampton on Sunday afternoon, May 17th. Please call the school at 283-9140 for further details.
Pre-school is an important step in the over-all education of young children. Registration for the September 2015
year at the OLH pre-school at St. Rosalie’s Parish Center in Hampton Bays is now open. A fully licensed
program for three- and four-year olds in preparation for elementary school
is available with extended hours.
Call 283-9140 to arrange tours and interviews. Space is limited.
Our Lady of the Hamptons, the East End’s premier Catholic school, chartered by the State of New York,
accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools is also recipient of a Blue Ribbon for
Excellence from the U.S. Department of Education. OLH serves parishes and communities extending from
Quogue to Montauk.
Information packets and registration materials are available at the school now, leading toward September
2015 enrollment in Kindergarten through five. There is limited space available in the Prep program (grades six
through eight).
We invite parishioners and friends to learn more about Our Lady of the Hamptons by visiting the website Tours can be arranged at any time, by calling 283-9140.
Another week of Progress
This has been another great week of progress in our In Nomine
Domini projects. Now that the crawl space has been cleaned and
certified we are able to begin work on our bell tower. The first
step is to complete the electrical wiring for the new controllers and
strikers. Originally our bells were rung by swinging them with
ropes that extended to the base of the bell tower. Ringing the bells
on any occasion required a team of strong volunteers to set the
bells in motion.
The bell tower renovation was supported by the Dreams-R-Us foundation who provided a grant for the
carillon and Nick Feldman of Eldor electric who donated the electrical wiring. There is an excellent
chance that the tower will be ringing again for our June brides!
Thanks to all who have so generously supported our In Nomine Domini renewal. If you want to help
us preserve our heritage and build our future please consider a gift to the in Nomine Domini Fund. It
is never too late!
In Nomine Domini Fund Preserving our Heritage Building our Future
I would like to make my gift in ____ payments over □ One Year □ Two Years
Name______________________________ Address: ___________________________
Telephone: _________________________
A check payable to Sacred Heart Church – In Nomine Domini is enclosed or please charge $__________ to MC Visa Amex
Card Number______________________ Exp:______________
Signature__________________________ Security Code ______
□ $100,000
□ $75,000
□ $50,000
In Nomine Domini Members
□ $25,000
□ $15,000
□ $10,000
□ $5000
□ $2500
□ $1000
□ $500
□ $250
□ Other_____
The first electric system actually worked by pulling on the ropes.
Later, a more modern system replaced the ropes with electrically operated hammers called “strikers.”
The strikers work well but do not produce the same sound as a swinging bell because the bell
movement could create a rising and falling tone. Our new system can emulate this sound which will
make the bells sound as they did in 1907! In addition to ringing our bronze bells our new system will
have a carillon which are electronically synthesized bells that work with our own to produce the kind
of sound only possible with a dozen or more bells. This effect, called change ringing, will be an
especially beautiful conclusion to our weddings. I hope our neighbors like church bells!
Serving God by Serving Others
"Dear young friends, never be afraid to go out from
yourselves and begin the journey! The Gospel is the
message which brings freedom to our lives; it transforms them and makes them all the more beauƟful.
How wonderful it is to be surprised by God’s call, to
embrace his word, and to walk in the footsteps of
Jesus, in adoraƟon of the divine mystery and in
generous service to our neighbors! Your life
will become richer and more joyful each day!"
Your contribuƟons to the 2015 CATHOLIC MINISTRIES APPEAL
will help provide a Seminary educaƟon for these men.
These three friends of Our Holy Redeemer:
Br. Pierre Toussaint
(Alain) Guiteau, C.F.R.
Mr. James Hansen
Mr. Odalis Rodriguez
have gone out from themselves to bring freedom to our lives!
Your contribuƟon to the 2015 CATHOLIC MINISTRIES APPEAL
is a great way to express your graƟtude.
If you haven’t made your pledge yet, please consider doing so today! Thank you!
informando que el Cursillo Prematrimonial si iniciará
el 7 de junio. Las reuniones serán los domingos de las
9:00 AM hasta las 12 de mediodía en Southampton.
V Domingo de Pascua, Año B. Ilustración © 1999 S. Erspamer.
Printed from
Rincón de Información
Vid y Sarmiento - Comprende uno la
comparación de Cristo: Yo soy la cepa, Yo soy como
el tronquito que está en la tierra sacando el jugo, la vid;
las ramitas son ustedes y si permanecen unidos a esta
cepa, comenzarán a producir los grandes racimos. Y
mi Padre es el agricultor, Él cortará esos racimos para
que echen más, para que produzcan más. Permaneced
unidos conmigo; si no permanecéis unidos conmigo,
moriréis. "Sin Mí nada podéis hacer".
No se trata del hacer natural, hay muchos pecadores
que están haciendo mucho. Todos los trabajos de la
tierra se pueden hacer sin vivir en gracia de Dios; y
hasta puede darse el caso que un profesional, un artista,
un artesano sea buen profesional, buen artista y no se
preocupa de vivir en gracia de Dios; pero todo lo que
está produciendo es como una cepa arrancada, no
circula por allí la vida de la vid; no está unido a Cristo
y puede producir muchos frutos en la tierra, grandes
organizaciones, pero no produce para la vida eterna.
Cuando Cristo dice: "Sin Mí nada podéis hacer" se está
refiriendo a ese quehacer que permanece para la vida
eterna. Tomado de la Homilía de Mons. Oscar Romero, 13 de
mayo de 1979
Intenciones del Papa para Mayo
Universal: Para que, rechazando la cultura de la
indiferencia, cuidemos a los que sufren, en particular a
los enfermos y a los pobres.
Por la Evangelización: Para que la intercesión de
María ayude a los cristianos que viven en contextos
secularizados a hacerse disponibles para anunciar a
Seguro de Salud para Niños - La representante de
Fidelis Care, Konny Tapias, estará en el Apostolado
Hispano los miércoles de las 10 AM hasta la 1:00 PM,
para ayudar con seguro de salud para los niños.
Cursillo Prematrimonial - A los interesados en
contraer matrimonio por la iglesia católica, les estamos
Curso Pre-Bautismal
Domingo, 31 de mayo, a la 1:30 PM en el Apostolado o
las 5 PM en la iglesia en East Hampton. Favor de llevar
la copia del acta de nacimiento del niño. Bautizos en
Southampton serán el 3 de mayo, el 7 de junio y el 5 de
El Asesor de Inmigración de Caridades Católicas
En el Apostolado el 28 de mayo, de las 2 a las 5 PM.
Comunidad de Oración para Adultos y Familias
Los martes a las 7:30 PM en la el salón parroquial. El
tercer martes de cada mes se reúne en la iglesia para la
hora santa.
Divina Misericordia - Misa en la Basílica el cuarto
miércoles de cada mes a las 8:00 PM.
Preparación Pre Matrimonial – Para casarse por la
iglesia, haga una cita para una entrevista con el P. Marvin o el P. Esteban. El curso pre-matrimonial se da por
seis domingos, de las 9 AM al mediodía comenzando el
primer domingo de junio, oct. o feb.
Proclamas Matrimoniales – Primera Noticia
Raúl Cozar y Tania Rodriguez
Wilmer Chunchi and Lilia Priscila Suculanda
Requisitos para el Bautismo de un Niño
Curso: Para bautizar a su hijo, es necesario que los
padres y padrinos asistan al curso pre-bautismal.
Padrinos: Debe escoger a los padrinos conscientes de
los requisitos. Los padrinos tienen que ser católicos
bautizados, confirmados y que han hecho su Primera
Comunión y deben poder comulgar.
El padrino
(madrina) debe ser un(a) soltero(a) o debe ser casado
por la iglesia.
Permisos: Si viven afuera de la zona servida por el
Apostolado Hispano, necesitan una carta de su párroco
dándonos permiso para bautizar su hijo.
Padre Esteban: Cel: 631-375-1001; Fax: 631-287-0986
Horas del Apostolado: Miércoles, Jueves y Viernes - 2-4 PM
La Obligación Pascual - Todos los católicos ya
iniciados en la Sagrada Eucaristía tienen la obligación
de recibir la Sagrada Comunión por lo menos una vez
durante la temporada Pascual: Domingo de Pascua, 5
de abril, hasta el domingo de la Santísima Trinidad, 31
de mayo. Se exhorta a los católicos a que reciban la
Comunión con la frecuencia que les sea posible
durante el año litúrgico, no solo durante la temporada
pascual. Sin embargo, “Quien tiene conciencia de estar
en pecado grave debe recibir el Sacramento de la
Reconciliación antes de acercarse a comulgar.” (CCE,
Kid’s Page
5th Sunday of Easter
May 3, 2015