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Winter Holidays Homework (2014-2015)
Class: M-II
Dear Parents
School will remain closed from 30th December 2014 to 10th January 2015 on account of Winter Break. The school
will reopen on 12th January 2015.
Wish you all a very
Prosperous New Year
Instruction for the Students:
1. Enjoy your winter break and keep yourself healthy by:
Intake of almonds, dates & Tulsi helps to deal with cold weather.
Drinking milk twice day.
Packing yourself properly before moving out.
2. Do the given assignments as per the instruction.
3. Parents are advised to encourage your child to speak in English at home and should watch T.V. channels which
telecast in English language and provide the help wherever necessary.
English: i) Do dictation of Phonogram ‘00’ ‘ll’ words (two lines).
ii) Read pages 64,65,92,93 from book (words of letters)
iii) Learn rhymes from given assignment.
Maths: i) W+L tables 0 to 3 (2 times)
ii) Do what comes before, number names, put the sign
iii) Dictation (1-100) 2 times.
Make your ward learn GK topics for GK Quiz - Topics: My body, Animals & Birds, Fruits and
Vegetables, Cleanliness, Myself and Means of transport