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Friday, December 19, 2014
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The Winning Edge 2014 Conference
Bottom Line Marketing Group’s recent Winning
Edge 2014 Business Conference saw over 160 business professionals attending and enjoying a dozen
top-tier presenters as well as three delicious meals.
Participants checked in and enjoyed a breakfast
catered by MiChicas. The presentations then began
with an introduction by Yitzchok Saftlas, president of
Bottom Line Marketing Group. Renowned executive
coach and sales trainer Adam Lieberman spoke on
“Leading & Motivating a Successful Sales Force.” He
gave practical, applicable tools for creating and maintaining an effective sales team, encouraging business
leaders to go one step beyond competitors to ensure
cluded the women’s track with inspirational flair as
she told her personal story of achieving her dream.
She discussed how she used social media as a way to
further monetize her creativity, and how now, with
53,000 followers on Instagram, she has met with success. Zigdon shared tips on how to utilize social media to grow in business.
After the breakout sessions, all conference members reconvened to hear divrei halacha and chizuk
from Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser, rav of Kahal Bnei
Yitzchok in Brooklyn. Rabbi Goldwasser’s warmth
and sincerity engaged the audience as he touched
upon delicate topics, such as gezel, tefillah and support of Torah, bringing in memorable anecdotes to
accentuate each point. Rabbi Goldwasser presented
relatable sheilos, which arise daily in the business
world – including hiring, advertising and shmiras
Shabbos – emphasizing the necessity of consulting
daas Torah. He concluded with an impassioned dose
of chizuk with regard to bitachon in business and in
life in general.
Another highlight of the day was the much-anticipated Winning Circle question and answer forum.
Throughout the day, attendees submitted questions
to be brought forth before a panel of presenters.
Moderated once again by Segal, this session was
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Panelists fielding questions during the Winning Circle forum.
Nachum Segal, radio personality and president of
the Nachum Segal Network, moderated the next portion of the event: the rapid-fire presentations. Conference participants were introduced to the day’s presenters as each gave a brief sampler of the essential
points to be covered later on in the day.
Next were three sets of concurrent workshops,
each workshop on a different topic. Topics ran the
gamut of business-related aspects applicable to all
businesses, from start-ups to well-established firms:
effective hiring, increasing productivity, strategies
for growing one’s business and corporate philanthropy.
Jacob Engel, CEO of Yeda, ran an informative and
pertinent workshop focusing on identifying technical
skill and, equally important, interpersonal skills in
job candidates. Saftlas led a workshop on developing
and perfecting a successful marketing plan, offering
tips and trade secrets to his appreciative audience.
And Saul N. Friedman, senior partner of Saul N.
Friedman and Company, ran a workshop on taking
one’s business to the next level.
Rabbi Richard Bieler, president of R. Bieler Consulting Services, presented on the benefits of corporate philanthropy, encouraging companies to grow
through giving. Jack Friedler, president of City View
Commercial, kept the participants’ attention as he
interspersed humor and wisdom in his workshop
“Proven Techniques To Close That Deal.” Ira Zlotowitz, president of Eastern Union Funding, presented
on raising staff productivity to increase profit. Zlotowitz summed up the conference saying: “Executives
of the most successful frum companies came together
to explore what works best to grow a company. I am
confident that as these companies tailor and implement the ideas discussed, their top and bottom lines
will grow and employment in our community will increase.”
Bottom Line Marketing Group arranged a women’s track for The Winning Edge 2014. Female business leaders had the option to attend this special set
of workshops in which three of the Jewish world’s
most highly-acclaimed professional women presented
on pertinent and pressing topics.
Miriam L. Wallach, general manager of the Nachum Segal Network, led a session on presenting
oneself properly as “the woman in the room.” In this
women-only session, participants spoke up without
inhibition, having the unique opportunity to ask
questions to, and collaborate with, other frum female
professionals. In the second session, Suzy Schwartz
of Yeshiva University led a phenomenal interactive
workshop on perfecting a sales pitch. Those attending the workshop enthusiastically practiced pitching
and openly received feedback, allowing the women
to productively connect and collaborate with one another. Interior designer Fanny Zigdon’s session con-
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