TTEAM Tamers Clinic for Kidz 10-14 With Jo

TTEAM Tamers
Clinic for Kidz 10-14
uly 12th and 13th
With Jo Buckland
Level 2 TTouch Practitioner
at Icehorse Ranch in Creighton Valley
Developed by internationallyrecognized animal expert Linda
Tellington-Jones, Tellington
TTouch® Training is a specialized
approach to the care and training
of our companion animals, horses
and exotic animals, as well as for
the physical and emotional wellbeing of humans. Visit for more
Jo Buckland is a TTouch Practioner 2 and Centered Riding Instructor. Recently she
has assisted Linda Tellington Jones at clinics in Montana and Hawaii.
Jo has developed TTEAM TAMERS a program dedicated to children. We are
pleased to present a two day clinic for ages 10-14 devoted to learning TTOUCH
specific to kids. Come and check it out!
Introductory Price $175.00
For Registration and Info email: [email protected]
go to our website at or phone: 250-306-3206
Bring your horse or work with ours. Clinic will consist of TTOUCH Body Work, TTEAM Ground Work
and some riding utilizing Connected and Centered Riding techniques.