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Personal Training and The Teen
How you can set your child on the right track today
1) Mental Health.
Children need to be active
in life in order to be calm
and happy and relieve
Why should teens
stress that builds up over
exercise? For the same
the course of their day.
reasons that adults do: to
2)Self-Esteem. Children
become stronger, manage
who participate in regular
weight, have more energy,
physical activity are known
feel more confident and
to be more confident in
release stress.
other areas of life.
Once upon a time, there
3)Proper Technique.
Watch For Ella, Our Mascot, When You Visit!
was a belief that parents
With proper supervision or
should avoid starting their
training, teens can prevent
now have societal concerns of
children or teenagers on a
joint damage that can presents
childhood obesity, inactivity, and later in life from using incorrect
resistance-based fitness regime.
the related health issues that
However, new research is
form or over usage.
impact children today that were
debunking that theory.
4) Muscle Development.
never present in the past. Today,
In the past children tended to
Proper exercise provides the
with a properly supervised
be very physically active in their
building blocks for muscle
program, teens and even preeveryday life. They were doing
memory, which will help later to
teens can greatly benefit from
chores on the farm, biking or
establish the foundation for
regular exercise.
walking to school, carrying
faster muscular development
Exercise is part of a positive
firewood, swimming more often,
from activities.
approach to supporting growth
etc. No one consider this as
The key message is this: as a
in the proper ways: good
inappropriate activity - it was
parent, you can help put your
nutrition, physical activity,
part of being a kid. However, if
child on the road to a healthy
stimulation and healthy
you see a teen lifting weights,
lifestyle that will benefit them
self-esteem. The benefit to
there seems to be a concern for
now and for their entire life.
having children start a regular
safety. Like many situations
exercise program include:
from the past, things change. We
By: Freya Ames
Personal Trainer
Medical Exercise Trainer
and Fitness Manager
Sadie Barnett
Personal Trainer Specialists
Freya Ames
Lindsay Gogolin
Jessica Boudens
Registered Massage
and Graston Therapists
Jennie Gogolin
Amanda Myerscough
Nutritionist & Health Coach
Sherri Jorgensen
Phone: 613-732-3333
570 Nelson Street, Pembroke
Starting in September!
Ask us for details!
Come To
Kids Class
An activity-filled workout
for kids just in time for
back to school!
Hey parents - we have a
drop-in program for you
at the same time!
Is Your Child
Eating A
SAD Diet?
By: Sherri Jorgenson
Nutritionist/Health Coach
Fitness At
Any Age
By: Sadie Barnett
Fitness Manager
When you say the word
“fitness,” many people think of it
as a measure of the physical
fitness and health of an
individual. This way of thinking
subtly suggests limits on what
fitness truly means. Would you
ever describe a two-year-old
child as being “physically fit?”
Probably not. Yet, they are.
Fitness should be defined as
being capable of doing physical
activity that suits the lifestyle
and age of the individual. This
helps with illustrating that fitness
is important at every age.
Toddlers need to be physically
capable of doing activities that
help in proper musculoskeletal
development. The best way to
achieve fitness goals for any
young child is through play and
As we age, our muscles
experience Sarcopenia, the
gradual erosion of lean muscle.
This can lead to frailty and an
increased risk of falls. According
to Statistics Canada, falls
account for more than 50% of all
injuries to Canadians over the
age of 65. If we refer back to our
new perception of fitness, this
would be geared more towards
preventing disease and injuries
common with that age.
Fitness is important at every
age and being physically active
within the means of our age will
always benefit us.
So whether your workout
centre is the sandbox or the golf
course, keep moving, keep fit,
and keep happy!
The Standard American Diet
(SAD) is high in processed foods
including sugars, enriched breads
and processed meats. This is also
the diet of many Canadian
children, contributing to a growing
rate of Type 2 diabetes.
A healthy diet comes from
avoiding pre-packaged and processed foods. Snacks should consist
primarily of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes. Keep it
simple and fun for kids. Bright colours and fun food preparation can
help turn healthy foods into fun snacks and meals.
For picky children who won't eat fruits and vegetables, if you don't
have an unhealthy alternative in your home, you can eliminate this
problem. Keeping unhealthy food in the house makes it easily
accessible and more likely to be consumed over the healthier
Find healthy foods your children like and make fun creatures and
designs using that food as the emphasis. When grocery shopping, stay
to the outside of the store where the produce, meat and dairy are
located and avoid the aisles filled with high sugar snacks.
Finally, statistics are showing that one in seven children are not
eating breakfast. Balanced breakfasts help stabilize blood sugars,
prevent adverse health effects as well as reduce cravings throughout
the day.
Remember to be a role model for your children and to instill healthy
diet and lifestyle habits while they are young so they can grow up to
reach their full health potential.
We believe in the health of children.
Children have the same
frequency of headaches,
neck pain and back pain as
adults. In fact, many
injuries we treat in adults
stem from childhood.
If you are a regular care
patient with us, we offer your
children (age 13 and under)
complementary spinal
checks and a 25%
off regular visits.
Phone: 613-732-3333
570 Nelson Street, Pembroke
Healthy Feet
For Children
Smaller feet
need support
By: Audrey Hatfield
Nutrition and Footwear Store
Assistant Manager
You might have heard that
your health starts from your feet
and works its way up. This is
definitely true, and especially for
Children's feet are not a smaller
version of adult feet. A child's
foot is composed mostly of
cartilage that fully transforms
into bones towards the end of
their teenage years for girls, and
early 20s for boys. Unlike adults,
a child's foot is the largest at the
toe instead of at the forefoot.
Therefore, shoes should
accommodate the distinct shape
of their feet.
One thing that is the same is that
you should avoid buying
inflexible and poorly shaped
footwear for both adults and
children, as they restrict the
natural movement of the foot
and can potentially disrupt
proper development. This can
lead to foot health issues such as
bunions, hammertoes, spurs and
ingrown toenails. Properly
fitting tie-up shoes offer proper
support and the space that
children's feet need to develop.
At Integrated Health Centre, we
specialize in shoes that are good
for you at every age. Our
footwear options are both
preventative and corrective in
nature. We carry brands such as
Keen, Birkenstock and New
Balance in children's sizes,
which are great options for the
hot summer months.
Footwear For
Kids (and adults!)