Important Circular

Established 1996
Important Circular
Congratulations dear students and parents on the completion of another school year . We have already
prepared our strategic and operational plan for 2014 -2015 . We look forward towards another year of
success and achievement . Please read this circular carefully and keep it for future reference .
Important Days
Please observe the following important dates :
Important Dates
Fees Payment
Staff first day
Students’ 1st Day of School-books collection Grades :4 to12
Thursday 21st August 2014
Sunday 24th August 2014
Monday 1st Sept 2014
Students’ 1st Day of School- books collection Grades :1 to 3
Tuesday 2nd Sept 2014
Wednesday 3rd Sept 2014
Preschoolers 1st Day of School & books collection
Preschool Parents Orientation Day
Thursday 11th Sept 2014
Kindly note that the Accounting Office will be closed from Monday 1st September till Wednesday
3rd September . All Term fees should be paid before 1st September 2014 .
Important Reminders
1-School Uniform :
Please note that it is very important for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to comply with the
school code of dress. Kindly make sure that the uniform you purchase for your ward meets the school
specifications . You can see the details of the school uniform on APG School website . Click the icon
Regular shoes for school should be black only . PE shoes should be plain black OR white . No other
colour will be accepted . For girls , head scarves should be white , black , beige or navy blue for grades 3
to 6 and white , black, beige or gray for students from grade 7 to 12 .Wearing chains , accessories, gold
or jewelry is not allowed .
2-School timings :
Kindergarten 1& 2 : From 7:15am to 12:30pm
Grades 1 to 8 : From 7:10 am to 1:40pm
Grades 9 to12 : From 7:10 to 2:00pm
Please Note that on Wednesdays students will leave school at 1:00 p.m for the purpose of
continuous professional development and planning reflections .
School Phone numbers : 17403666 - 17403320-17401499 – 17402394 -Preschool: 17404871- Fax: 17404074
School website : www. - E mail address : [email protected] Page1
3-Communicating with the school:
In case you need to communicate with a staff or a subject teacher , you have the following
options :
 Write in the correspondence book .The correspondence book serves as a daily diary and a
means of communication between the parents and the school.
 Call the social counselor for matters of concern *Phone numbers are below
 E mail the counselor . [email protected]
 Call the social counselor to arrange for a meeting with the concerned staff . Please note below
the contact numbers of the counselors from 7.00 am to 2.30 pm .
Grade level
Phone number
Grade 1 & 2
Grade 3 All - Grades 4-5-6 Girls
Grades 4-5-6 Boys
Grades 7,8,9,10,11,12 Girls
Grades 7,8,9,10,11,12,Boys
4- Transport
Old students who wish to continue using the school transport should contact Ms Baneen in the
Transport Department before 30 June . Phone numbers are at the bottom of this circular. Kindly
make sure to have the bus driver mobile number .
5- Tuition & Transport fees:
 Fees payment dates will be as follows :
 First installment:
21 August 2014
 Second installment: 2 December 2014
 Third installment:
3 March 2015
Registration for 2015-2016 will be in February 2015
6- Other matters
 Old students from grade 4 -12 who did not receive the Behavior Booklet in the school year
2013- 2014 will receive it at the beginning of the school year . Please read it and keep it at
home .
 Parents have to make sure that their mobile phone contact given to the school is active .
Reminders and notes will be sent to the parents on a regular basis via SMS messages .
Thank you for choosing APG School as a partner for your child’s education .
APG School Management
School Phone numbers : 17403666 - 17403320-17401499 – 17402394 -Preschool: 17404871- Fax: 17404074
School website : www. - E mail address : [email protected] Page2