Waubaushene Elementary School Council Minutes September 8

Waubaushene Elementary School Council Minutes
September 8, 2014
Attendees: Bobbi-Ann Roper, Collin Robb, Jody Robb, Christina Sheldrake, Sandra Czarnik, Jenni FlanaganBlack, Zara Duxbury, Natasha Burton, Ainslee Carpenter, Andrea Watt
Nominations: Co-Chair: Andrea Watt & Zara Duxbury (elected)
Treasurer: Christina Sheldrake (elected)
Secretary: Jenni Flanagan-Black (elected)
Principal’s report: Ainslee Carpenter
Staffing. Current teachers:
Mrs Robitaille – ECE JK/SK
Ms Ross – Grades 1 & 2
Miss K. Rose – JK & SK
Miss Simms – Educational Assistant
Mr. B. McKellar - Grades 3 & 4
Ms S. Czarnik – Special Education
Ms Murray, Oct. change(.7) position- Grades 4 & 5
Mrs C. VanDam– Senior Admin Assistant
Ms Ironside
Dr. A. Carpenter – Principal
- Grades 7 & 8
Mr. K. Oliver – Library, filling in for grades 5 &6 also Ms Carpenter Library & .2 Ms Czarnik Library .2
French Teacher position advertised, should know by next week.
Not expecting too many alterations to teacher’s positions or classrooms.
Meet-the-teacher scheduled for Tuesday, Sept 16th, 5-7 pm. Pizza $2 & water 0.50. Encourage attendance.
School council on hand to remind parents/guardians to fill out Offence Declaration forms and sell food.
Volunteer Check / Offence declaration form: needed to be filled out. School Council filled out.
Fundraising Ainslee has the Aquarium covered financially. Left over money encouraged to be spent before
end of year. Maybe spent on transition and Waub Elem memorabilia. To assist the community is not
Presentation. Social networking safety Media presentation with Paul Davis 7-8:30pm then question time to
follow. 2 presentations for kids then after school for adults. Council to assist in setting-up chairs. Zara to tell
Benny Club and Ainslee to invite Port McNichol and Coldwater. Jenni to do introduction.
Parent Involvement Commitment Oct 20, 6:30 board office meeting.
Ipad’s. now 15 in the school, also tripod and green screen for media.
Twitter account now for the school. Hoping for Facebook up and coming.
Harvest Festival Lunch: We do have money for turkey’s, need someone to cook them. Waub gas or Dam
Grill. Christina to check out. Sandra is school contact. The date is set for Oct 10th Friday. Bus Drivers to be
invited as it will be the last one at WES. Many present to volunteer set up and clean up on the day.
Aquarium Trip covered and confirm. Grades 5-8: over night is a possibility. Prices to be confirmed. Proposed
date: April 2015.
Transition Activities Sept 25 Organising visits to other schools. Awaiting area review which students going
to Coldwater.
Terry Fox Walk Friday 19th Sept, rain date 22 Sept.
Lunch orders. Pizza days now responsibility of school not school council. Subway considering deliveries
(transportation needed). No Pita’s this year.
103 students in school registered currently.
Teachers Report- Sandra Czarnik present
Cross country starting up sign-up tomorrow. Grades 4+. Council could consider volunteering for younger
classes to do runs around the school if we wish.
Milk orders went out for Mr McKellar.
School Council Report – Zara Duxbury
Parent Reaching Out Grant 2014/15 Jenni applied for the grant in May 2013. We received notice of
approval this week. See Presentation of Social media above, Paul Davis.
Coldwater Fair Parade. On a PA day so school is not attending. Classes will participate in submitting
School Council Meeting. 1st Monday of each month. Next Oct 6th.
Bike helmet safety announcements over PA and added to next newsletter. Tokens for house points,
positive reinforcement.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm