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The Tattler
Rotary Club of La Mesa
Volume 2014, No. 62
Meeting Date: 3/26/14
ednesday’s @ Noon, La Mesa Community Center,
4975 Memorial Drive, La Mesa CA 91942
Chief Forensic Dentist
California Department of Justice
Dr. Norman Sperber has been a participating dentist
since he left the U.S. Navy in 1956, where he served as a
Dental Officer. Dr. Sperber is the Chief Forensic Dentist for
San Diego and Imperial Counties and the Chief Forensic
Dentist for the California Department
of Justice Dental
Identification System and Missing/Unidentified Persons Unit.
He has played a major role in the development of California’s
unique Dental identification System (Assembly Bill 81),
which links John and Jane Does with missing persons.
As a dental team leader, Dr. Sperber was responsible to
the San Diego Coroner for the dental identification of victims
in the 1978 San Diego Midair Collision. He has appeared in
numerous media news interviews on Foresnic Odontology and
a 1996 NBC movie, “Murder
Murder or Memory”, which detailed one
of the cases he had investigated in Chicago. Dr. Sperber has
been the author and/or co-author
author of over twenty publications
and has given his presentation at an astounding list of seminars
and lectures.
Dr. Sperber has investigated
nvestigated over 1,000 identification
cases, participated in numberous homicide, sexual assault and
child abuse investigations, and has testified in over 150 object
marks and body identification cases in multiple states. He has
been an expert witness/consultant
ultant in several homicide cases
including Florida vs. Bundy, US vs Martin, New York’s
“Preppie” murder case in Central Park, Milwaukee’s Jeffery
Dahmer mutli-homicide
homicide case, and the murder trial of
California Highway Patrolman Craig Peyer.
Club Service
March 26,
26 2014
Rose Hurst
Steven Looser
Pledge Heidi Caccamise
Thought John Van Cleef
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April 2
2, 2014
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April 9
9, 2014
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If you cannot perform
your assigned duty,
please arrange for a
Important Dates
Wed Mar 26th
Tues April 1st
Wed April 9th
Tues April 15th
Sat April 26th
Dr. Skip Sperber – SDPD Foresnic Dentist
6:00pm Board Meeting – Jim’s office
karen Kaufman - Business Coack
5:30pm Sweet Retreat Planning Meeting – Continental Catering
La Mesa Rotary participates
in new District Grant
The Board of Directors has voted to participate in a new District Grant brought to
them by John Fistere. This District Grant with matching funds will provide 2
Haemodialysis Machines and accessories to the San Luis Rio Colorado General Hospital
in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora Mexico.
This Grant is the collaboration of a number of Rotary clubs with a goal of raising
$25,000 with a matching Grant from Rotary International. The anticipated completion
date is December 2014.
La Mesa Rotary will donate $800 cash plus $800 DDF pledge to Global Grant G615. Along with a separate $1,880 donation from La Mesa Rotary member Terry
Caseter, this completes the funding for this project and allows it to be submitted for DDF
approval to the DRFC on April 1. The primary partner for this Grant is the Rotary Club of
San Luis Rio Colorado and the Imperial Valley Breakfast Club.
The city of San Luis Rio Colorado is a border town located 20 miles south of
Yuma, AZ with a population of 200,000. These Haemodialysis Machines would afford
these low income patients the opportunity for a transplant in the future.
Attention Rotary Baseball fans!
The first Rotary/Padres Group Event of the 2014 baseball season will be Wednesday, April 2nd at 7:10pm at Petco
Park to see the San Diego Padres take on the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Tickets for this game are available in the area of 1st base for $30 each (a discount of over 30% from the average
gate price). A portion of your ticket price will be donated to Rotary's End Polio Now Campaign.
This is a great opportunity for a club social outing. Please contact Mike Whitehurst with the number of tickets you
would like to reserve.
Mike Whitehurst (San Diego Downtown Breakfast Rotary) [email protected] 619-239-3034.
Board of Directors Meeting
The next Board Meeting will be Tuesday April 1st at 6:00pm in Jim’s office.
All Red Badgers are invited to attend to fulfill your Red Badge requirements.
2014-15 Board of Directors
Bonnie has proposed that her Board Meetings be held at 11:00am the second Wednesday
of the month – just before the lunch. Meetings will be held at the La Mesa Community
Center in the Executive Conference Room. One exception will be August – the August
meeting will coincide with the District Governors visit and will be held August 6 (the first
2014-15 Pledge Form
Have you filled out your 2014-15 Pledge Form and turned it in yet? Bonnie, our PresidentElect, has requested that you do as soon as possible. Bonnie is working on creating a
Budget for the coming year and needs these forms to complete the budget. Thank you.
Every Rotarian Every Year
Have you donated to the Rotary Foundation this fiscal year? A recurring goal of the
La Mesa Rotary is EREY – Every Rotarian Every Y ear. That is when every member in
the La Mesa Rotary donates to the Rotary International Foundation. Our Rotary fiscal year
runs from July 1st – June 30th. Mike Fellow is our Foundation chair (which is different
from the La Mesa Rotary Foundation). If you have not yet donated to the Rotary
Foundation why don’t you give Mike a check made out to the Rotary Foundation at the
next lunch meeting? He will accept donations as small as $10 with no limit how high!