Bulletin 1-2
Gus-Khrustalny, Vladimir Region, Russia
June 18-23, 2014
General information
The organizers would like to invite all MTBO teams to take part in WRE Event in the ancient Russian
town Gus-Khrustalny, which is the new place in Russia for MTBO activity. Gus-Khrustalny town is
Russian center in art-glass and crystal production in Russia
1. Event location
How to arrive to Gus-Khrustalny
Gus-Khrustalny is easily accessible by train, bus or car.
The nearest airports are situated in Moscow, about 230 km from Gus-Khrustalny. Transport from
Moscow airports to the Event Center can be arranged by the organizers upon request |(extra cost).
Travelling by car
It is easy to travel by car to Gus-Khrustalny from Moscow. The number of road is E22 (M7) on the
direction to Nizhniy Novgorod. In Vladimir city it is necessary to turn to Gus-Khrustalny (the number
road is P72, further P73).
Distances by car to Gus-Khrustalny:
From Moscow 230 km, from Vladimir 60 km.
2. Organizers
Russian Orienteering Federation
Vladimir Orienteering Federation
Event director
Vladimir Gorin, Vladimir
Event secretary
Zhanna Artemova, Vladimir
Viktor Dyachkov, Tambov
Alexander Koudryavy, Vladimir
Course planner
Alexander Koudryavy, Vladimir
Oleg Sten’kin, Nyzhniy Novgorod
Adviser and controller
IOF Event Advisor
National controller
Alexey Kuzmin
Stanislav Chesnokov
3. Contacts
Vladimir Orienteering Federation, Vokzal’naya str., 65a, Vladimir, Russia.
[email protected]
+7 915 753 50 71
4. Venue and embargoed areas
The areas marked on the map above are embargoed for all orienteering activities, unless specifically
permitted by the organizers and IOF Event Advisor.
Event Center
The Event Center is at tourist centre “Khrustalnaya”, which is situated at the north part of Gus-Khrustalny town. The Event Centre is marked on the map above Distances to and from Event Centre are
shown in chapter 10 “Transport”.
5. Programme (dates and types of competitions)
Day and date
Wednesday, June 18
Thursday, June 19
Friday, June 20
Saturday, June 21
Sunday, June 22
Training, middle distance
(Russian MTBO Cup)
Training, middle distance
(Russian MTBO Cup)
Sprint (WRE)
Long (WRE)
Gus-Khrustalny urban
6. Classes and participation restrictions
WRE Event
There is one class fro women (W21) and one class fro men (M21). There are no age restrictions.
7. Competition rules
MTBO WRE Event will be organize in accordance with the Competition Rules for IOF MTB
Orienteering Events, which published by the IOF and valid from 1 January 2014, IOF Anti-Doping
Rules valid from 1 February 2010. All competition rules can be found on the IOF web site
 Competitors must get to all control points with their bikes.
 Riding of tracks or paths is allowed.
 In Russia one drives on the right side of the road. Therefore competitors must ride on the right
side on all roads and tracks.
Time keeping system
SPORTident will be used at competitions.
8. Entry
Entries can be made via E-mail [email protected]. The last date for acceptance of entries is 10
June 2014. All entry payment in cash upon arrival.
Entry fees
40 euro for all disciplines, include model events.
9. Accomodation
Accommodation will be available in the hotel “Barinova Roscha” in 250 meters from Event Center at a
very reasonable price about 22 euro per night in double room. Booking the accommodation offered by
the organizer is possible via E-mail [email protected]. Full board is available in Event Center in
price about 12 euro per day.
Deadline for booking the organizer’s accommodation: 10 June 2014.
10. Transport
The organizers offer to meet the participants of WRE Event in Moscow airport together with their
bicycles. For more detailed information please contact the organizers.
All the disciplines of the WRE Event will be held not far from Event Centre and will be reachable by
bicycle. So there is no necessity to have the transport during competitions.
11. Visas
For getting visas the organizers recommend to enter Russian Embassy in their own country. To have an
official invitation from the organizers please contact the organizers of WRE Event.
13. Local weather conditions
In the region of competitions the temperature during the day are usually as follows in June 15-20 C, it
may by rainy.
14. Maps
A copy of the most recent version of previous orienteering maps is below:
15. Terrain description and courses
Scale – 1: 5000, Vertical counter interval – 2,5 m
Size of map is 40 sm x 20 sm
Urban area with generally paved tracks and numerous of buildings and
manmade objects. The pace will be high and riders will have to deal
with several types of orienteering challenges. The symbol of
ISMTBOM 839 (Area where of tracks riding is allowed and possible, ,
ridable area) will be used on this distance.
The area is open to public traffic. The courses cross several public
roads with light traffic. There will be marshals at the most critical
places to help safe crossing and minimize disruption. Still, it is the
riders’ responsibility to observe traffic rules and avoid unsafe
Estimated winning time is 20-22 min, course length: men – 5,5 km,
women – 4,6 km.
Long distance
Scale – 1: 15000, Vertical counter interval – 2,5 m
Size of map is 30 sm x 20 sm. The course consists of two parts, which
of them is printed on individual list.
The area of the long competitions will be held is typical for Vladimir
region: mostly flat with some smaller climbs and ascents, with
marshes. Visibility of vegetation is varying from good to bad.
Numerous tracks and paths. The ground is mostly sandy. Ridability of
tracks and paths is mostly fast. Ski tracks are mapped using symbol
835 and 837 of ISMTBOM.
Estimated winning time is 102-105 min, course length: men – 26,5 km,
women – 21 km.
16. Opportunities for training
17-18 June 2014 the organizers will offer the official trainings.
19-20 June 2014 the participants can take part in Russian MTBO CUP at the similar area, not far from
Event Centre.