My Resume - Xiufeng Yang

Xiufeng Yang
1 Williams Blvd, Apt 1L
Lake Grove, NY 11755
Objective: Looking for full-time job in computer science and related area.
Online Profile:
[email protected]
(631) 974-0797
 Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY.
M.S/B.S. in Computer Science
Cumulative G.P.A.: 3.7/4.0(M.S.) 3.8/4.0 (B.S.)
Graduation Date: Dec. 2014/(Dec. 2013 B.S)
Working/Internship Experience:
 CA Technologies, Stony Brook, NY – Web Development Intern
(Jan. 2014 – May 2014)
 Set up development environment for CA Chorus mainframe management system, including IDE, source control, and project
package management system in CA CEWIT branch, prepared to face challenge from day one.
 Built local artifacts and identified user interface defects and compatibility issues on mobile browsers. Update and track
defects on Version One project management platform, worked with headquarter team to confirm defect.
 Successfully identified the root cause of touch-image bug in Sencha GXT (a commercial Java library for Google GWT),
reported to official support forum, and provided a work-around of the bug to make the whole project runnable on mobile
browsers under extremely high pressure and tight schedule, solved other minor defects based on priorities and deadlines with
significant self-motivation, fast adaptation, and great learning capabilities.
 Collaborated with UI team and big data team, started to build prototype REST service using Mule ESB for CA Chorus
storage management system. Attended daily WebEx online meeting with project managers and headquarter teams and
provided daily report on project progress with effective communication skills.
 CS Department, SBU, Stony Brook, NY – Student System Staff, Webmaster, and DBA
(June 2013 – present)
 Rebuilt, as a team member, from scratch the Computer Science Department website with Drupal CMS v7, fully utilized
various Drupal modules to generate dynamic data, add functionalities such as LDAP login and access permission by role,
while keeping the overall design style to be consistent with other sites within Stony Brook University.
 Optimized the new Drupal site by enhancing security and performance settings in PHP configurations, apache settings, and
directory access configuration in Ubuntu 12.04, performed stress test and benchmark with JMeter.
 Independently established a new Oracle 11gR2 database system with Oracle Data Guard high availability architecture and
RMAN backup mechanism for graduate data analysis project, and Oracle 12c database for department data mining research
project, with abilities of great adaptation, learning skills, and willingness to face new technologies and challenges.
 Set up various Linux/Unix-based systems, including CentOS 5.8 (x86/x86_64), Ubuntu 10.04 (x86/x86_64), FreeBSD 8.2
(x86)/9.1 (x86_64), MAC OSX 10.5, OpenIndiana 151a, and Solaris 9, and locally compiled the latest version of Git source
on those aged OS’s after solving all kinds of dependency and incompatibility issues to support an undergraduate crossplatform C/C++ project.
 Prepared initial support for setting up a new OpenStack-based private cloud data center in CEWIT for research.
 CEAS, SBU, Stony Brook, NY – Technology Support
(Feb. 2013 – Jan. 2014)
 Performed daily lab computer and network availability checking, make sure lab resources available for teaching and research
with a great sense of responsibility.
 Served as help desk to help faculty, staff, and students solving various computer/technology related problems such as
hardware setup and troubleshooting, data recovery, lab software updating, university-licensed software installing and
troubleshooting, as well as networking, printer problems, etc.
Some Other Projects:
 Data Science – Predict the final price of a paint on an auction by using data analysis using IPython toolsets.
 Energy-efficient computing for data centers – A research project to explore power-saving strategies for data centers.
 MediaWoofer: Online Movie Rental System – A Java web application utilizes JDBC & JSP/Servlet (Spring 2013)
Designed MySQL database schema, SQL queries to manipulate database, coded JSP and servlet to connect front-end
webpages and database using JDBC.
 Animated Poseur – a Java GUI animation making and playback program (Fall 2012)
Designed and built GUI using AWT and swing, utilized Java Graphics2D API let the user draw different shapes with
different colors on a canvas, save and export a series of images to form animations.
Source code at:
 Programming: Java (primary language), HTML/CSS, Python, C/C++/C#, ASP .Net MVC, JSP, JDBC, SQL, JavaScript,
PowerShell, GWT
 Software: Windows Universal (store) app development, Azure, AWS, OpenStack, virtualization, data science.
 Hardware: Energy-efficient computing for data centers. Experienced in computer components assembly, compatibility,
drivers, setting, and troubleshooting, also into Computer Networking, system administration and optimization
 Other: Mechanics, practical writing, strong sense of responsibility, good observation, self-motivation, etc.