Meet Kim Meyer, Director of Campus Outpatient Therapy and AOD

Meet Kim Meyer, Director of Campus Outpatient Therapy and
AOD Services at Beech Brook!
Kimberlyn Meyer, PCC-S, LICDC, will soon celebrate her two-year anniversary at Beech Brook
as Director of Campus Outpatient and Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Services. Her plate of
responsibilities includes supervising 14 therapists on campus, overseeing nearly 20 therapy
groups and helping develop the AOD program. Kim is passionate about co-occurring treatment, in which substance abuse and mental health issues aren’t treated separately, but are
seen as integrated problems that require integrated treatment. She is excited to continue
working on Beech Brook’s development of its AOD program for residential clients.
This is her second career, but she still has over 14 years of experience in the field. Until her
late 30’s, she worked in the fashion design and merchandising business. She went back to
school because she felt she could do more to help people. After earning her Master’s degree
and her licensure, she spent time doing community, private and school-based therapy. She came to work at Beech Brook almost
two years ago and greatly admires her colleagues. “There are some wonderful people here that I really enjoy working with,” she
says. “Their hearts and minds are in the right place and I feel supported.”
While she spends most of her time overseeing the day-to-day functions of the therapists and further developing Beech Brook’s
AOD program, she will lead family sessions as needed to further support her staff. “The work is extremely meaningful,” Kim says.
“Knowing that we’re planting seeds in our kids and families that may continue to grow for the rest of their lives is what keeps us
going, it keeps us hopeful.”
Kim moved into a supervisor role because she has a passion for working with newly licensed counselors and interns. “I enjoy helping them develop in the field and I get really excited when I see them invest in their professional growth” she explains. Even
though it keeps her very busy, Kim clearly enjoys what she does.