Amberlea Hospital and Rest Home Newsletter October 2014

October 2014
Happy Spring
We are so enjoying our remodelled facility. If you haven’t come to visit us at Amberlea please drop by and
we would be happy to give you a tour. The views of Kawau Bay and The Mahurangi Peninsula are
While you are here please pop in and say hello to our new manager Julia is a New Zealand Registered
Nurse, trained at Auckland Hospital and worked in the U.S.A. for 32 years after meeting her husband on her
O.E. Julia was Assistant Director of Nursing for one of L.A & Ventura counties foremost Hospice/Palliative
Care Companies which aided millions of people. She is passionate about healthcare bringing almost 40
years of nursing experience with Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Massage Therapy, Reiki, and
Yoga. Julia returned to N.Z. to be close to her aging parents and extended family. She started working at
Amberlea in October 2013 as a casual R.N, then as Clinical Co-Ordinator before taking on the role of Unit
Manager. Julia has four children, two living in U.S.A. and two in New Zealand. You may see Maya, her
youngest daughter, helping out with afternoon teas which she loves doing.
Thank you to Jenny who has been holding it all together through these big transitions. What an exceptional
receptionist and asset she has been to us all.
Health & Safety
As part of our health & safety programme we have embraced the national initiative to reduce injuries resulting
from falls. Staff, residents, families/whanau and our physio are combining efforts to achieve this goal. We
have been purchasing protective garments called “Impactware”, using safety devices and conducting
in-service training to raise awareness. Initially we are targeting residents who are most at risk.
Quality Initiative
Together with Lee & Hart Pharmacy (Warkworth) we are introducing an automated medication dispensing
system. Designed to increase accuracy and efficiency during medication rounds this will ultimately reduce the
time R.N’s spend dispensing pills and free up time for more quality interaction with our residents.
Resident Surveys
The customer satisfaction surveys have been sent out over the last month. You should have received your
survey by now and we appreciate your participation. Your feedback is a critical component to continuously
improving the quality of service CHT provides.
Amberlea’s Activities
Welcome to our new activity coordinator Reina Jao. Among her many
duties Reina will be organising our bus trips which are a central part of
our activity programme. Matinees at the Matakana Cinema have been a
big hit and the last move ‘The 100ft Journey’ was enjoyed by those who
The Twin Set & Pearls 50’s outing at hosted by the Methodist ladies was
enjoyed by all and Operatunity in Orewa continues monthly.
A phenomenal new programme called ‘Singing for Seniors’ has been introduced by CHT. All residents are
learning the lyrics to a wide variety of familiar songs. Our Activities Coordinators lead sing-a-longs which, as
well as being fun, have many significant health benefits.
Stay tuned to see who comes to our new book club where we meet monthly with the local
librarian to share and discuss the books we have read. Books are changed weekly and large
print books are available.
Garden club led by our resident and activity coordinators will continue with the development
of more plant installations in and around the facility. This beatification along with our stunning
views is what makes Amberlea so uniquely special as these healing components are
essential for well being.
We are planning to develop an area to commemorate and celebrate life and our loved ones. This will be a
place where people can converse, reminisce and reflect.
I am pleased to welcome the following Healthcare Assistants Dee Thomas,
Fiona Ellis, Liana Jackson, Arebu Timon, Peta Wenzlick and Alba Valencia.
New RN’s, Ajith Joseph, Anish Varghese and Clinicial Coordinator
Rita Willcox.
Wish List - recycled items in good working condition are gratefully accepted such as flower pots coffee
grounds; potting mix; indoor or outdoor plants - either bulbs, edible herbs or non-poisonous flora;
placemats (pictorial) with cork backing; old favourite B&W movie DVD’s such as Bogart, Hepburn, Mitchum,
Gable, Sinatra, Agatha Christie and westerns and small portable CD players to use for ‘Singing for Seniors’
in residents’ own rooms.
Julia Nessim
[email protected]