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Residents Association
Minutes of the Meeting held on 15 January 2014
Committee: Mark Blacklock, Val Hall, Mary Openshaw, Gerald Leach, Kate Calvert, Anna
Rose, Jo Moody, Sandy Webster and 32 members
Gwyneth Isbister
Eileen Davis RIP
We are saddened to inform you that Eileen Davis died on 21 December 2013 at the age of 96. Eileen was a
long-time resident of Northwood Hall and who had served on the committee in the past. She left the building
in 2010 to live in sheltered accommodation. We offer our condolences to her family.
Election of Officers RA Committee
Following the election of the committee by RA members during the AGM on 28 November, the committee
elected its officers: Mark Blacklock (Chair), Kate Calvert (Deputy Chair), Val Hall (Treasurer) and Jo Moody
Building Works Payment March 2014
Mark suggested that it would be a good idea if the March payment for the building works was reconciled to
bring us back to the original budget spreadsheet of quarterly payments sent to leaseholders. He asked that
the Directors bring this to Canonbury’s attention at their next meeting.
Parker Bromley’s Compound
Space in the rear car park has been allocated to Parker Bromley (PB), who will be arriving at Northwood Hall
in a week or so, to erect temporary site offices. PB will also have half a dozen allocated parking spaces for
staff. MET have been informed but PB will still need to organise their parking permits and have them
displayed, just as residents do. Kate was concerned about the potential for the builders in their to-ing and froing to cause damage to the trees, and most particularly the saplings we planted. We will urge PB to take care
and if there is damage to the trees in the grounds, compensation to the value of the damage will be required,
equivalent to the requirement to address any damage to the building.
Radiators and Flat Visits by the RLO
Leaseholders have received an email from Canonbury reiterating the issues about those wishing to keep their
original radiators. It was pointed out that Canonbury and / or PB were to show material concerning radiator
choices – panel or column – but that these details have not been received. We will have to wait until the PB
Resident Liaison Officer (RLO) is on site so residents can make a choice. Several people said they were
going to be away at some point in the next couple of months and Mark emphasised that anyone planning to
be away should ensure that they make an appointment to speak to the RLO about where they want radiators
and the heat exchanger before the works are due to start in flats. This is likely to be after Easter.
Recycling: Notices re Fly-tipping
It has come to pass that Haringey Council have received complaints about items placed for collection just
outside the rear car park gates. The complainants probably don’t realise that these items have been arranged
to be collected by residents with the council, but the upshot is that there is now a warning notice at this spot
from the Council threatening a huge fine if anything is dumped there. Val has done sterling work getting in
touch with Veolia to try to find out where would be best to leave items to be collected. This will involve further
discussions so it is not resolved. Apparently, there is a collection service for stuff not for recycling by the
council for a fee, but as we pay council tax it would seem unfair to have to pay twice for this service. There is
also the evergreen problem of those residents who leave large items of furniture in the bin room without
arranging for collection themselves with the council, and who rely on Nick to somehow (recently) get a
wardrobe in the lift and down and out for collection by himself! This is really an abuse of Nick’s ability and
goodwill! Residents know there are charitable websites where you can advertise your redundant furniture and
people will collect it. We must emphasise that this sort of abuse is not to be tolerated.
Some people said they had not read the item in the October minutes about the freehold/lease
extension survey so a separate, reminder email will be sent.
Mary and Nick will go through the storage cupboards at the lobby ends of the 1-6 and 20-25 corridors
to clear any items, as there was little response to the previous mail out.
There is some laxity about ensuring garden exit doors and gates are shut properly. Please will
everyone make sure the doors are closed firmly (without slamming). This is your home so be aware of
The cigarette boxes affixed to the walls at the entrance and garden door do not seem to be emptied
regularly. A resident whose flat is nearby would rather they were removed elsewhere, and this is
something we shall ask Canonbury.
Please do remember that another forum for any questions can be found on the Northwood Hall
Mary mentioned that the cherry picker currently on site seems not always to be occupied and queried
the cost. There is a daily hire charge for it to be on site but it is still cheaper than having it go back
and forth between jobs.
Next meeting Wednesday 19 February 8.15pm @ Flat 6-16
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.northwoodhall.co.uk
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