Full Geeveston Happiness Project Credits

Geeveston Happiness Project Credits
The Kickstart Arts Team:
Artistic Director – Jami Bladel
Company Manager – Penny Milburn
Project Creative Producers – Richard Bladel & Malou Zuidema
Visual Artists – Malou Zuidema & Matt Daniels
Map Makers - Malou Zuidema & Matt Daniels
Hip Hop Workshop Leader, Composer – Max Bladel
Video Maker – Richard Bladel
Video Editor - Richard Bladel
Composer – Heath Brown
Online Map Digital Media Designer – Matt Daniels
Animations by Matt Daniels, Malou Zuidema & Gai Anderson
Administration Assistant - Yolanda Zarins
Production Assistant – Jonah Bladel
Documentation Photographers – Yolanda Zarins & Fred Assenheimer
Evaluation by Janine Combes
The wayraparattee child & family centre team:
Centre Leader – Anna Jones
Community Inclusion Workers – Lesley King & Leigh Oates
Good Beginnings Family Support Worker – Nicole Watt
Administrator – Rowena Bird
Teacher Assistant – Kirsty Robinson
Psychologist – Janelle Walton
Geeveston Primary School
Principal – Charles White
Teachers – Doug Pattison & Sophie MacKay
Administrator – Joanne Norris
Map Makers:
Zac Armstrong Burgess
Jaxon Bell
Kaitlyn Clark
Connor Coulson
Jou Cutler
Gil Edwards
Isabel Fuller
Amelia Harback
Jaymee Lockwood
Seth Maxfiled
Una Morrison
Jayde Pettit
Shantae Pettit
Aaron Pryor
Tyler Russell
Isla York
Philip Nichols
Mitchel Nichols
Ben Mitchel
Tim Mitchel
Kate Greaves
Jack McQueen
Jack McMullen
Miriam McMullen
Will Tinker
Julie Tinker
Video Group:
Joshua Armstrong Burgess
Lucas Djalakowski
Jon Nagashima
Jym Nagashima
William Nichols
Bailey Pettit
Luke Reardon
Holly Smith
Jesse Smith
Bradley Stokoe
Ruby Mundy
Pointy End Spear Makers
Cheryl Burdon
Maryanne Minty Brophy
Philip Nichols
Mitchel Nichols
Ben Mitchell
Tim Mitchell
Kate Greaves
Jack McQueen
Jack McMullen
Miriam McMullen
Will Tinker
Julie Tinker
Cultural Weaving at oonah in Belonging Culture
Anna Jones
Kylie Sales
Kayla Armstrong
Rowena Bird
Tanya McQueen
Makayla Falter
Cooper Alexander
Zoey Coppleman
George Hankin
Sharnie Armstrong
Rhylie Armstrong
She’ll Be Right, Mate Video Participants
Josh Maxfield
Nikki Maxfield
Elise Maxfield
Seth Maxfield
Jeffrey Mundy
Being Geeves Video Participants
Dick Geeves
Malou Zuidema
Sophie MacKay
Geeveston Genius Rap writers and rappers
Holly Smith
Jym Nagashima
Bryson Bell
Maddison Coppleman
Breanna Coppleman
Thanks to: Fiona Donato & The Southern Design Centre, Aunty Cheryl Burdon, Dick Geeves, Sarah &
Rusty Bell, Jaxon & Bryson Bell, Leanne Roberts, Diane Page, Rachel Maxfield, Sharmaine and Ruby
Mundy, Leigh Cowmeadow, South East Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation, Gai Anderson, Andy Reid,
Jeanne Brown, Hugh Jones, Max Bladel, Charles White, Sophie MacKay, Doug Pattison, Joanne Norris
and Geeveston Primary School.