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GBJ Education Services, LLC
You in Youth Development: Practical Application for Measured Results
Why are we here???
 The triangle!!!!
 Humans most strongest building deliverable…
 Preparing youth with a firm foundation of knowledge, skills, and competency.
 Outcomes of confidence, surety, and values.
Call to Action: A Dialogue Amongst Friends
 Expectations:
 The reality we live with:
 Youth Developmental Assets
 Absenteeism
 Child Development percentiles
 Family Engagement
 Common Core State Standards
 Suspensions (lack of)
 Ready by 21
 School Climate
 Ready by five
 Community Influence
What is your purpose
How does this apply
to the kids we work
Application stems from purpose.
What impact have you
What are your limits to provide
the best
Are you in it for long run
Are you ready to commit?
Game On!!!!
Build the base of change for your organization!
Assert the three keys of influence: Focus and Measures, Vital Behaviors, Six Sources of
Overdetermining Change*
*Check out Read of the Month: Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change by Grenny,
Patterson, Maxfield, McMillan and Switzler