New paradigms in Molecular Electronics

New paradigms in Molecular Ele
ectronicss Supervisors: Pilarr Cea and Santiago Martíín Areass: Chemistryy, Physics Summ
mary: Molecular electroniccs is a fasscinating mu
ultidisciplinary field of f research which contrributes to both b
mental sciennce and futu
ure technological advannces. The use u of molecules as fun
nctional unitts has numeerous appealing advanta
ages includinng miniaturizzation M
quicker and more eefficient devvices as well as the discoovery of new
w and (More Moore: MM), mena at the nanoscale (More (
amazzing propertiies due to the appearannce of quanttum phenom
than Moore: MtM
M). This fina
al master prooject will be
e NECO projectt develloped in thee frame workk of the MIN
(CTQ2012‐33198 entitled Novel hybrrid organic‐‐
ganic functio
onal molecular electroonic devicess using
g Langmuirr‐Blodgett and a
other bottom‐up
p techn
nologies) wh
hose aim is the t fabricati on of novel,, highlyy functional (MtM) molecular electronicc platfo
orms that will w provide a route to sub‐20 nm
m techn
nology nodes by exploiting device sttructures. In
n particcular, this ob
bjective will be achievedd by the use
e of o
organic moleecules having a transsition metal comp
ponent (i.e. metal‐orga
anic hybrid molecules, MOCs) to construct hybrid mole
ecular electronic devicees with MtM
M functionaliity by first exploring, e
nd then expploiting, the redox propeerties of the MOC within
n a metal or semiconductor junction.. In this sensse, such mole
ecules are the ne plus u
ultra of meta
al‐organic in tegration. W
We will addre
ess some of f the most crritical, a
near horizon h
scieentific and technologiccal challengges in mole
ecular conteemporary and 1‐5
electronics. Recent publicatio
ons of the grooup intimate
ely related to
o this propossal include: 5 1. M
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