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Organized by Umeå Core Facility for Electron Microscopy ParDcipaDng companies Sponsored by Swedish Bioimaging & MIMS-­‐affiliated NaDonal Doctoral Program in InfecDons and AnDbioDcs UCEM KBC Building Umeå University th
November 17 -­‐ 19 2014 PROGRAM ApplicaDons of FE-­‐SEM for biological samples Biological specimen preparaDon Topographic and high materials contrast imaging CorrelaDve light and electron microscopy techniques Gemini II Zeiss Merlin Field Emission SEM 9 Lectures 4 Lab DemonstraDons 6 Short PresentaDons Open Labs INVITED SPEAKERS Prof. Dr. Paul Walther | Ulm University Dr. Ola Gustafsson | Lund University Dr. Xiong Liu | Carl Zeiss GmbH Dr. Heinz Horstmann | Heidelberg University Dr. Eija Jokitalo | Helsinki University Dr. Eric Hummel | Carl Zeiss GmbH Dr. MaZhias Mörgelin | Lund University List of demonstrators and company representaDves will be announced in the workshop program REGISTRATION CONTACT US Linda Sandblad | UCEM Coordinator [email protected] +46 709324936 Nikki Lee| SEM Research Engineer [email protected] +46 907869344 hZp:// The workshop will be held at Umeå Core Facility for Electron Microscopy, Chemical Biological Centre (KBC), Umeå University, Umeå SE-­‐901 87, Sweden. To parDcipate, please submit the registraDon form by October 12th 2014. hZp:// hZp:// The workshop is free-­‐of-­‐charge (including lunch, coffee and dinner). Lectures are open to all. Lab demonstraDons are limited to 16 parDcipants. To parDcipate, please submit the registraDon and moDvaDon statement addressing the topic of your current research. Swedish Bioimaging will sponsor hotel accommodaDon for students and postdoctoral fellows travelling to Umeå.