Judith Harvier: Espanola, New Mexico

Judith Harvier: Espanola, New Mexico
Santa Clara, Pojoaque and Navajo
Pottery, Jewelry
Judith Harvier is of Northern Pueblo,
Navajo Nation and Anglo decent.
Her Indian lineage is of the Santa
Clara, Pojoaque and Tesuque Indian
Pueblos of NM, and the Navajo
Indian Tribe. She is a lifelong resident
and member of the Santa Clara
Pueblo and resides with her husband,
Andrew. Her Indian name [given by
her paternal great grandmother] in
the Northern NM Pueblo Tewa is
“Kaa Tsáawaei Ojégi” that translates in English to “Leaves Blue Frost”.
Santa Clara Pueblo is located in North Central New Mexico along the
Rio Grande River and is home to cooks, embroiders, basket makers,
jewelers, painters, potters and sculptors, who sell their work from their
homes and other market venues.
Judith comes from many generations of potters. Her style of Santa
Clara Pueblo Pottery is recognized as Nana Kaa Northern Pueblo
Indian Pottery Art. She uses the authentic traditional handmade
techniques that distinguish Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery. She is also
designs, embroiderers, is a jeweler, a photographer, a sculptor, a
traveler and a weaver. Judith’s mentors are her God and Jesus, her
husband Andrew, son Jordan, and daughter KhaPovi, along with
numerous generations of her family. “I especially enjoy touring people
who journey to the Southwest. In my heart, I love to tour, guide and
educate people into in our diverse Pueblo Indian cultures, lifestyles
and public relations.” In 2013 Judith won 3rd place in Pottery at
Tesoro’s Indian Market.