Sum14 LAX 7/8 Girls - Shea Training Systems

Summer 2014: June 23-Aug 13 4:00-5:30 PM Monday and Wednesday
Thank you for taking the time to learn
about our training program for rising 7th
and 8th grade girls lacrosse athletes, as
well as our special style of training
athletes safely and effectively.
their ability to accelerate and cover the
field, as well as get strong and durable,
learn about nutrition, and learn to live
the life of a healthy athlete while getting
in the best shape of their lives.
This summer, we look to take a small
group of girls and completely transform
the way that they play. Not only will they
receive the best lacrosse instruction
from the top club coaches, but girls will
also learn the right way sprint, increase
Our coaches LOVE their jobs and
working with the girls. We engage every
athlete and make the workouts
challenging yet fun. When the girls learn
to love the work then their skills and
abilities skyrocket!
SUMMER 2014: JUNE 23-AUG 15 MON WED 4:00-5:30
This program transforms the ability levels of athletes in just two months. Each week this summer, the girls will get
faster, change directions more quickly, improve their coordination, get stronger, start eating healthier, and start to
love preparing for their sport. By the time that program wraps up in mid-August each girl will have greatly improved
not only athletically, but every skill set in lacrosse will have improved. !
Girls will learn about nutrition, learn an off-day stretching regimen that should be used in-season to stay healthy,
and start a lifestyle where they strive to be healthy on their own because they feel better, play better, and look better
when they learn how to take care of themselves. We make it a challenge but we make it fun and connect with every
girl. Athletes are not just a number here!! If you come and work hard for us, we will go out of our way to make sure
that you have everything that you need to succeed as a happy, healthy athlete. This is a community of athletes, by
athletes, and a positive place to train. We’ll use all of our 10,000 square foot facility to help you reach your goals.
Part 1: Learn LAX from the best Designed and taught by two of the most talented girls Lax coaches in the state, Holly Drown and Tracey Sullivan, and their
staff. This is a comprehensive lacrosse training program focusing on several specific aspects of the game: Shooting, dodging,
ground balls, defensive footwork, and challenging, creative small space drills will help increase individual skills as well as build
lax IQ. Portions of the sessions will be filmed and will provide each player with specialized feedback. Part of the training will
involve LAXSANITY, a high intensity stick work routine for lacrosse players. The curriculum is designed to maximize the
effectiveness of your stick work as well as your fitness and athletic abilities across the summer. LAXSANITY increases both the
intensity of the activity and forces the body to work for longer periods of time at a higher capacity to complete stick work at a
game speed. Every LAXSANITY workout has a purpose, a theme, and a goal. Some routines will involve partners or small
groups. Results will be recorded each session and progress will be tracked. Part 2: Speed and Agility Speed can be taught. We specialize in teaching it. Our high school athletes are proof of this: in the last 2 years our Track & Field
athletes have made over 30 appearances in Nationals, earned 5 National Championships, and broken 9 high school records. All
of this was accomplished by kids from the south shore who came to us to learn how to be fast. You will learn technique from
Brendan Shea and All-American Track stars Amanda Claflin and Shante Little (Wheaton) on our 6,000 sq ft indoor field turf,
working on conditioning, speed, and agility drills to make you are fast in every direction…because being fast is great, but your
speed can only be employed on the field if you’re constantly able to maneuver, decelerate, accelerate again, and do so safely.
Part 3: Strength & Conditioning 101
We then go into the gym and teach young athletes how to get strong the safe way. From 7th grade on, girls’ injuries skyrocket.
Their joints aren't protected and their bodies need to be built up properly; between school, sleep, homework, computer, TV, etc,
young athlete’s bodies and nervous systems have become less responsive. They live in the “off” position, and when we need to
spring into action, their bodies have a tough time doing so. The result: underperforming athletes, and many avoidable injuries.
The girls will get stronger here and see a difference in their on-field abilities within weeks, build durability and resistance to
injuries, and improve each on-field skill set by improving their athleticism in every way. THIS IS NOT A HEAVY LIFTING
PROGRAM, we use age-specific modified exercises to help strengthen and protect the girls bodies.
Summer 2014
Shea Training
June 23-August 13, 2014
Times Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00-5:30 pm at our training facility: 150 Corporate Park Drive, Pembroke, Ma 02359
Cost: $375
Group capacity: 16
Athlete:Instructor ratio: 8:1
Baseline testing
During the first week we will use the sessions to not only learn the ropes and get some great workouts, but also have a combine where
we test on a 10- and 20-yard dash, vertical leap, broad jump, chin-ups, and pushups to establish baseline abilities and see how much
improvement in each category can be made by the end of the summer. Athletes will also perform a Functional Movement Screen to
assess their mechanical weaknesses and to see how we can provide programs that address what each individual needs to work on.
There will also be video analysis of shooting and other lacrosse skills to give better feedback to the girls and their families. Attendance
We have scheduled 24 hours of training for this program, spread across 16 training sessions. Think of this as an important school
class that you happen to be taking during the summer, where new exercises and drills will be introduced each week as part of the
curriculum. Training at is like attending a private academy for highly motivated athletes. !
To Register
This summer program is invite-only. If you’re reading this, that means that you got the word through someone in our local network.
Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to look all of the information over. You may go to and register
while spots are available. When you register you will receive an email confirmation, and you will receive updates and announcements
on upcoming events in June, and more details on the summer like where to be, when when to be there, and what to expect.
There is a sibling discount of 10% applied to your account when more than one child enrolls in one of our summer
Each girl receives a t-shirt, 15-page nutritional packet, and can win additional gear in our weekly
Feel free to contact Brendan Shea with any questions or concerns. [email protected], cell: 781-690-1924
Spaces are limited, good luck with registration and we look forward to getting started in June!