Invitation to young athletes: studying at the University of Nova Gorica

Invitation to young athletes:
studying at the University of Nova Gorica
The University of Nova Gorica offers student athletes good and favourable conditions for
their studying and training.
We are the first national university to offer the status of the student athlete to sportsmen
and sportswomen who have shown visible sports results. A favourable professors – students
ratio, and an increasing level of opportunities for distance learning, allow us a good
flexibility to be able to provide good conditions for studying to promising sportsmen and
sportswomen. This means that we are able to adapt the studying process to the students'
training and competition schedule.
The mild climatic conditions of Nova Gorica enable training during the winter months, when
training may be quite difficult in other parts of Slovenia. At the same time, Nova Gorica,
situated in the region surrounded by mountains and the sea, and with a good sports
infrastructure, provides opportunities for a variety of sports activities. Promising athletes
from Goriška region can easily continue their training at their local club, and can thus
combine a quality university studies with their sports career.
A distinguishing policy at our university is that students are not to be “mere numbers”. We
certainly want to enable our students to develop their diverse interests and talents. It is
important to us that students can obtain high-quality and useful skills relevant for their
sports career.
Also, the quality of our overall activities is evident from the fact that our students show a
high level of satisfaction and that their employability is high. In year 2013, for example, 89%
of our graduated students managed to find employment in the very first year after
For further information about benefits for students athletes, please contact Ms Jana
Laganis, our admissions tutor, at [email protected] (or at telephone number 05 33 15 232).
August 2014
Prof. dr. Mladen Franko
Vice rector for education