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land registration
. (scotland) act 2012
impact on legal reports
In preparation for the implementation of the Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012, which will come into force on
8th December 2014, First Scottish are updating their reports service to take into account the changes brought about
by the new legislation.
Legal Reports - Unregistered and Registered Property
The Form 10A and the Form 11A will be replaced by a Legal Report over Unregistered Property followed by a continuation thereof. (LRU)
The Form 12A and the Form 13A will be replaced by a Legal Report over Registered Property followed by a continuation thereof. (LRR)
Both types of Legal Reports and their continuations will show any relevant Advance Notices.
As the new reports and their continuations are to be treated as a single report, with the invoice being triggered by the initial instruction, the price of the
Legal Report over Unregistered Property and its continuation will be the price of the existing Form 10A and Form 11A reports combined. The same will be
the case for the Legal Report over Registered Property with the price for the report and its continuation being the combined price of the existing Form 12A
and Form 13A reports.
Where a Legal Report, without a continuation, is required then a reduced fee will be applied.
Multi-Search (MSLRU or MSLRR)
First Scottish will of course continue to offer the Multi-Search product which will comprise the Legal Report (Unregistered or Registered) with the Property
Enquiry Certificate and any other report requested with the instruction. The Multi-Search product will still come with the updated Legal Report rather than
a continuation report which means that clients will only require the updated report which includes all the prior information rather than have two separate
documents to cover the full period of the report.
First Scottish intend to make no change at present to the existing price of the Multi-Search Product and consequently a substantial saving can be made by
utilising this service as well as time saved by having to consult only one report rather than the initial Legal Report and a separate continuation.
If clients prefer, we can also offer an updated report instead of a continuation on both Legal Reports for Unregistered and Registered Property.
Land and Charge Certificates
Under the 2012 Act, Land and Charge Certificates will no longer be issued by the Keeper at the end of the registration process, so when ordering a Legal
Report over Registered Property, you can also request First Scottish to supply a copy of the updated Title Sheet Record to ensure that you have the latest
information to hand. A copy of the updated Title Sheet can also be ordered as part of a Multi-Search over Registered Property.
Pre-Registration Plans Reports and Plans Continuation Report
First Scottish will continue to provide Pre-Registration plans reports direct from the Keeper. There will be 3 levels of plans reports as detailed below:
Plans Report - Level 1 (PRR06)
Will identify any conflicts with existing registered titles.
Plans Report - Level 2 (PRR04)
Will confirm if the subjects can be identified and whether the boundaries correspond to those defined on the
ordnance survey map.
(This report broadly replaces the function of the P16 report)
Plans Report – Level 3 (PRR05)
A detailed report comprising the information from the Level 1 and Level 2 Reports as well as other relevant
information regarding registered servitudes/burdens etc.
Continuations are available for all 3 of the above reports.
Should you require any further information, please call our Customer Liaison team on 01383 826777
(Winter 2014)
diploma in professional
legal practice
Our rectification experts, Valerie Clough and Margaret Grieve
have been invited to deliver a lecture at the University of Glasgow,
School of Law as part of the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice.
The Diploma course is one of the top rated in Scotland (The Times
and Sunday Times HE tables 2014, Guardian University Guide
2014). The rectification lecture will form a permanent fixture of the
Diploma course from now on and will assist prospective solicitors
to understand the practical implications of the operation of the
Land Register after the implementation of the Land Registration
etc.(Scotland) 2012.
the power of
a smarter fleet
Managing a vehicle fleet is often one of a company’s largest
expenses and laborious tasks. At the First Scottish Group,
our Operations Director, Fred Vaughan has managed this
process for over 13 years.
During this spell, Legal Post has upgraded the fleet of
vehicles 7 times, and once again our new fleet of vehicles,
due to arrive in the start of 2015, are more fuel efficient,
with lower CO2 emissions.
The fleet will comprise of Mercedes Vans, with a
comprehensive range of security features, including dead
locks and electronic tracking devices.
Our new fleet of vehicles plays a key role in our high quality
service standards.
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