PROPRESENTER OPERATOR Mission Job Description Personality

To serve God and others by using my gifts in media / technology in order to help the church
connect to God’s presence.
Job Description
Efficiently operates ProPresenter for our worship services. This includes everything that is
shown on the front and back screens of the sanctuary (video, words and video loops for songs,
scripture, pictures, sermon notes, live camera, etc.). The PP Operator is the key player of all
visual communication for that day.
Personality Type
Dependable and committed
Task oriented
Always thinking ahead of what needs to happen next
Open to criticism
Anticipating the next move.
• To create an incredible environment for people to connect with God and worship Him
• To enhance the worship experience by achieving seamless and timely visual transitions.
The PP Operator is very much a part of the Praise Team and Band, and everyone else involved in
production of the Sunday worship celebration. The operator works directly with and under the
music director. He or she listens and takes direction from the music director.
Be at post on Sundays ready to go no later than 7:50 am.
Turn on the system and the front and back projectors.
Run a sound check for all the videos in that days presentation.
Start countdown right on time.
Remain at post immediately following the first service in order to assist the choir for a run
• Be ready to assist the music director at all times.
• Turn off system and the projectors at the end of third service.
Special Rules and Guidelines
Be on time.
Stay at post for the entire duration of your daily call.
Be fully present and attentive.
No friends or family in the media loft (only appointed trainees)
If you need to be gone during a scheduled weekend, let Don Gessner know ahead of time,
preferably a few weeks notice. (740) 877-4801 or [email protected]
PP Operators are on a scheduled rotation. As leaders, we are always striving to train new
servants and encouraging others to actively serve. Therefore our position is a shared one.
This gives everyone a break and a chance to sit with their families and participate in the
worship celebration.
Attend scheduled Media Team training meetings.
Understand that you are one part in a large TEAM. When you accelerate – you build the whole
team up. When you slack - you let the whole team down.
When in doubt, communicate. Don’t assume anything. Keep lines of communication open.
No cell phones unless it’s an emergency.
Spiritual Growth and Maturity
Attend a worship celebration each weekend that you are scheduled off.
Be part of a small group and attend on a regular basis.
Strive for a closer, more intimate walk with God
Demonstrate a heart for God and others.
Be loving, authentic, and respectful.
Be a good steward and faithful tither.
Why Do I Serve?
Out of love for God and others. Out of love for the mission and vision of my church.
Newark Naz’s Mission
Leading people into a growing relationship with Christ.
TEAM concept
T – teachable
E – empty
[Hebrews 12:11
[Galatians 2:20
Luke 6:40]
Psalm 51:17]
A – authentic
[John 4:24
M – maturing
[I Peter 1:13-15]
I John 2:3,5]