. Mabrouk Oil Operations Company (MOO) invites

. Mabrouk Oil Operations Company (MOO) invites engineering companies specialized in
the field of implementation of offshore projects only (including shipping, heavy lifting , and
installation) should submit all documents relating to the qualification evaluation and will
prepare a list of invitees for participation as follows:
Jurf Field, Block (C137) is located approximately 160 km to the north-west of Tripoli and
field consists of platform wells and phase for separation of gas and liquids BD1 and the
processing unit and the final production of oil on the ship Farwa FPSO.
This invitation to qualify will remain on website of NOC and the company until 12:00 pm
on February 8th, 2014.
The deadline for receipt of documents to qualify is February 27th, 2014 at 12:00 pm.
All contractors wishing to participate should provide the information required by ( a
questionnaire to qualify ) before this date. MOO will not consider any information received
A questionnaire to qualify will be provided for contractors wishing to participate only by
e-mail after receiving formal requests stating the name of the applicant, postal address,
phone number and e-mail address.
For more information, please visit website
http://mabrukoil.com/?page_id=16 of (MOO)
Referring to : Project for water treatment unit.
Prequalification for participants
ATTN: Ali Muslim, coordinator of the Tenders Committee;
Fax: 99218210561335
email; [email protected]
After completing the questionnaire and providing all required information, please prepare
and submit the original documents with an electronic version in a sealed envelope (or
delivered by hand) before the deadline referred to above at the following address:
Company Address:
Dat Elemad Tower 2, 15th Floor,
P.O.B. 91171
Tripoli, Libya
Additional Information
25 Feb . 2014
Closing Date:
27 Feb . 2014
Issued by:
Additional Information:
Tender for Implementation of offshore. projects
Tel. : + 218 21 335 04 01
Fax .: +218 21 335 04 02 / + 218 21 056 13 35
Web : www.mabrukoil.com
E-mail :
[email protected]