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Applications are invited for Post Doctoral Fellows in the following areas. Applications will
be processed twice a year: March and September until all vacant positions are filled.
1. Area: International Economics and Econometrics
Qualification: PhD in Economics with specialization in Econometrics and
International Trade Theory and Policy
(One year Research experience in the same field after PhD is preferable)
2. Area: Development Economics
Qualification: PhD obtained within last 2 years with a dissertation on
developmental issues.
(The position will (i) execute and monitor field surveys and (ii) draft papers and
3. Area: Law and Economics
Qualification: PhD in Economics with knowledge of Law and Economics
4. Area: Ethics
Qualification: Essential: PhD in Philosophy. Desirable: Knowledge of Indian
Philosophy and Sanskrit
(The thrust area is ‘Ethical thinking in the Indian Tradition’.)
5. Area: Gender and Health
Qualification: Ph.D. in sociology/economics/psychology with some background in
population studies, preferably from IIPS
(The position will study relationship between gender and health through review of
literature, and by developing a model and estimating the parameters using microfiles from IIPS.)
6. Area: Human Rights
Qualification: PhD in Sociology or in a related area