Grade : VIII - atma malik international school

Diwali Home Work (2014-15)
Grade: VIII
Subject: English
4) Group D:Nikhil Purbhe & Ketan Thakur1. Write a composition describing a visit to the
Electric Fun pen.
hills, or any place which you found beautiful
and inspiring.
2. Imagine you have a new pet that keeps you
busy, write a paragraph describing your pet, Subject: Social Science
the things it does, and the way it makes you
feel. Here are some words and phrases that Write the story around the theme “Justice
you could use.
delayed is justice denied”, with example and
Frisky, smart, disobedient, loyal, happy, pictures.
enthusiastic, companion, sharing, friends, roll
in mud, dirties the bed, naughty, lively, Geography-Project
playful, eats up food, hides the newspaper,
drinks up milk, runs away when called, floats Group A Supriya Kadam Richa Choudhary
on the water as if dead.
Subject: Hindi
okD;ka”k ds fy, ,d “kCn dk ladyu dhft, rFkk lwph
Subject: Marathi
10 Fkksj pfj=kaph ekfgrh feGok o fygk100 okd~izpkj feGowu vFkZ lkaxuw okD;kr mi;ksx djk
Subject: Maths.
Write the formula and make a chart on lesson 9
and on lesson 11.
Group B Adinath Rohamare & Yash Bankar
Organic Farming
Group C Darsh Dang & Bang
Group D Nikhil Purbhe & Ankush Derle
pisciculture & Hydroponics
Meaning, Origin, History, Need, Importance,
Countries where it is practiced on a large scale, In
India where is it practiced, Why is it getting
importance these days?Maps, Photos, Pictures,
*Date of submission 10/11/2014. Projects
submitted late will not be accepted.
Subject: Science
1) Group A Supriya Kadam & Ritu DeshmukhCharge Detector.
2) Group B : Adinath Rohamare & Om
Bhakare- Electric Generator.
3) Group C :Prajwal Bang & darsh Dang- Fire
Avoid Crackers & Save Nature