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Summer Holidays Homework
“Love is to the heart what the summer is to the farmers’ year-it brings to harvest all the loveliest flowers of the
Dear Parents,
Holiday is the time when you can connect with your child in many ways. Being your child’s first teacher, you
can encourage your child’s love of living by participating in various activities at home. Working together on
the activities will help your child build confidence, reasoning and personality. Some of the suggested activities
for your child are:1. READ BOOKS in ENGLISH and HINDI:- visit various book depots & select books of your level, read them well.
Books are your best friends. List out the books you have read in English and Hindi notebooks.
2. IMPROVING YOUR WRITING:- Write 1 page of Hindi and 1 page of English every alternate day, and when you’re
back to school after the holidays your handwriting will be envy of your classmates! We would love to see your
writing practice notebook when you come back.
3. WALK 2GETHER:- Go for walks with the family. You will realize you have 2 of God’s greatest gifts….NATURE and
Your FAMILY. Do not forget to thank GOD for these gifts.
4. CULTIVATE MANNERS:- Remember the 4 magic words? PLEASE, THANK YOU, SORRY and EXCUSE ME. Make
these a part of your personality.
5. PLAY OUTDOOR GAMES:- Computer games are good. They sharpen your intellect, but what about the rest of
your body? You do need some exercise, don’t you? Go cycling, play Badminton, Cricket, kho-kho, Catch, Hide n’
seek……..anything that will make you run.
6. CARE AND CONCERN:- This is your chance to look after your parents, grandparents, elders and even your
younger brothers and sisters. You can surely be of some help around the house.
7. REVISE:- All work done in class, in English, Hindi and EVS. Practice maths and learn your tables. Have a great
Holiday and enjoy yourself to your heart’s content.
Enjoy the break and the time with your children.
Last date for submitting the homework is Fri day, 4th July 2014.
The school will reopen on 1st July, 2014
Leena Banerjee
Arti Sharma
Basant Valley Public School
Plot No-119, Sec 46
General Instructions:
Bring holiday homework in a beautiful decorated folder.
Parents are requested to only guide their while doing the assignment.
Originality of the work will be appreciated.
Project /Homework will be assessed on the basis of neatness, creativity and
originality of ideas.
1.) Make a chart and paste the picture for parts of Hardware of computer.
Hindi:fuEufyf[kr dk;Z vyx fganh dh dkWih esa djsA ¼rhu iafDr;ksa okyh ½
izR;sd ek=k ls 10 “kCn cuk,¡%
¼ek=k% k] f] h] w ] q ] s ] S ] ks] kS½
iapr= dh dksbZ nks dgkfu;k i<ks vkSj lqys[k fy[kksA
fdUgha pkj fo’k;ksa ij okD; & ys[ku ¼4&5 okD;½
esjk euilan [ksy
esjh ;k=k dk vuqHko
esjh d{kk igyh dk vuqHko
esjk fiz; [email protected]
esjk ifjokj
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EVS:- Paste the picture and wrappers of the products used for personal cleanliness ( any 10) and
describe them in few lines.
2.) Draw a boy or girl and dress him/her according to different seasons:
a.) Summer
b.) Winter
c.) Rainy
3.) Make a beautiful collage and unhealthy food on ½ pastel sheet
Make a beautiful collage on any one festival you like to celebrate with your family on ½ sheet.
Maths:a.) Make four flash cards of addition for your friends to solve
b.) Make two or three digit addition sum cards on 3” X 5” cardboard. (One example is given below)
+ 3
1 –I am a number with 9 in the ones place
And 2 in the tens place.
2 – place value of 8 in 980 is
3-I am the number that comes just before 700
4-Which number is bigger 984 -849
5-800 + =
6-Write number name for 90
7- Put the correct sign
800 + 70 + 0
8-The biggest 3 digit number is
9 – What comes in between 979 and 981
10- Circle the smallest number
104 - 401 - 140
Tickle your brain and solve
1.) The number for eight hundred five is ___________________________________.
2.) In 457, the hundreds digit is ____________________________.
3.) One more than the greatest 3-digit number is _________________________.
4.) The place value of 6 in 264 is _________________________________.
5.) In 189 the digit having greatest place value is ______________________________.
6.) The expanded form of 405 is _________________________________.
7.) Which is greater : 358 or 308? _________________________
8.) The numbers which come between 568 and 572 are _________________________
9.) In short form 600 + 50 + 2 is _____________________________.
The digit whose place value remains always same is __________________________.
These number cards were in order. Colour the two cards that have been
changed over.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------English:1.) Make a chart on the poem “The Swing” (Refer, Course Book)
2.) Read a Fairy Tale. Draw the picture of the character you like and Write why you like
the Character.
3.) Read Lesson – 5 “An Old Red Hat”. Mark the hard words and write their meanings.