Introduction to PPC Shooting

Introduction to PPC Shooting
This course is an introduction to basic combat shooting. We will focus on the NRA
Police Pistol Combat (PPC) course of fire. This course will prepare the student to
safely shoot a competitive PPC match.
Classroom objectives (up to 2.5 hours):
• Understand the PPC Course of fire.
• Review Firing Positions and Practice positions.
• Firearm safety and Pistol handling
• Sight Alignment and Trigger Control
• Drawing from the holster
• Weak Hand Shooting
• Safely moving to and from positions.
• Equipment (Gear) options for Combat competition
• Dealing with Malfunctions on the line
• The PPC Scoring system.
• Match etiquette
• The Lewis system of awards.
No loaded firearms and no ammunition permitted in the classroom area.
Firing Range objectives (up to 2 hours):
Using the knowledge gained in the classroom on the range with practical drills for the PPC Course of fire.
2014 Dates: Saturday, Oct 25, 2014 > 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Preregistration is required. To reserve a seat email to [email protected] or Call 248-709-9370
Fee: $25 Registration includes $10 discount to the 2015 Taylor Pistol Club Indoor PPC Match in January 2015.
Gear Required:
Ammunition: Minimum 60 rounds 120 rounds preferred (No Magnum or Steel core ammo)
Firearm: Semi-automatic pistol or revolver (9mm to 45 ACP). Leave your Pistol in your automobile. When instructed to go
to the range you will bring your unloaded pistol in a bag and will not take it out until the instructor explicitly asks you to;
at that time, you will open the slide or the cylinder to show that it is clear and unloaded.
Magazines/speed loaders: A minimum of two magazines or speed loaders or speed strips. Four or more is preferred.
Holster: A holster that fully covers the trigger guard and is in good working condition.
Magazine carrier: A way to carry a minimum of two magazines on your body, whether it is in your pockets or in magazine
Eye and Ear protection are required
Meet at the Taylor Police Indoor Range 25555 Northline Road, Taylor, MI Located at 2nd driveway East of Beech Daly Road.