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Tyndale – Biscoe & Mallinson School
Syllabus for Class 2nd
Session 2013-2014
Months May and June
Subject  English
 Rip van Winkle
 Skills to be taught
Y as vowel sound i,e. lazy etc.
Prefix - dis, in and un Suffix – tion,ing, ed and ly
Correct pronunciation of words
Reading your journals (story, reflection)
Response writing.
Subject  Mathematics
 Number sense.
 Number up to 150.
 Number Names upto 150 (Copy Work).
 Ordinal numbers upto 30. (a string of beads / copy work also).
 Odd-Even upto 130.
 Skip counting 7 to 10 (Times Table).
 Computation.
 Double digit subtraction without regrouping.
 Subtraction word problems.
 Geometry – properties of basic shapes.
(Sides and Corners)
 Measurement.
 Revision of timer and distance.
(to be done practically)
 Review of fractions. (worksheet)
 Patterns.
 Completing patterns, double attributes. (Classroom activity).
 Data management (Sorting with the help of teaching aids).
Subject  Science
 Wild animals
 Houses
What is a house?
Types of houses.
Subject  Social Studies
Time to Celebrate.
Subject  Computers
Practical syllabi for Term-I Examination
Assessment of what has to be done in the class
a) Identification of different types of computers
Desktop Computer
laptop Practically
b) Operating a ComputerHow to start and shut down a computer.
c) Show practically the steps to open Ms-Paint Window.
d) Identification of paint window practically.
e) Identification of parts of a paint window practically.
f) Show practically how to use different tools of Tool Box i.e. curve tool, text tool,
pick colour tool and magnifier tool of a paint window.
Theory Examination:
All objective type questions i.e
Fill in the blanks and
True / False will be asked in the question paper
Subject  Hindi
Uko pyh
gekjs R;ksgkj
Subject  Urdu