Renault Paint Chip
Repair System
1. Main Title
(Layout tbc with Renault CI)
A comprehensive & bespoke
paint-chip repair system designed
especially for your car.
2. Headline
You’re the owner of a Renault...
3. Script
...a very proud owner.
4. Car on driveway
5. Script
But the roads are a very
tough place to be...
7. Script
6. Owner with car on driveway
...and paint chips an inevitable
part of everyday motoring.
8. Owner noticing something on bonnet
9. Script
10. Close-up of chips with hand
They spoil the look of your car
and can reduce its value...
But don’t worry...
11. Script
12. Script
...we’ve got the perfect
remedy for paint-chips.
13. Happier owner
14. Script
The 3-step paint-chip repair
process to keep your Renault
looking its very best.
First of all go our website...
16. Script
17. script
15. Packshot of tube with contents
18. website address typed in
Find your bodywork colour by
entering your registration number...
21. Owner accessing website on ipad
20. Close-up of reg plate
19. Script
...then simply order
and pay for your kit.
22. Reg number being entered on website
23. Script
24. Payment details being entered on website
26. Parcel arriving in buyers hands
27. Renault branded repair kit on white bonnet?
Wait for the postman.
(Not long as we deliver next day)
25. Script
It’s so easy to use.
Everything you need
and in 3 easy steps.
Paint, Blend & Polish
1. Paint
28. script promoting ease of use
29. Script
30. Step heading
...then simply apply the custom
prepared paint to the damaged area
with a microbrush.
Clean the repair area...
31. Script
32. image - cleaning area
33. Script
2. Blend
34. Using microbrush to paint one chip
35. Microbrush painting other chip
36. Step heading
Once dry, remove any excess paint from
the vehicle panel using the specially
formulated blending solution.
28. Script
29. Image showing cleaning process
3. Polish
Finally apply the polish to the
area with the cloths supplied to a
achieve a high-quality polished finish.
31. Step heading
32. Script
30. Image showing further cleaning process
33. Image showing polish on cloth
It’s easy as that - job done!
34. Image showing polish cloth in action
35. image showing after treatment
36. Sign off - ease of use
Job Done
36. Sign off - ease of use
Renault Paint Chip
Repair System repair
37. Happy owner again
38. Sign-of and contact frame