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MedScreen Rosuvastatin Schedule
Period active:
01 July 2014 – 30 September 2014
MedScreen Rosuvastatin 2014
This program aims to enhance the quality use of Rosuvastatin in patients already taking the therapy.
Qualification Criteria
The patient must have previous history of Rosuvastatin (e.g. not New to Therapy)
o This check is completed by the GuildCare software. It will attempt to calculate a MedsIndex score using
dispense history or repeat information. If no score can be calculated, the patient will be deemed “new to
therapy” and will not be invited into the program.
The GuildCare software will identify patients based on all the PBS item codes for all strengths of Rosuvastatin.
All patients taking Rosuvastatin under these criteria regardless of age.
The Clinical services follow the MedScreen Protocol ‘clinical basis’. Here is the rationale of QUM questions and considerations:
What do you know about
• Assess the patient’s knowledge of their medicine and condition
Rosuvastatin and the reason
• If required, address knowledge gaps
you’ve had it prescribed?
• This helps to enhance the patient’s sense of importance to the medicine for their health
How often do you take
• Assess the patient’s perceived level of compliance and use the displayed MedsIndex
Rosuvastatin and what routine do
score to quickly discuss their probable level of compliance.
you follow?
• With the patient, establish an achievable daily routine to enhance the patient’s
What do you feel have been the
• Assess whether the patient has experienced the intended benefits and/or suffered
benefits and drawbacks of taking
drawbacks from taking the medicine
Rosuvastatin on your health? (e.g.
• Discussing health benefits helps to enhance the patient’s sense of importance of
Adverse Effects, Lifestyle benefits)
Rosuvastatin for their long term health
• Identifying drawbacks can help to work towards more appropriate use of the medicine
and better compliance
This approach follows the National Strategy for QUM as discussed in the MedScreen Programs Protocol.
Research shows that compliance to ‘statin’ medications is poor and gets worse over time. After one year 47.5% of patients have
a MedsIndex < 80 (e.g. less than 9 scripts/year) and this reduces to only 25% of patients after 5 years. The reasons for this poor
compliance include knowledge of the medicine, side effects and not experiencing any perceived benefits. As a relatively
symptomless condition, hypercholesterolaemia can be difficult to treat due to poor patient compliance. The impact pharmacists
can make is substantial with research suggesting that quality use of Rosuvastatin can be improved with communication,
education and follow-up. Pharmacists are strongly encouraged to use MedScreen as an avenue to initiate discussion and
provide further assistance to patients.
Useful Resources
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Australian Medicines Handbook
Therapeutic Guidelines
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Cardiovascular version 5 2008
Stroke Foundation
1. Factors Related to Adherence to Statin
McGinnis B et al. Ann Pharmacotherapy.
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