A.P. Information Commission

A.P. Information Commission
(Under Right to Information Act, 2005)
Samachara Hakku Bhavan (Old ACB Office),
Mozam Jahi, Market, Hyderabad – 1.
Phone: 2474 0240 (O), 2474 0592 (F)
Appeal No:15169/SIC-MR/2013,
Order dated: 03-06-2014
Sri Bellamkonda Rama Rao, D.No.7-3-12, 1st Lane (Sub-Lane),
Lawyerpet, Ongole, Prakasam District – 523 001.
Respondents :
The Revenue Divisional Officer/ The Public Information
Officer (U/RTI Act, 2005), Ongole, Prakasam District – 523 201.
The District Revenue Officer/ The Public Information Officer
Prakasam District – 523 001.
Sri Bellamkonda Rama Rao, D.No.7-3-12, 1st Lane (Sub-Lane), Lawyerpet,
Ongole, Prakasam District has filed a second appeal dated 15-6-2013, received by
A.P. Information Commission on 23-6-2013 for not getting information sought by him
from the Public Information Officer / the Revenue Divisional Officer, Ongole,
Prakasam District as well as the First Appellate Authority/ the District Revenue
Officer, Ongole, Prakasam District.
The brief facts of the RTI petition and other records received along with it are
that the appellant herein filed a RTI application dated 27-6-2011 before the Public
Information Officer seeking the following information:
To provide the copy of orders issued to Mandal Surveyor by the Revenue
Divisional Officer, Ongole to under take demolishing of compound wall.
The Public Information Officer did not furnish any information and there is no
record of action taken by Public Information Officer at this Commission.
Since the appellant did not receive any information from the Public Information
Officer, he filed a first appeal dated 5-9-2011 before the First Appellate Authority
requesting him to furnish the information sought.
The Appellate Authority through his Lr. No. Rc A6/289/2011, dated 15-9-2011
directed the Public Information Officer to furnish information directly to the
appellant. Further course of action not on record at this Commission.
Since the appellant not satisfied by the response of First Appellate Authority,
he preferred a second appeal before this Commission requesting to arrange to furnish
the information sought by him.
After examining the material papers available on record, the Complaint was
taken on file and notices were sent to the parties concerned directing them to appear
before this Commission for hearing on 27-05-2014 at Hyderabad.
On 27-5-2014 the case is called. The appellant/ Sri Bellamkonda Rama Rao, is
absent. Shri Shri M.S. Murali/ the Revenue Divisional Officer/ the Public Information
Officer, Ongole, Prakasam Districtis present. The District Revenue Officer/ the First
Appellate Authority, Ongole, Prakasam District is absent.
Heard the Public Information Officer and perused the records.
-2The 6(1) application under RTI Act, 2005, dt.27-6-2011 was received by the
office of the Public Information Officer and the Public Information Officer furnished a
reply/information vide endorsement/ No.RCK /502/2014, dated.14-3-2014 after a
delay of three years. The reply is given by the present Public Information Officer.
A Show Cause Notice is being issued to the then Public Information Officer/the
Revenue Divisional Officer, Ongole presently the Public Information Officer/ the
Tahsildar, Thota Guduru, Nellore for not furnishing the information within the
stipulated time. The First Appellate Authority will get the show cause notice served
on the above Public Information Officer/the Tahsildar and return the acknowledged
copy of show cause notice to the Commission.
With the above direction, the appeal is closed.
Authenticated by:
Asst. Registrar
Copy to: SO / OC / SF