Board Minutes July 2014 - Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise

Attendees: James Newman, Simon Carr, Julie Kenny, David Grey, Mayor Ros Jones, Cllr Graham
Baxter, Cllr Eion Watts, Cllr Simon Greaves, Chris Scholey, Nigel Brewster, Paul Houghton, Cllr
John Burrows, Cllr Lewis Rose, Simon Carr, Deborah Egan, Cllr Julie Dore, Professor Philip
Jones, Julie Kenny, Mayor Ros Jones, Chris Scholey
Apologies: Cllr Roger Stone
In attendance: Martin McKervey (items 1 to 2.2 only, Simon Collingwood (1-2.2), Alex McWhirter
(1-2.2), Ben Still, Ruth Adams, John Mothersole.
Preliminary items
Welcome and Apologies
James Newman welcomed all to the meeting.
All board members and SCR Executive thanked David Grey MBE for his
contributions to LEP Board and wished him all the very best in his role as
Master Cutler. David said he would continue to support the LEP Board in his
new role and will continue as a member of the RGF Steering Panel. David left
the meeting after item 3.1.
Notes of last meeting, 4 June 2014
Agreed as a true and fair record to be published online.
Matters arising
Government has made a positive response to HS2 Taskforce, which has
been welcomed by the LEP
Birmingham location chosen for HS2 Construction HQ
Leaders attendance – from September onward substitutes will be
allowed on a minimal basis
Core cities press statement due next week about core northern cities
working together. The LEP will respond positively.
New board member shortlisting is complete. Candidates have a wide
range of experience and expertise. Any new members will be in post by
next board meeting.
Government Cabinet reshuffle has taken place and Chairman will write
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to new Ministers at BIS, CLG and DfT.
External presentations
Finance Yorkshire Progress Report and Update
Key points from the discussion:
Presentation from Alex McWhirter, Chief Executive of Finance Yorkshire
Presentation outlined the structure of the funds managed by Finance
The board were shown the performance of the funds and case studies
of businesses which have benefited
Board discussed how RGF (grant based) and Finance Yorkshire
(commercially based) funds are complementary – although noted that
the SEP sets out plans to ensure these funds are more aligned in the
Board discussed how the new fund will be designed to cover the
Districts in addition to South Yorkshire
Board requested that suitable market testing is undertaken before a
decision is taken regarding the holding company for the JEREMIE.
Finance Yorkshire to supply mid-term cost comparison to Board
Finance Yorkshire to supply data on geographic performance
SCR Exec to set out paper on the proposed JEREMIE to the September
LEP Board
Consideration to be given to future branding of Finance Yorkshire in
Sheffield City Region
Recommendations agreed / noted
Noted the current performance of Finance Yorkshire and the impact that
the existing Fund has delivered well across the Sheffield City Region.
Agreed that Finance Yorkshire should work with relevant officers from
the Sheffield City Region, and with the established SEP structures (i.e.
the Business Growth Board / Access to Finance Sub-Board) to make a
proposal to the LEP Board.
MIPIM 2015
Key points from the discussion:
Presentation from Property and Construction Sector Group Chair Martin
McKervey and Simon Collingwood, Associate Director at Counter
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The presenters underlined importance of a MIPIM presence to raising
the profile of the Sheffield City Region.
SCR presence at MIPIM last year included a number of LEP members,
25 local business people and a programme of events
Survey of Sector Group underlines importance of MIPIM to private
LEP Board asked to commit to MIPIM 2015
Recommendations agreed / noted
LEP Board asked that MIPIM be included as part of an SCR inward
investment promotional and marketing strategy and such a strategy to
be worked up by SCR Executive
Members expressed need to better understand/define the SCR ‘product’
as part of the inward investment marketing strategy
Decision Priorities
Governance and resourcing
Key points from the discussion:
Introduced paper which provided the LEP Board with an overview of the
broad timescales for the development of the SEP over the course of the
next year and the areas in which external support may be sought as part
of this process.
Paper included the proposed approach on who will make decisions on
the budget allocated to the LEP for the development of the SEP by
LEP Board acknowledged the need for flexibility over attendance at
Advisory Boards – both in terms of ensuring necessary expertise and
also to provide cover for members when unavailable.
Recommendations agreed / noted
Agreed proposed political and private sector LEP Board representatives
on the Thematic Advisory Boards.
Agreed proposed composition of members for the Business Growth
Thematic Advisory Board.
Agreed proposed terms of reference for the Thematic Advisory Boards.
Noted the proposed high level timescales for activity to be undertaken in
the next year.
Agreed to delegate the decisions on the use of the funding provided to
the LEP to develop the Plan in 2014/15 to the Head of Paid of Service /
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Chief Officer of the Combined Authority, in consultation with the Chairs
of the Combined Authority and LEP.
SEP ESIF Update – SUD and Social Inclusion
Key points from the discussion:
Board requested a note confirming that the SUD proposition does not
impact negatively on districts or rural spend.
Recommendations agreed / noted:
Agreed to endorse the SUD submission.
Noted the Combined Authority to act as the Accountable Body to the
SUD, subject to a full understanding of the legal and financial
Endorsed the approach to the Social Inclusion project.
Noted progress in relation to the development of the ESIF.
Updates / For information
Science and Innovation Board (SIB)
Key points from the discussion:
Board welcomed Sir Keith Burnett’s agreement to Chair the board
Philip Jones on board from LEP and SHU
Business Doncaster will approach rail companies to nominate key
person to work with the board.
Local Authority leader and Chief Executive requested to also be part of
Recommendations agreed / noted
Agreed to endorse the establishment of an SCR Science Led Innovation
Board (SIB).
Noted the proposed membership, action areas, and draft terms of
reference of the SIB.
Update on joint case making for infrastructure
Key points from the discussion:
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A paper was circulated to update / outline key northern infrastructure
Initiatives covered by paper: One North; Long Term Investments in City
Regions; Rail North: Long-term Rail Strategy; Electrication Task Force;
Connected Cities; East Coast Mainline Authorities; East Network
Partnership; CA/ LEP ‘Core city groupings’
LEP supports inclusion of RHADs and an SCR HS2 station in the One
North document
SCR Executive team to engage with other City Regions to consider how
future governance of these multi-city projects could be refined.
Standing items and other business
Communications update
Work undertaken to promote HSR Rail College bid including letters to
Ministers and press releases
Growth Deal announcement and DPM visit
HS2 communications plan and planned work from Communications &
Engagement T&F group
RGF fund case studies
Business engagement
 Communications officer presented planned activity to engage with
SCR CA report
 CA Chairman updated board on CA Audit Committee arrangements
Date and time of next meeting: 11 September July 2014, 4pm, AMP Technology Centre,
Officers with actions:
AM – Alex McWhirter, Finance Yorkshire
BS – Ben Still, SCR Executive
EC – Ellen Cutler, SCR Inward Investment
PC – Philip Cooper, SCR Executive
RA – Ruth Adams, SCR Executive
BM – Ben Morley, Sheffield City Council
LJ – Lesley Jackson, SCR Executive
DH – David Hewitt, SCR Executive
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