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Winter 2014
Newsletter of the Suburban Heights Association
Dear Neighbors,
Now is the time of the year that the association collects the annual dues that fund our neighborhood
activities, the printing and distribution of the newsletters, and the maintenance of our common areas. The annual
dues for 2014 are a great bargain at $15.00 and can be paid by check or cash. One of our biggest expenditures
is the maintenance of the strip along 43rd Street from Landmark Woods to St. Michael’s Church. This includes
mowing, edging, blowing, weeding and pruning of the trees, shrubs and the fig vine that covers the concrete wall and
costs the association $2100 per year. This year we plan to improve the entrance island by removing the existing
vegetation (leaving the hollies and live oak ) and then mulching and planting new, easy-care plants. In addition, the
dues pay for our neighborhood social activities such as the annual picnic and ice cream social . At this time, only
50% of the neighbors pay their dues. To keep our neighborhood beautiful and property values up, we need your
help! At the bottom of this page you will find a form to send in with your payment. This is very important for
keeping our directory up to date.
On another note...we have joined Nextdoor’s mission is “to use the power of technology to
build stronger and safer neighborhoods.” We have a private, online site just for our neighborhood. Neighbors who
have joined so far are enjoying the ability to share news, crime watch information, items for sale, and much more via
this site. Check it out! And watch for invitations in your email from other residents who have already joined.
I continue to serve as your president this year and encourage you to contact me if you have any concerns or
suggestions as to how we can improve life here in Suburban Heights.
You neighbor and SHA President,
Diann Dimitri - 352-378-7063 - [email protected]
January 17-19
Winter newsletters delivered and
dues collection begins.
Get to Know your neighbors...
Area Representatives needed!
Our neighborhood is divided into 11 “areas” of 28-32
households in each. Area representatives deliver the quarterly newsletters, welcome new neighbors, help plan activities and forward questions and suggestions from
neighbors to the Board. Attendance at bi-monthly meetings is encouraged but not required. The average time
commitment is less than an hour per month! Please consider joining us! If you are interested, please contact any
member of the Board.
If you would like to help with other neighborhood activities, or would like more information, please contact
Diann Dimitri at 352-378-7063 or
[email protected]
March 4—7:oo p.m.
SHA Board meeting
(all residents are welcome)
Dimitri/Pierce home
5015 NW 19th Place.
April 11-13
Spring Newsletters delivered.
April 27—5:00-7:00 p.m.
Annual Neighborhood Picnic
Vacant lot at corner of 15th Pl
and 47th Terr.
*Stay posted—Dates,
times and locations may
May 6— 7:00 P.M.
SHA Board meeting (all residents are welcome) Dimitri/Pierce
home 5015 NW 19th Place
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It’s dues time in Suburban Heights!
Only $15.00 per household!!
The annual dues are used for printing the newsletter, the neighborhood directory, the annual picnic, ice cream social,
and maintenance of the community landscape. Payment can be made to your area representative or to Ed Wolcott at
4624 NW 17th Place. Checks should be made payable to: The Suburban Heights Association.
Suburban Heights Association Membership Form
Name(s): ____________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________Phone #:__________________
E-mail Address:_______________________________________________________
Would you like to be part of the e-mail list and receive neighborhood updates? Yes____ No____
Your area: ___________ Your area representative: ____________________________________________________________________
Neighborhood Service Directory
 Gigi Groger (17)
Closet Organization
 A Divine Closet (Amanda Carreon)
Computer Help and Service
 Jaime Carreon
 Chris Hart
Dry Cleaning Pickup & Delivery
 Chris Hart
House Cleaning and organization
 Linda Hailey
Massage Therapist
 Shena Groger
Music Instruction
 Amanda Carreon (flute)
 Ruth Lewis (piano)
Pet Sitters
 Gigi Groger (17)
Plumber / Handyman
 Ray Doucette
 Beth Graetz, Pepine Realty
Registered Dietician
 Verna Groger
 Brentwood School - Bob Schackow
(age 2-Grade 5)
Senior In-Home Care
 Comfort Keepers - Lynn Domenech
374-7907 [email protected]
318-0818 [email protected]
231-2583 [email protected]
339-0324 [email protected]
339-0324 [email protected]
870-3365 [email protected]
318-0818 [email protected]
373-4487 [email protected]
374-7907 [email protected]
Diann Dimitri and Roger Pierce
5015 NW 19th Pl
Jason and Ashley
1421 NW 43rd Terr.
Robert and Sandra Campbell
4926 NW 16th Pl
Coordinator: Diann Dimitri
226-8474 [email protected]
Crime Watch
There is no charge to be included in the Service Directory, but you must live
in Suburban Heights and your household dues must be up to date.
Thieves have been noted to target
homes with trash cans left out after
garbage pick-up day. Try to take in
trash cans promptly.
Police non-emergency number:
"Green Energy Options is looking for one homeowner to receive a free
professional, comprehensive home energy diagnostic. Must meet 3 criteria- 1)
homeowner - not renter 2) house has significant energy efficiency, comfort, or
air quality issues 3) willing and able to invest in repairs and upgrades if needed.
If you think this might be you email me (Kevin Veach) at [email protected]
To learn about our services see"
Green Energy Options is located in Gainesville, Florida and provides Home Energy Analyses to Gainesville, Alachua,
High Springs, Micanopy, Ocala, & all surrounding communities.
Directory Update
We will be publishing an addendum to the Neighborhood Directory in April. If you have a local business and
are interested in placing an ad in the update or, if you have moved to the neighborhood since 2012, and your
area representative has not yet spoken to you about this, please contact Linda Stefanelli at
[email protected] to be included.
Do you have suggestions or concerns about our neighborhood? If so, please contact
your area representative or a board member.
Information and suggestions for the newsletter can be directed to Linda Stefanelli at
378-9284 or [email protected]